Giants Links: Lincecum, Free Agents, Baer

A few notes regarding the 2010 World Series champs …

  • Tim Lincecum's agent, Rick Thurman of Beverly Hills Sports Council, said he's not seeking more than a one- or two-year deal for the two-time NL Cy Young Award winner, tweets Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News, although Thurman added that "there are never any absolutes." 
  • Lincecum is eligible for two more rounds of arbitration — and could see an historic raise if it gets that far — before free agency after 2013. Suffice it to say Lincecum, still only 27, has some bargaining leverage, so it could take something as substantial as an eight-year deal to lock him up, as suggested by Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of
  • VP of baseball operations Bobby Evans said the Giants could add an outfield bat, but he doesn't envision drastic changes, tweets Morosi. Evans also mentioned Buster Posey and Freddy Sanchez are on track to be healthy for Spring Training as they recover from their respective season-ending injuries in 2011.
  • The owners today approved Larry Baer's appointment as Giants CEO, according to Baggarly. Baer replaces for Bill Neukom, who was asked to step down in September. Baggarly expects business as usual under Baer, who has been a long-tenured executive with the organization.

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  1.  Now here is a pitcher that deserves 6 yr 120 Mill, unlike C.j. Wilson.  Lincecum is well deserving of more than that actually.  I say 6 yr 150 Mill weighted towards the end of the contract of course, that way we have the ability to retain Cain too!  We need both of them as they are reaching their prime

    • vonhayesdays 4 years ago

      No offense man but lincecum might have peaked already see another small hard thrower (ron guidry )

      • Definitely not peaked, i think he’s turning into a pitcher rather than just a thrower.  Rather than trying to strike everyone out he’s being smarter about things.  I predict he’ll be in the Top 3 for the Cy next year.  He had his rest and now its time to dominate, 20 wins in 2012

        • vonhayesdays 4 years ago

          well his winning percentage along with his strike out totals and innings pitched have all gone south , he’s 27 and has lost velocity and is small guy , history is not on his side for the long run maybe he gets another cy young but will he win 2 in a row again , no   so  then if he cant repeat the high water mark of the past then    he is trending downwards hence he has peaked.     still good but not as electric as he was  sorry man we all get old even timmy

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          Michael J. Loera wrote, in response to vonhayesdays:
          Definitely not peaked, i think he’s turning into a pitcher rather than just a thrower.  Rather than trying to strike everyone out he’s being smarter about things.  I predict he’ll be in the Top 3 for the Cy next year.  He had his rest and now its time to dominate, 20 wins in 2012 Link to comment

    • Dave 4 years ago

      Not only would I NOT give Lincecum a contract that long, I’d trade him now while his value is probably as good as it’s going to get.  That offense is just terrible and throwing more money at the pitching is not the way to solve it.  Not many teams can afford to have two real aces on the roster paying them what they’re worth and Lincecum could bring in enough young guys to maybe retool the infield and sign quality guys for the OF?   Is there really anyone that you’re excited to see every day other than Posey and Panda?  

      Giving three pitchers half the team’s salary is not what I’d consider responsible spending.  They were able to win a world series by packing on the discarded role players for affordable prices and getting the performances of their lives.  If you’re maxed out on payroll and can’t take a flyer on a guy like Aubrey Huff because you’re locked into 68 million for Zito, Cain and Lincecum..  is that a great plan?   This is assuming of course you give Lincecum ~25m and Cain ~15m which is what I think the market would make for them.  

      What you need are bats that can hit above .250, and right now the only ones left are Panda, Posey and Sanchez.  Not great!  

      • bblh 4 years ago

        Why do I see people predicting $15M/per for Cain?  He’s way more underrated than I thought.

        He’s going to be 27 and his last 3 years are:
        ERA 2.89 WHIP 1.18
        ERA 3.14 WHIP 1.08
        ERA 2.88 WHIP 1.08
        I know I should put other numbers up, but I’m tired.  Cain’s good.

