Elias Rankings Update

After the season the Elias Sports Bureau will take all players over the 2010-11 period, divide them into five groups for each league, and rank them based on various statistics.  Then each player will be labeled a Type A, B, or none.  Those designations and the possible accompanying arbitration offers determine draft pick compensation (click here for a refresher).

Eddie Bajek has reverse-engineered the Elias rankings, and he's providing that information exclusively at MLB Trade Rumors.  Here's a look at how the players rank for the period beginning with the 2010 season running through August 14th, 2011.  Click here to view the rankings directly if you do not see them below.

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  1. John Bonnes 4 years ago

    I was wondering the same thing. I also wonder why he’s listed as a 1B when he has more games in the OF. I wonder if that’s part of the problem.

    • djskilbr 4 years ago

      Thanks John.  Love your work, by the way.  If you guys ever need writing/research help, please let me know.  

      I don’t think that’s the problem; because 1b and OF’s are already grouped together.  I think there had to just be a miscalculation there.  Because he’s consistently been one of the highest ranked Type A FA’s all year.  And I still suspect that will be the case in the end as well.  The real question at this point, for the Twins’ FA’s, is if Kubel plays well enough down the stretch to re-reach Type A status.  I hope he does, because I think both he and Cuddyer are very signable even as Type A’s (Cuddyer for his marketability/good year/righthanded power bat and Kubel for his talent and age relative to the market).

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