Springer On Athleticism, Astros, Bonus

George Springer credits his father – a “tremendous athlete” – for passing along the genes that prompted Baseball America to suggest that the Astros’ first round selection may be the best college athlete in this year’s draft. Springer’s mother passed along something other than athletic genes; she introduced her son to gymnastics at a young age.

“It helped me tremendously with body control and body awareness and just being able to understand my own strength,” Springer said on a conference call. 

The 11th overall selection can do flips standing or on the run, but his biggest asset on the baseball field is speed. Springer plays an aggressive, energetic center field for the UConn Huskies, though he’s open to shifting to a different position if that’s what the Astros want.

Before Springer joins the Astros’ outfield, they have to sign him. The commissioner’s office has typically recommended bonuses in the $1.5-2MM range for 11th overall selections, but Springer’s college season is still underway, so he says he has a “long way to go” before negotiating a potential bonus with the Astros.

“I really don’t know,” he said. “I’m still focused on helping [UConn] win.”

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