Central Notes: Garza, Cubs, Ryan

A few items to share from the Central divisions on this quiet Saturday evening …

  • Cubs starter Matt Garza's agent, Nez Balelo of CAA Sports, told the right-hander to brace himself for an "active Winter Meetings," tweets Carrie Muskat of MLB.com. We heard on Monday that the North Siders are "open for business" on the 28-year-old, who is under team control through 2013.
  • Cubs owner Tom Ricketts told ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago today that he is working on a contract extension for president of business operations Crane Kenney, according to Bruce Levine of ESPNChicago.com. "When I look at the Cubs, we have Crane on one side and Theo on the other. I believe I have the best team in baseball," Ricketts said.
  • Twins GM Terry Ryan is the subject of an interesting piece by Jerry Crasnick of ESPN.com. Ryan resigned from the same position with the Twins in 2007, citing burnout, but has returned to the post, apparently re-energized, after several years of scouting. Crasnick notes Ryan's biggest chore will be fortifying the pitching staff and adds that there's a "real chance" the Twins could re-sign reliever Matt Capps.

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  1. Place your bets, were will Matt Garza be Opening Day 2012
    A) Yankees
    B) Red Sox
    C) Rangers
    D) Cubs
    E) Other

    • Jason Zenk 4 years ago


    • Bryce 4 years ago

      What about a Garza/Alonso trade? If the cubs don’t get Pujols they are going to need a 1B.

    • Hawkguy 4 years ago

      Rangers in a heartbeat. That team wanted him before he went to the Cubs and they could use him. Garza for Olt, Perez, and Ogando.

    • Justanotherfantoo 4 years ago

      1. Unknown team that overpays for him in a trade
      2. Yankees
      3. Red Sox
      4. Other team that offers a rational package
      5. Cubs

  2. Cubs need pitching so trading Garza would be stupid. Trade Big Z and Soriano.

  3. I was super pissed they didn’t go with Sandberg.  I am super pissed they are letting go of Aramis.  If they trade Garza… I will hate the Cubs as much as any other Cubs fan does.

    • out of those three things, only one of them can be considered a rational reason for being pissed off at the cubs (hint: it’s the last one)

      • Ha, yeah… I get that.  It just makes me mad anyway, right or wrong.  Why the hell does Zambrano still get to be a Cub, and not Sandberg?  I don’t want to hear that garbage that he didn’t manage in the big leagues before…hey, neither did Ozzie Guillen, Bob Brenly, or Mike Scioscia.  But they won rings within two years.  Sure, this is the Cubs we’re talking about, but the reasoning is stupid.  And Aramis…yeah, all he did was put up stats and production.  I know he dogged it, but who will replace the production?  Vitters will turn into Felix Pie, and we’ll be stuck with Jeff Baker.

        • zambrano is a cub because no one wants him; theo didn’t think sandberg was qualified (and 29 other teams seem to agree); aramis will be producing in years that the cubs won’t be contending before declining into a waste of $12+mill, not to mention aramis didn’t want to come back in the first place

          • You make great points, you do.  But the whole 29 team thing…there were what, 4 openings total?  You have Mike Matheny, Robin Ventura, Bobby Valentine, and Dale Sveum as the guys replacing their clubs 2011 managers.  Of those guys, I THINK Ryno would be at least better than Ventura.  I’m not even upset that the Cubs hired Sveum.  I think Matheny will do the best with his new team, though.  I’m not even saying Ryno would be Casey Stengel… its just that as a Cubs fan, again…I don’t see any real reason, again, to be excited.  And sometimes I know you have to fall down to rise up… but. I don’t know.  I apologize for the whining.  I like you, dudeman, and you said it best…the Cubs won’t be contending.

    • demonopie 4 years ago

      There are 29 other teams who would love to have you.

  4. Hate to say it but I see him going to the Red Sox.

    • I don’t think Theo will wanna deal with the Red Sox, plus they don’t have the prospects that would satisfy the Cubs

      • Cubs prospects don’t satisfy the Cubs.

        Ok, I know that Garza being a Cub wasn’t Epstein’s decision, but during Hendry’s tenure, he traded prospects, including Ricky Nolasco for Juan Pierre, a guy the Cubs wanted seemingly for years.  So he plays ONE YEAR for the Cubs and he’s gone.  They trade prospects for a guy FOR ONE YEAR.  Same with Garza?  An actual good pitcher with years left on his contract that they traded guys that the Rays will be able to use, and have used, and to just trade him for some prospects, who of course don’t always pan out…

        Oh yeah, but Carlos Zambrano who has quit on his team, fought them, and ripped on them still gets a chance.

