Offseason In Review: Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays are next in our Offseason In Review series.

Major League Signings

Notable Minor League Signings

Trades and Claims


  • Kelly Shoppach, C: two years, $5.55MM.  Includes $3.2MM club option for '12 with a $300K buyout.

Notable Losses

The Rays did very little in free agency, taking flyers on guys like Johnson and Benoit.  Instead, executive VP of baseball operations Andrew Friedman upgraded his catcher and closer situations by importing Shoppach and Soriano via trade.  Shoppach will be paired with Dioner Navarro behind the plate, who the Rays were able to retain without giving a raise.  The Soriano acquisition was surprising, as he'll be paid $7.25MM in 2010.

As is, the Rays have a lineup that could reasonably top 800 runs again.  Right field and DH remain two potential areas to upgrade.  Top prospect Desmond Jennings could provide a midseason outfield boost, while Friedman has made efforts this winter to improve upon Burrell.  The Rays could still bench Burrell and sign Russell Branyan or Jermaine Dye, a change that could add a crucial win or two.

Despite trading Edwin Jackson, Jason Hammel, and Scott Kazmir in the last year or so, the Rays maintain excellent rotation depth.  Projection systems probably sell their #3-5 starters short, as Jeff Niemann, David Price, and Wade Davis have the stuff to beat CHONE's 4.60ish ERA predictions.

With payroll headed back down in 2011, this is an important year for the Rays to strike.  They've got the talent to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox, and will hopefully stretch even further if midseason additions can help them eke out a few extra wins.

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5 Comments on "Offseason In Review: Tampa Bay Rays"

5 years 6 months ago

*As soon as Jennings comes up that lineup reaches a new level of scary.
*Hellickson & Davis should do the back end of their rotation wonders.

Above average hitting
Solid starters 1-5 (Hellickson might be squeezed out and go bullpen route this year. mmm)
Great prospects waiting to come up

Didn’t make any real moves outside of Bullpen as they have just about everything else addressed.

Well done Rays.

5 years 6 months ago

Can Jesse Chavez really be considered a notable loss?

5 years 6 months ago

I don’t see any way they can retain Crawford with a payroll that is slated to be under $60m in 2011. The Rays are getting more and more expensive. Some casualties have occurred already (Kazmir), others will come this season (Crawford).

5 years 6 months ago

The rays could be scary good for a long time.

Ricky Bones
5 years 6 months ago

For a team strapped for cash & looking to decrease payroll, was it really necessary to commit 1.05MM to Gabe Kapler?

How long before Matt Bush is arrested or busts out once again due to substance abuse?