      • Woah talk about a novel huh? Well first off, the reason the Giants won the World Series was because of PITCHING PITCHING PITCHING!  Trading Lincecum will turn us back into the 2007 Giants where our “mediocre” offense is chillin with our “mediocre” pitching.  In return for lincecum we would get 2 mlb ready players and like 3 minor leaguers, then we’d have an average offense and an average pitching staff.  No thanks.  I’d rather give lincecum the money he deserves.  I suggested the contract be heavier towards the latter part of his contract, that way it gives the giants time to eat Zito’s horrendous contract and at the same time keep lincecum and cain happy campers.  At most you’re paying the 3 of them 50 mill next year (19 for zito, 17 for lincecum, and 12-14 mill for Cain) The Payroll is at 125 mill so thats not half, and its set to increase after the Giants are the 2012 World Series Champions. uh oh i wrote a novel!

        • Dave 4 years ago

          Okay, I lived in SF the last 6 years so I know how good the weed is but seriously man don’t puff and post.  You look foolish.

          The Giants were #2 in runs allowed, #16 (dead last) in runs scored.   That ain’t average, that’s dead last.   Throw more money at the pitching and that’s where you’ll be again in 2012.  Dead last in offense, 2nd or 3rd place in the NL West.   

          The Giants NEED offense.  Pitching wins championships, but offense gets them to the playoffs in the first place, otherwise you end up with Matt Cain having a career losing record and a 3.35 ERA, and Lincecum being 5th place in the Cy Young voting with a losing season record.   

          • Yeah obviously you’d be the one puffin and posting, i said our club would be average offensively if we traded lincecum because we would receive better hitters, thus giving us a better offense than DEAD LAST.  I do believe you’re right when you say that offense helps get a team to the playoffs but do you realize that the giants won 86 games last year even with all the injuries. 

            Next year we’re going to have a healthy F. Sanchez who’s a .297 career hitter, a healthy Posey ROY and hits above .300 w/power, Plus we have Sandoval who proved he’s back, keppinger who almost never strikes out and gets on base, our newest addition of Melky Cabrera who’s coming off a fine year and entering into his contract year, Torres, Shierholtz and whoever sabean signs (he will sign someone).  Surround Huff daddy around sanchez and panda and you got yourself a damn fine ball club.  We were dead last in offense because of injuries.  When two important pieces of your offense gets hurt it makes all the other players vulnerable and allows pitching staffs to pitch to every single one of our guys because they know that even if panda gets a leadoff double crawford or whiteside wont be able to knock them in.  Have faith man, no need for negativity. Believe!

          •  oh cant forget Brandon Belt, look for him to break out this year! 20 HR’s 70 RBI season!

          • Grab some pine, meat. 4 years ago

            Guess how many people “puff and post” here… 

  2. nestleraisinets 4 years ago

    so posey is literally the new mauer?

  3. Pete 4 years ago

    Every time his agents say they don’t want to pursue a long term deal makes me think Lincecum will retire at a very early age. He doesn’t really have anything left to achieve, does he? He could retire now and be set for life and is young enough to pursue anything else in life he wanted to. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he randomly walked away.

  4. bayareabeast 4 years ago

    we knew all this already

  5. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

    Didn’t Lincecum say a while back that he is uncomfortable with long deals?

    • bblh 4 years ago

      he may just be saying that because he doesn’t want to sign long term with the Giants..I think he’s headed for Seattle in 2013

  6. cyberboo 4 years ago

    Lincecum is the poster child of a pitcher you don’t sign long term.  His mechanics may allow him to win games in 2012, but as the body changes around 29 – 30, his delivery is going to lead to many surgeries in the coming years, making any salary he is guaranteed redundant on the DL list.  Signing 2 – 3 year contracts benefits the Giants and doesn’t handicap them in the future, which was seen with Rowland, Zito, etc. 

