Mets Release Ryota Igarashi

The Mets have released reliever Ryota Igarashi, reports Adam Rubin of ESPN New York.  The Japanese right-hander signed a two-year, $3MM deal with the Mets in December 2009 but struggled to adjust to pitching in North America.  Igarashi posted a 5.74 ERA and a 1.71 WHIP in 79 career appearances with New York and was designated for assignment by the Mets last January.

Since Igarashi and the Mets couldn't agree on a new deal, Igarashi is now a free agent due to a clause in his original contract with the club.  The 32-year-old has said he wants to keep pitching in the Major Leagues.

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7 Comments on "Mets Release Ryota Igarashi"

3 years 11 months ago

Thank you!

3 years 11 months ago

He was not very good.

Henry Sanchez
3 years 11 months ago

he sucked

3 years 11 months ago

 The 2012 season will be that much more enjoyable now that he’s gone.

3 years 11 months ago

I find it very hard to believe that Iggy and the Mets couldn’t work out a deal – that implies the Mets had interest in retaining him which sounds like a bunch of bull to me.

3 years 11 months ago

My understanding of both former Japanese players was this:  Mets gave Iggy one extra year while Taka gets only one year.  The Mets thought Iggy had more upside than Taka.  Two years later, Taka has a great year with the Halos while Iggy struggles through his contract. 

I highly doubt they have interest this time around.

3 years 11 months ago

Or, sounds like Iggy was one of the worst pitchers in the game.