Cardinals Links: Carpenter, Furcal, Berkman

The Cardinals have won five in a row and come into the day just 4.5 games back of the Braves for the NL Wildcard, making things unexpectedly interesting in the season's final weeks. Let's round up the latest from St. Louis…

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  1. I bet Lance comes back on a deal similar to Carp’s. Furcal one year for 4 mil with a club option for 4 mil too.

    • i agree. i hope we can get Furcal back but nothing over 6 mil

    • gunsnascar 4 years ago

      You are on dope!

    • nictonjr 4 years ago

       I’d guess any option would be closer to Furcal’s market rate, rather than the discount rate he’d have to play for in 2012.

      If Berkman gave the Cards ‘a sense of what it would take to re-sign him’, and they have yet to do so, is that a sign the Cards want another ‘discount’??  He may wait for the Cards to offer arbitration.  He compares favorably to Jason Werth and Alfonso Soriano.  They’ll make $21 mil and $18 mil.   

  2. redsoxcards22 4 years ago

    the carp deal seems like a lot for a 36 year old pitcher who’s past his prime.

    • gunsnascar 4 years ago

      The new carp deal is no discount and does seem pricey in my opinion to st louis.

    • I’d say it’s right at market value. 10 mil for a number 2 that has had a slightly down year. Ya, he’s 36, but his velocity is up and his k/9 is pretty good. Carp is a competitor and a good pitcher. Can’t wait to watch him finish in the top ten in cy young next year and prove the doubters wrong!

      • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

        i’d say it’s decidedly below market value

        • exactly, you would not be able to get a pitcher of Chris Carpenter’s quality and moxie no matter at what stage he is in his career for this sort of money on the open market

          I really like the deal for both sides and I appreciate how proactive the Cards are acting in preparation for the Albert negotiations.  The thing these moves show me though is how completely unsure the franchise is about the likelihood that Albert is back, they genuinely have no clue what is going to go down

          • BajaPete 4 years ago

            I have a slightly different take on it…To me, it says that the front office is putting its money where its mouth is and is going all out, proactively, to indicate to Albert that it’s willing to go the extra mile in demonstrating a willingness to provide him with a winner!  I like the transaction a lot and feel it will be an eventual tipping point in keeping Albert on board for life…and it should also go a LONG way toward convincing Furcal and  Berkman that their futures lie with the Cardinals more than with any other team…and perhaps even Mark Buehrle as well!

    • NYPOTENCE 4 years ago

      He’s a lot better than some of the other options on the market. Plus he’s a veteran that gives the redbirds some experience in the postseason.

  3. Hopefully they fill out the rotation by Mark Buehrle coming home to the Lou at a slight discount.

    • stl_cards16 4 years ago

      The rotation is already filled with Kyle Lohse.  They missed him in the post.

    • Ya but how would we unload lohse or Westbrook? That’s the only way there’s even an open spot.

      • Cheeseballs 4 years ago

        If the cards sign buehrle, chances are either lohse or Westbrook, who both would want to start, would waive the no trade clause to go somewhere that they could.

    • gunsnascar 4 years ago

      Where is ST Louis getting the money from for behrle furcal berkman and pooholes now that carp is resigned?

      • chico65 4 years ago

        Bad carp will wreak havoc on your Pujols

      • I refuse to debate with anyone who ignorantly spells the name of one of the most prolific baseball players ever that way.  And as far as your username is concerned, nice job playing the role of stereotypical redneck.

  4. BajaPete 4 years ago

    As for “available” money, there’s more than enough to do just about anything that Bill Dewitt wishes to.  I like Mr. Dewitt, but wish he were more of a fan and less of a businessman…and I dream about how different things could be if Marc Cuban owned the team…a true fan, but one who knows enough to keep his “fandom” in check while letting the front office run the team…but one who has a demonstrated willingness to spend his billions to put the best players available on the floor…or, in this case, the ball field!

    • BajaPete 4 years ago

      SO…while I’m spending everybody’s money so freely, we may as well say goodbye to Rafael Furcal and go get Jose Reyes instead!

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