Nationals Offered Dunn Three-Year Deal

The Nationals have had a three-year contract offer on the table to Adam Dunn for the last three months, according to's Bill Ladson. Now that the Nats' exclusivity window has closed, Dunn is free to negotiate with any club, but it doesn't appear that the Nats will add the fourth year that the slugger is seeking. A person "familiar with Dunn's thinking" tells Ladson that there's less than a 50/50 chance the first baseman returns to Washington.

Reports throughout the year have gone back and forth on the likelihood of Dunn playing for the Nats in 2011. In August, it appeared certain he was headed for the open market, while in September, Dunn seemed optimistic about working something out with the team. Now, it appears that the length of the deal is the primary sticking point.

Ladson says not to expect the Nationals to wait too long on Dunn now that they're allowed to negotiate with other free agents. There are other first base options that interest the club, including Carlos Pena, Aubrey Huff, and Adam LaRoche, so they won't want to miss out on the opportunity to pursue those players.

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  1. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    I think it’s fair to say that Washington is Dunn’s first choice. But if the Cubs offer him the fourth year, I can’t see him rejecting it. I’d like to see the Nats put in a club option and see where that takes he and the aformentioned ballclub.

    Also, I really think he’s worth it…The defense is horrible, but he’s pretty much the best thing that ever happened to the Nats…

    • BravesRed 5 years ago

      Wait, I thought Strasburg was?

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        They signed Dunn and he immeaditly did what no one ever did for the Nats, hit 38 HR’s in back to back seasons. Not to discount Zim, Stras, or Harper, but Dunn really woke the Nats fans up.

        • BravesRed 5 years ago

          If I am correct, Strasburg also filled up number of stadiums for horrible teams, including the Nationals.

        • YourBase 5 years ago

          With horrible defense as well. I think he cost his team more wins with his defense than he provided with his bat in 2009.

    • YourBase 5 years ago

      Ryan Zimmerman? Stephen Strasburg? Bryce Harper?

    • I honestly can’t think of another team that would be willing to put up with Dunn’s lack of defensive skills… although you seem to think the Cubs will. Dunn is a DH, but his refusal to sign with an AL team has hurt him in the pocketbook.

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        I’m not saying that I agree with his decision to not sign with an AL team, but can you think of any other NL team aside from the Cubs and the Nats who would be willing to let him play 1B? Probably not SF.

    • Infield Fly 5 years ago

      I like some guy called Ryan Zimmerman who can hit for power and average, and he can field, and he has a gold glove, and he doesn’t get close to 200 strikeouts on a season, and….

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        Ask the Nats fans, Zim is great, but Dunn was the first Nat to “Reallly” bring fans to the ballpark.

        • Natinals 5 years ago

          I am a Nats fan and I agree with you SPAN. This was the first time I realized the Nats were interested in winning as quickly as possible. Im referring to when they first signed Dunn. Zim Stras and Harper all were draft picks that were results of horrible previous seasons.

          • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

            Hearing this from a Nats fan himself, nice!

        • Uh, the Nats only have big crowds on Opening Day,when pitching Jesus was on the mound, Boston shows up for IL play, or when they have a weekend series with the Phillies. Otherwise, there are <10,000 fans in the park on any given night.

          Dunn doesn't pack 'em in there, and neither does R. Zimmerman.

          • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

            Not really. I’ve been to wash up games that have had a big crowd.

    • EdinsonPickle 5 years ago

      I see what you’re saying when you say that Dunn is the biggest thing that happened to the Nats. He did bring an amount of power to the Nats that has been unequaled. He is a very exciting player to watch (except when he’s on defense), but I would have to disagree. Strasburg set a fire under the Nationals fans, and under all of baseball. His starts filled the seats at their ballpark. Even though he’s injured; it’s hard to deny that Strasburg is the biggest thing to hit the team.

  2. BravesRed 5 years ago

    Rizzo will offer him a fourth-year. Dunn is the best first baseman on the free agent market.

    • souldrummer 5 years ago

      Don’t know if this is sarcasm or not. I’ll assume it’s not.
      Rizzo believes that Two picks + Type B free agent > Dunn at Dunn’s current price. So he’s going to move quickly to make a competitive offer to one of the Type B free agents now that it’s open season on free agents. The only way that the two sides come together is that the Nats get dissed by the Type B’s and Dunn gets dissed by his potential NL suitors (whoever they may be) and doesn’t find a suitable bump in pay for agreeing to DH in the AL.

