Olney On Holliday, Bay, DeRosa

Hot stove nuggets from ESPN's Buster Olney

  • Olney doesn't see Jacoby Ellsbury as a great fit for the Padres in a potential Adrian Gonzalez deal, in that Ellsbury will be arbitration-eligible a year from now and is represented by Scott Boras.
  • Olney heard the Red Sox would be interested in signing Matt Holliday at less than the current Cardinals offer.  Here's the question: what exactly did the Cardinals offer to Holliday in guaranteed money and years?  $15-16MM a year for up to eight years is pretty vague.  Is it just a five-year offer, as Olney suggested a few days ago?
  • Jose Valverde is in a bad place, writes Olney, as there's no clear suitor looking to spend $8-10MM for a closer and give up a draft pick.  If Valverde lingers on the market into February he could be a bargain.
  • Olney heard that the Mets' "five-year concept" for Jason Bay is heavily backloaded, so much that the true value is similar to Boston's rejected four-year, $60MM offer.
  • Righty Edgar Gonzalez might be Japan-bound.  He spent this year in the Oakland organization.
  • Mark DeRosa's asking price appears to have come down – Olney says it's in the three-year, $18MM range.  Still seems too pricey, but it's a step in the right direction.

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