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  1. wickedkevin 4 years ago

    link not working?

  2. iains 4 years ago

    yup, looks busted

  3. sam_lammert 4 years ago


  4. Link is not working….

  5. wickedkevin 4 years ago

    Boo! Let’s have the chat in here. Ben! Who signs Vlad?

  6. wickedkevin 4 years ago

    What do you think it will take for the Nats to land Carmon or Grady, or both?

    • BravesRed 4 years ago

      I’d say they start with Espinosa or Zimmerman.

  7. Garafraxaguy 4 years ago

    Spandemoanium broke it! (too many questions in the cue)

    • Dave_Gershman 4 years ago

      If you’re talking about the fake SPANdemonium, then possibly…

      I personally don’t have the time to babble and fool around like I used to.

  8. Bartolo Colon for Cy Young?

  9. Alex Gomez 4 years ago

    Can’t get thru the iPhone app either.

  10. wickedkevin 4 years ago

    You think Ben is just sitting there moping that no one wants to talk to him today?

    • $1519287 4 years ago

      Hahaha – I was legitimately puzzled for a few minutes. Thanks, guys.

      – BNS

  11. Alex Gomez 4 years ago

    Will Billingsley, Ethier or Kemp get contract extensions this year? How much and how long?

  12. I know Prince Fielder is going about Business, but why leave where he is loved? He doesn’t want to D.H., but isn’t that more likely the role he will play?

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      if he signs as a dh in the AL it will cut his salary in near half..

      Chances are he will go for the big contract and sign on to be a 1B somewhere in the NL..

      I agree with BNS that Dodgers seem logical, or perhaps the cubs or mets

  13. If the Brewers win the world series or come close, will Prince stay greedy or stay with the Brewers?

  14. iains 4 years ago

    Is AA done dealing?

  15. sam_lammert 4 years ago

    guys the chat is fixed

  16. rzepczynski 4 years ago

    30 second mandatory commercial to view the chat is BS…… 15 seconds was a piss off now 30 seconds… enough with the mandatory ads Im sure this website makes enough money without having to watch a preview of some crappy movie…

    • CitizenSnips 4 years ago

      You can’t even mute this one.

    • $1529282 4 years ago

      Wasn’t mandatory for me. Maybe because I have AdBlock Plus on Firefox… not sure. Worth checking out at least. I closed the thing before it even loaded.

      • We don’t get paid for that ad, but it keeps the chat technology free. It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.

  17. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    [Comment From Tommy]
    Who’s the new face of the franchise for the Blue Jays?
    Ben Nicholson-Smith: Alex Anthopoulos

    Well done Ben.

  18. Pete 4 years ago

    Isn’t the Butler extension a little counter-productive? He has value with the bat but is a really terrible defender and will get worse. KC has Robinson, Kila & Hosmer either there or just about, not to mention Alex Gordon who could hold it down in the meantime if Butler were to be swapped.

    Sure, Butler is a talent, but KC essentially just secured their future DH right as he’s apparently squeezed the last of his defensive relevance and could have been moved to say, Texas for players where KC could use even more depth. Not all that wise a move in this reporters opinion.

  19. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    It makes sure BNS and TD actually answer the question, they ofcourse actually believe its Brian Sabean, so they answer the question. If it was just some guy named Joe, it prob doesn’t even make the chat

  20. Lunchbox45 4 years ago


  21. $1519287 4 years ago

    I don’t actually believe it’s Brian Sabean or Jack Z. or any other GM asking those questions when readers ask them. But they’re fun and eye-catching, so I am more likely to reply. There are lots of questions streaming through, so the PG-13 ones that catch my eye are more likely to be answered.

  22. $1519287 4 years ago

    These comments are by Ben, by the way, I’m just logged in as a moderator, not under my account at the moment.

    – BNS

  23. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    Ben. I know you don’t believe its Brian or Jack. Me and Notsuresrs we’re just joking around!! Sorry, theres not sarcasm font on disqus

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