    • Nobody knows if he’s going to hold up or not. For all we know he could pitch this good into his mid-30s.

  7.  According to WAR, hes declining.

  8. BayAreaBaseballReport 4 years ago

    Nobody wanted to draft him because his delivery wouldn’t hold up (ask Mariners).

    Nobody believed his success would continue after his first season because eventually his arm would fall off. 

    Nobody believed he could back up his Cy Young with another.

    Nobody believed he could lead an offensively challenged team deep into the playoffs.

    Nobody believes he could pitch into his 30’s.

    Keep ’em coming.

  9. WillieMaysField 4 years ago

    5 years 115ml. Back load the deal until zitos money comes off the books. The Giants have 7 million committed to salary in 2014. They can afford to pay Timmy.

  10. Whole_New_World 4 years ago

    8 years for Timmy is lunacy.

    Does anyone think the Giants are going to get some kind of a price break if they go 8 years?

    There is no advantage to the Giants going ultra-long-term now on this. The potential disadvantages are HUGE. Tim gets hurt. Zito rubs off on Tim. Tim losese 4 or 5 mph off the fastball. 8 years is a LONG time. We have completed 5 of 7 on Zito….

    Love Timmy. But, if all that’s on the table from his agent are 1-year or 2-years or an insane 8-year offer, with nothing in between, fine: Go to arbitration.

  11. I guess we’ll see when he’s 35 with a few more cy youngs sitting in his trophy case

  12. Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

    I think it’s stupid on his part not to take a long term deal. He’s not going to last beyond 32.

    Unless he wants to wait for free agency but his comments in the past have been related to wanting to take a 2-3 year deal.

  13. SFrush90 4 years ago

    At 35, that’s when he’ll get the most money offered to him by the Giants. 

  14. rainyperez 4 years ago

    Lincecum loves the doubters ever since he was 4’11 in High School he’s been hearing the same thing. Determination and “freakish” genes is what keeps him going…

  15. CAD_Monkey 4 years ago

    Not if he keeps having mediocre seasons like 2011.

  16. bryan hamblen 4 years ago

    Um an ERA at 2.74 and over 200 K’s is real mediocre…

  17. nestleraisinets 4 years ago

    that’s not mediocre numbers. Heck that’s not even his 2011 totals…

  18. is that a joke? do u only look at wins/losses or something?? geez..

  19. Are you serious?

    I wouldn’t have a problem with paying him until he’s 35. Actually, that’s ideal. 35 is the age many pitchers start to decline heavily.

  20. CAD_Monkey 4 years ago

    This is the last time I post a picture that requires something as complicated as reading the first line of the header text.

  21. SFrush90 4 years ago

    I’m pretty sure you’re joking, but it’s always hard to tell sarcasm on the internet.

  22. vonhayesdays 4 years ago

    Freakish something has helped him loose a good 8-9 mph on fastball, however thats not really his best pitch its that changeup ,  i dont see any reason why he can’t be a very good pitcher for a long time hes never been hurt , maybe not cy young good but well above average into his mid thirties

  23. Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

    It’s also going to be his detriment. I just think it’s misguided to not want the most guaranteed money and years he could get, regardless of whether he can prove his doubters wrong.

    He can bank on that, but it’s not the greatest way to make a business decision.

  24.  was unaware linecum threw 102 MPH when he came to the bigs

  25. Dan Wohl 4 years ago

    Never saw 102, but I definitely remember him hitting 100 multiple times in his first game.

  26. vonhayesdays 4 years ago

    Ha that is funny , 98 now around 90  . atleast you did call him timmy

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    Michael J. Loera wrote, in response to vonhayesdays:
    was unaware linecum threw 102 MPH when he came to the bigs
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  27. rainyperez 4 years ago

    His 2008 season reminded me of Jason Schmidt and his Power Change. 98 MPH heat with a 89 MPH slow change…

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