Busy Offseason For The Dodgers

The Red Sox, Nationals and Phillies have made the biggest acquisitions of the offseason, but none of those teams have been quite as active as one West Coast club. Since the Dodgers' season ended, they have added four starters, two catchers, their starting second baseman, a setup man, a fourth outfielder and then some. 

Ned Colletti agreed to sign eight players for $1MM or more. He has mixed in some low-cost acquisitions with some major commitments. Three multiyear deals later, the team has committed over $90MM to players so far this offseason. Here's the breakdown, which you can find via our Transaction Tracker:

The Dodgers have not signed a Type A free agent who turned down an offer of arbitration (the Twins declined to offer Guerrier arbitration) so they still have all of their top 2011 draft picks. Their first rounder is protected, but they would lose a second rounder in the unlikely event that they sign Carl Pavano, Adrian Beltre or Grant Balfour.

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