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  1. Surprised Tim answered a fantasy baseball question. I’ll pose my own on the boards. I get five keepers (two hitters, two pitchers, and one flex pick). Suggestions please based on the following list.

    Should also mention that the league uses OBP, not AVG.

    Potential Hitters: Carlos Gonzalez, Matt Holliday, Mike Stanton, Ian Kinsler, Ryan Zimmerman, Carlos Santana, Brett Lawrie

    Potential Pitchers: Jered Weaver, Ian Kennedy, Michael Pineda, Madison Bumgarner, Jeremy Hellickson, Adam Wainwright, Gio Gonzalez.

    Thanks for the consult, gang.

    Edit: I should mention that I’m currently the second seed in the playoffs which started this past Monday. But off-season trading is a possibility. I would like to move Adam Wainwright for a draft pick in the round six-to-ten range if I could…but there probably won’t be many off-season moves. Ten team league with a two team expansion for next season (i.e., teams eleven and twelve get the first ten picks of the draft before slotting them in the eleven and twelve positions).

    • Isaac 4 years ago

      What are u asking and I want to answer but u make it more straight forward?

      • Right now I am leaning towards the following:

        Carlos Gonzalez, Ian Kinsler, Mike Stanton
        Jered Weaver, Ian Kennedy [or Michael Pineda]

        I’m engaging in talks already for a trade that would occur after the season: Wainwright and Kennedy for Zach Greinke. If that were to occur, Greinke would be a lock for the second pitching spot.

        • WeToddDid 4 years ago

          Honestly, I know I lean towards the young guys but I doubt there’s any way Grienke puts up a better year than Bumgarner next year. Division and park definitely favor MadBum and the guy is only like 21 and getting better every start.

    • Ethanator99 4 years ago

      Wainwright, Bumgarner, Zimmerman, Stanton, Weaver

      • You are in the rare minority that says keep three pitchers and two hitters. I am almost certainly keeping Jered Weaver [barring a catastrophic injury], but you would keep Wainwright or Bumgarner over Carlos Gonzalez?

    • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

      Sounds like a kick ass league!

      I would keep Holliday and Zimmerman, as hitters and Weaver and Waino as pitchers. Flex would go to either Cargo or Stanton, leaning towards Cargo. But if you’re set on trading Waino, then keep Kennedy.

      Good luck in the playoffs!

    • WeToddDid 4 years ago

      I would keep Santana, Stanton, Weaver, and Bumgarner. Flex would be a toss up between CarGo and Lawrie. Probably would go Lawrie because of position. Based on the number of keepers you will certainly be throwing back some top talent, but if you can keep these guys forever, why not take a risk with the upside?

      I really wouldnt think about keeping any of the guys with injury histories like Wainwright, Kinsler or Zimm.

    • Jordan King 4 years ago

      CarGo, Holliday, Stanton, Weaver and MadBum

  2. Isaac 4 years ago

    Kennedy weaver Stanton lawrie and kinsler will have monster ends in my opinion hope I helped good lick

  3. illiniharrison 4 years ago

    There are two Za’s. One by the mall and one on west springfield

  4. Philip Marlowe 4 years ago

    The Za’s on Campus closed after the fire last semester. Closed down Zorba’s and that clothing store too. Hope they reopen soon!

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