        Screw Epstein.  Screw Ricketts.  Screw em all.

        • jayrig5 4 years ago

          If you go back through Hendry’s tenure, as I did last winter when he made the Garza deal (using MLBTR’s GM history page) and look at every deal he made involving sending prospects for major-league players, that Pierre deal was basically the only one that looked like a loss for the Cubs.  And it’s not like Nolasco has been fantastic.  

          And that Garza deal, looking at how those players performed vs how Garza performed…hard to argue Hendry got fleeced.  Now, to me, the only way the Cubs trade Garza is if they get two quality major-league ready starters back, plus some other lower-level prospects.  To be honest, I don’t see that happening, so I wouldn’t be too worried.  His agent told him that because I guarantee his name comes up a lot in rumors over the next week, not due to some imminent deal.

          • Thanks for the comforting words, haha.  I know Nolasco isn’t a Cy Young candidate, but he is an innings eater who would have been valuable to the Cubs.  I would say, Hendry made some good trades, that one just puzzles me why you give up so much for a guy and only keep him for a year.

          • jayrig5 4 years ago

            I think he wanted him for longer, but I don’t think they had the resources at the time.  This was before the Tribune spending spree  of 2007.

        • Adam Duncan 4 years ago

          Besides Archer, they traded depth for Garza. If they can get back 1 top 50 sp prospect, a major league ready 1b, and another sp prospect who is a wildcard with big upside (aka archer), it’s a win all around. I still don’t really have an issue w the Garza trade, but Atcher makes me cringe. If he doesn’t pan out, it’s a pretty obvious win IMO.

  5. kevb197731 4 years ago

    Why the heck would they trade him. I ralize that he would bring alot back, but he himself is very young and could have his best years ahead. That is BS if they trade him. Looks like they may have nothing more than a 4A team this year. I have heard that the A’s are interested in Soriano, and they would have to eat most of the contract, but do and add a couple players and acquire Gio Gonzalez. Trade Dempster and Zambrano to get minor leaguers, but Garza HECK NO!!!!

    • imachainsaw 4 years ago

      I don’t think you understand the concept of ‘trade value’ Soriano and Zambrano have none. and Dempster’s is minimal. The best you can expect from any of those are minor league roster fillers or fringe prospects at best.

  6. Jason Zenk 4 years ago

    Cubs NEED pitching, Garza isnt going anywhere. This is all a smoke screen…  

    • It’s not Epstein’s MO to trade guys like this, so I hope to God you are right.  I’m just not happy about hearing this all.  Make a splash. 

  7. hombre1 4 years ago

    Epstein is going to blow that team up. He will completely change the culture. I wish him,the fans and the Cubs well

  8. Eric Foster 4 years ago

    Between a strong draft this year, and selling high on an established player like Garza, the Cubs could compete by 2014. Unless, Theo plans on spending big on Fielder and trading away McNutt, Jackson or Szczur to win now…And lets face it- It’s small picture decisions like that, that got the Cubs where they are today. If the Cubs can get similar return in what they paid, you’ve got to pull the trigger. It’s time to build from within.

  9. Coollet 4 years ago

    Jays, AA believes in trading instead of signing

    • slider32 4 years ago

      Teams are just toying with AA, the Jays aren’t really in on many trades. AA is afraid to pull the trigger on a big time player, he’s looking for another Bautista. There might not be another one out there.

      • Coollet 4 years ago

        He said it himself that he’ll likely attain his missing pieces through trades rather than free agency. Also, they’ve been linked to many trades, more than most. A Garza trade makes sense, they know he’s good (he is a Jays killer) and has a good contract where the Jays can offer the cubs prospects which they have plenty of. Now that i took your serious, you’re likely just trolling because like angry3, i have never seen you offer any baseball wisedom or knowledge. Just Jays bashing.

        edit: actually, you dont even bash the Jays, you just bash whatever Jays’ fans have to say. Did you lose a girlfriend to a Canadian or something? Why the hate? I agree that some fans are maybe too blinded by their love for their team, but what team doesnt have their share of passionate fans?

  10. Eric Foster 4 years ago

    I think he’s more or a less a product of a high upside guy dealt by smart organizations, consistently replenishing their young talent.

