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Erick Threets May Be Available

According to Chris Haft of MLB.com, it seems that the Giants do not have room for 26 year-old southpaw reliever Erick Threets.  The surprising emergence of Alex Hinshaw has caused the roster crunch.  Threets is out of options, and his minor league rehab assignment ends today.

In this year's Baseball America Prospect Handbook, Threets was ranked 20th among Giants prospects.  Even with a lengthy injury history, Threets throws in the mid-90s with a solid changeup.  He's more about potential than numbers, given his high walk rates and subpar strikeout rates.


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According to Peter Abraham on 5/28 Morgan Ensberg is DFA material, especially if the Yankees want to give Jason Lane a callup prior to his May 31 opt-out. Would the Giants have an interest in Ensberg to play 3B? And would Threets be a lefty reliever the Yankees might give a tryout to?

Ensberg is 33 and on the downside of his career. Just the type of player the Giants love and perfect for SF. Seriously, Jose Castillo is the Giants' 3B. He's not better than Ensberg, but at least he's under 30. The Giants need to get younger.

What the Giants should do is trade an older bullpen arm for a prospect or two. Trade Tyler Walker and Keiichi Yabu for a couple of warm bodies that can play the infield. Easier said than done, I know.

Walker needs to be DFA'd.

Yabu has been more than solid.

Walker has a 4.4 K/BB ratio. Yabu's been lucky and Walker has been unlucky. Walker is a better pitcher than Yabu.

I think these guys are all solid but merely pedestrian arms. Walker's FIP is 4.0, Yabu's 3.9, Taschner's 4.3. The thing is, pedestrian is a lot better than the back of any number of other team's bullpen arms feature. I could see a win-win trade for any of them where a contending club passes along some flawed-but-interesting up-the-middle prospect in A-ball, a Sickels B-/C+ type, like Denker before his initial flameout.

Threets should fetch a warm body in trade, but not much more. Any lefty reliever with velocity should. I wouldn't expect much, though: Denker after the flameout, like Sweeney returned.

As for DFA candidates, the only one I see is Chulk, and even he could probably be traded for something. He's bad, but not awful.

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