      I’m a Nats fan. Dunn isn’t the greatest thing to happen to the franchise in my opinion. Zimmerman is. Strasburg is after that. Dunn, though, is a fan favorite and I wish the Nats had either traded him for Dan Hudson (assuming that was on the table) or resigned him rather than dooming the fans to wait for draft picks to mature, likely after Ryan Zimmerman’s a free agent after 2013.

  3. sjberke1 5 years ago

    IMHO, the best scenario of all would be for the Nats to sign Jayson Werth and move Mike Morse to first. The Nats may be waiting to see if they can make that (or something like it) happen, while Dunn waits to see if he can get that fourth year from an NL club.

    • souldrummer 5 years ago

      Don’t want Werth. His home/away splits are a cautionary tale. I think what the rumors say is true. They’ll sign a serviceable interim option for two years and hope that interim option exceeds projections like Dunn exceeded projections as they wait for two additional draft picks to mature.

      • sjberke1 5 years ago

        You must have been looking just at 2010. Werth’s home/road stats were very similar in ’08 and ’09.

  4. bigpat 5 years ago

    They should just sign Carlos Pena for 2/12 and hope his average goes up from last year, because it can’t get much lower. He can field, hit for power, and get on base, and should be a nice compliment to Zimmerman. Z’s numbers took off to a whole new level once Dunn got slotted into the lineup next to him. Pena is not as good, but has a similar skillset.

  5. Dunn has actually improved his defense at 1b, the improvement is evident in his 2010 numbers. No, he’s never going to contend for a GG and he’s never going to get mistaken as a defensive asset, but he has worked on it and doesn’t appear to be nearly the liability that he once was. There are really only a limited number of things a 1b has to do other than catch the ball. Lead the pitcher to the base like a quarterback. Dive towards the right field line, charge a bunt, dig out a wormburner and a few others. It’s not like he’s in charge of the outfield as a centerfielder or catching, or playing shortstop. While his defense may still not be good it’s not going to have a huge impact on his next team as long as he doesn’t forget how to catch the ball.

    I don’t know where he’s going to end up. I was hoping the Cubs because I’ve been a bit of a fan of his for awhile after he started taking grief for his game when all he’s ever done is hit the snot out of the ball. He’s a valuable player, not a superstar, but valuable nonetheless given his offense. Not a superstar, just a left handed power hitters who’s as consistent as they come. I don’t know why he’s so polarizing.

    I don’t think the Cubs can afford his as things stand right now though I believe they could get him if they really wanted to. I’m guessing they go for a cheaper option like Pena or LaRoche. Still, the Cubs need a left handed power hitter and Dunn is the premier left handed power hitter available, and he plays a position of need for the Cubs, and he wants to play for the Cubs. It just makes too much sense for Hendry to wrap his mind around, he’s probably trying to figure out who the next headcase is he can bring to Chicago, or if Nick Johnson is healthy enough to take a flight in to O’Hare to sign a contract.

    • Yep hes basically at replacement-level now, which combined with his offense, makes him worth having. Hard to figure why no one ever thought to put him at 1B before.

  6. blackandorangepride 5 years ago

    I think a sleeper could end up being the Giants. They showed interest in him at the trade deadline and Huff can play the outfield. DeRosa I think will become a super utility man next year

  7. Will32 5 years ago

    Come on Luke. Its almost set in stone that Huff will be a Giants next year

  8. VanBlue 5 years ago

    It is a tough decision for the Nats

    Dunn is a VERY important player for the Nats but he is not worth anywhere close to franchise-player money long term

    • BravesRed 5 years ago

      Either Nationals give him four years, or someone will. Or at least a player/mutual option for that fourth year. Like SPAN said above, Nationals give him that option, and he’ll be with the Nationals next year and beyond.

      • And they won’t give him that 4th year, because they also need him as a possible trade chip if the master plan goes south on them. The longer his contract is, the less value he has if/when they need to trade him.

  9. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    “Get outta your (I’m a fan of every team so i should know, bubble.) and face the truth Span.”

    It’s called an opinion, I am a huge fan of every team.

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