  11. StanleyHudson 4 years ago

    Could see the Cubs knowledge of the Sox system a plus just like it was during the Padres trade for Gonzo. If I were Hoyer/Epstein, I’d ask for Middlebrooks, Ranudo, Alex Wilson, and B level prospect.

  12. slider32 4 years ago

    Garza is one of the best trade deals out there, The Sox, Reds, Marlins, Yanks,Jays, and Nats would seem to be likely candidates.

  13. Trade Garza to the Yankees, Trade Soriano to Oakland, Send Zambrano to Boston. Receive key players Montero (NY) and Gio Gonzalez.  I still think a good possibility in moving Soriano and or Zambrano are 3-team trades.

    • Eric Foster 4 years ago

      The Cubs could eat nearly ALL of that contract, and the A’s still wouldn’t want an aging Soriano, and his muted power numbers in the Coliseum. Not to mention, give up Gio. Beane would demand Brett Jackson and Junior Lake along with a Ben Wells type in return. As for the Red Sox taking Zambrano- Not likely. I think Carlos ends up in a small market, where he feels like a big fish in a small pond. We get absolutely no return for either Z or Soriano. It’s Theo’s attempt at a clean slate, and opening up positions for a youth movement.

      • Guest 4 years ago

        Zambrano wont end up in a small market, highly doubt he would accept the trade.

        • Eric Foster 4 years ago

          I respectfully disagree.
          The guy is a basketcase, in the delusional mindset that he’s still an ace. 
          He could impact a staff like Baltimore, Miami, Washington or Kansas City. 

          In addition, he realizes that he’s already run himself out of town. He’ll be on such a short leash, and that will weigh on his shoulders even more. Z has never responded well to pressure. If he starts the year with the Cubs, I’ll be surprised. If he gets beyond May, I’ll be astounded.

  14. vonhayesdays 4 years ago

    maybe they are sick of watching him spit all the time , i know i am

  15. I’ve heard he was hot headed, but didn’t appear to meltdown (publicly) as Cub…although he did leave with 5 or 6 leads to see them go bye bye.

  16. JacksTigers 4 years ago

    He’s kind of like Edwin Jackson. He’s good enough to get you some decent prospects but not good enough that you feel it could come back to bite you. I guess you could say he is a comfortable trade option.

  17. Eric Foster 4 years ago

    It would take Noah Syndergaard, Nester Molina and Gose to get that done.

  18. ubercubsfan 4 years ago

    Jays would have 2 years to do that just in a trade straight up.

  19. Adam Duncan 4 years ago

    He is Jackson if Jackson lived in a perfect world. Garza is WAY better and the Rays weren’t trading him to the RedSox or Yanks for a reason dude…

  20. JacksTigers 4 years ago

    You just missed the point by ten miles. Maybe more.

  21. slider32 4 years ago

    I agree, Garza is a proven #2+, while Jackson is a #3-.

  22. i dont think it takes close to that. garza’s best comparison imo is the shaun marcum trade, which netted the jays one elite prospect (lawrie). despite the fact that they are very different pitchers, they have put up fairly similar numbers over the last 2 seasons and had/have 2 years of control left.

    none of the players you mentioned are as good as lawrie imo, so i think it probably takes one of them plus another decent guy probably in the lower levels to make a deal.

  23. slider32 4 years ago

    That’s would be what Theo wants, but I don’t see AA giving up 3 of his top 15 prospects.

  24. JunKim 4 years ago

    Garza’s 2011 number is very impressive yet he always had much more dominant stuff comparing to Marcum plus he is younger.  Garza’s WAR in 2011 is almost twice comparing to Marcum and his xFIP is 2.95 while Marcum’s is 3.80.  I would say Syndergaard, Molina, Gose would be the price if Toronto wants to lure Garza away from Cubs.

  25. Adam Duncan 4 years ago

    No, I didn’t. He IS good enough that you don’t trade him within your division. He was traded once and the rays weren’t listening on AL East teams.

  26. JacksTigers 4 years ago

    They didn’t trade Edwin Jackson within the division either. So I’m not sure what you are talking about.

  27. Adam Duncan 4 years ago

    You: not good enough that you feel like it could come back to bite you

    Me: True w Jackson, NOT w Garza

  28. Adam Duncan 4 years ago


  29. JacksTigers 4 years ago

    Once again. You missed the point.

  30. Adam Duncan 4 years ago

    Then I think you missed stating it…bc I quoted like half your post. I agree w the first half though…

  31. JacksTigers 4 years ago

    I’m not comparing Garza and Jackson’s abilities. I compared their situation.

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