Rockies Notes: Prado, Jurrjens, Spilborghs, Ross

Troy Renck of the Denver Post shared a number of Rockies tidbits with his Twitter followers this afternoon.  Here are a few of the hot stove-related highlights…

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  1. 5_tool_MiLB_fool 4 years ago

    I’m glad that Renck has the decency to package Jurrjens in the tier of pitching where he belongs

    with that being said i think this should be the opening day roation:

    1. Chacin
    2. Maholm
    3. Hammel
    4. Pomeranz
    5. White

    DLR and Nicasio can replace any 2 of the 5 (likely Hammel and White in my estimation) if they are ready come late May/early June

    • elliotlc 4 years ago

      I don’t see hammel in the rotation

      • 5_tool_MiLB_fool 4 years ago

        you don’t? kevin slowey has almost the exact same stats as him; one pitched in coors the other at target. go figure. the rockies will be complete idiots to start slowey over hammel

        • 5_tool_MiLB_fool 4 years ago

          then again i remember the rockies doshed out a ton of cash to get cuddyer, who was essentialy the exact same player as smith except right handed, and now plan to move smith. if that   is the same concept the rockies are attempting with hammel…then i’m surprised i have not heard any rumors of it. 

          • bleedrockiepurple 4 years ago

            Let Smith face lefties for a season and then let’s see what kinda comparison Cuddy/Smith would make.

            Compare Cuddy’s favored side to face (left) and then compare that to Smith, see how lopsided that now becomes. They’re far from being essential the same player.

  2. 5_tool_MiLB_fool 4 years ago

    forever alone…

  3. TimotheusATL 4 years ago

    i’m not really quite sure whether this is the best or worst post i’ve ever read

  4. Jeff 4 years ago

    I’d settle for Fowler for JJ.  I’d consider Smith+Wheeler+Fowler for Prado+JJ+Hinske.

    That’s not four guys.  I don’t really want four ok guys, I want one very good one.

    • jwsox 4 years ago

      There is no way the Rockies trade their starting centerfielder and one of their top centerfield prospects together. And dont say Prado will play center.

      • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

        Blackmon would play center for the Rockies

      • rockiesmagicnumber 4 years ago

        At this point, Wheeler needs to be looked at as at least SOMEWHAT expendable, esp with all 3 OF spots full of Gonzalez, Fowler, and Cuddyer, nevermind utility outfielders like Blackmon.

      • bleedrockiepurple 4 years ago

        Slide Cargo to center (his natural position) and sign Ross to play left and split time with blackmon. Along with getting a 2bman which this organization has been looking for, for years and a top of the rotation guy which O’Dowd promised before the offseason started.

    • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

      Though I would really hate to lose Prado that is a fair offer. 

      If the Rockies won’t part with Fowler or Wheeler then the Braves have nothing to discuss with the Rockies, unless they are willing to take a mid-tier prospect for Smith (who I really don’t think the Braves need anyway).

      My guess is that the Rockies are only willing to offer up garbage players/prospects for Jurrjens and/or Prado. Otherwise a deal would have already been done.

      • theoldgrizzlybear 4 years ago

        I don’t blame the Rockies for saying no on Fowler, but I don’t get what the big deal is about being so protective of Wheeler. If Wheeler + Smith is all it takes to get Prado, I think the Rox need to jump on it.

    • bleedrockiepurple 4 years ago

      I think it’s fair.

      Slide Cargo to CF, Cuddy in right and sign Ross to split time with Blackmon in left.

      We get the top of the rotation guy O’Dowd said he would chase this offseason and gets a cornerstone at 2B. While the braves get exactly what they need in center along with a talented platoon/late inning guy in Smith and a talented prospect in Wheeler.

      One of the most real offers I’ve seen on here concerning these Braves/Rox rumors.

  5. Eric Foster 4 years ago

    Wheeler for Prado is ridiculous. No way the Rockies fall for that.

    Kevin Millwood? Really? Because Kris Benson couldn’t get the day off at Radio Shack?As for the Cubs, I’d really like to see them trade Wells. He won’t bring much return, but I’d much rather see Cashner get another chance at starting. Even Samardzjia would provide a much greater deal of upside than Wells. By mid season, we’ll know what we have with McNutt, and hopefully deal Zambrano.I’m excited for Dylan Maples and Ben Wells in the Cubs rotation.Once the kids from this years strong draft are ready, the Cubs will be contenders.

    • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

      Prado for Wheeler is ridiculous.  There is no way the BRAVES would “fall for that”.  If a team wants a top tier starting 2B under team control for two more years then they need to pay up.  the Rockies just signed Michael Cuddyer for a big contract, Prado is basically the same player as Cuddyer, just younger and less expensive.  It would take Wheeler plus another good prospect to get a player like Prado.

      • Eric Foster 4 years ago

        Perhaps if Atlanta were selling high, that would be the case. However, they aren’t. He had a down year by his standards. Don’t get me wrong, Martin Prado is a hell of a ballplayer. Especially, for a middle infielder. 
        But, if I’m a Rockies fan, I wouldn’t overpay when the farm system is already ripe with toolsy position players. They’d be better off standing pat, instead of overpaying.

        • Jeff 4 years ago

          This is why I think a deal won’t happen.  Both sides are willing to stand pat if needbe.  I don’t think the Braves NEED to sell now, and if they did, they’d sell JJ before Prado.

          • Eric Foster 4 years ago

            Good point. They’re both well run organizations with a surplus of talent in the farm. Jurrgens would be suited to a win-now, big market club willing to overpay in high end bullpen guys, and power hitting infielders.

  6. sourbob 4 years ago

    Randy Wells should *absolutely* be traded, for whatever TheoJed can get. He’ll be 30 next year, has had exactly one good season (back in 2009) and one decent one (2010), and this is his first arbitration year already. If he’s even any good anyway, he will cost more than he’s worth and will be in his decline by the time the Cubs are good again anyway.

  7. erm016 4 years ago

    Why in the hell are we interested in Seth Smith. No one else is, even the Rockies. Passsssss

    • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

      Cody Ross makes more sense for the Braves than Smith.  He is right handed and can play CF.

      • erm016 4 years ago

        I agree. But I still wish we could keep Prado around, mainly for next season. I really think they’ll just wait it out, keep Prado in LF and then find someone next year to fill in in CF if they can’t keep Bourn (which I wish they would)…

        Just no Seth Smith, please. 

        • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

          That’s what I meant.  The Braves should sign Ross and keep Prado….there is no need for a trade at all.  Ross would be the 4th OF who would still get plenty of playing time.

      • Jeff 4 years ago

        I’d take Andruw Jones over Cody Ross.  Cheaper as well.

      • rundmc1981 4 years ago

        Cody is more expensive. He did want a 3-year deal and because he hasn’t signed yet must mean he’s not relenting in either years or dollars.

    • bobrewer 4 years ago

      I hope it’s another one of those misleading rumors that Frank Wren has a habit of doing. Just like the Jonny Gomes or Hunter Pence rumors from last July… If he’s a major league GM, he should know Prado is much more valuable than Smith.

    • rundmc1981 4 years ago

      If you follow this site, you’d see that 2-4 teams outside of ATL are in on Smith, including at some point, SEA & NYM.

  8. So it seems like the Braves sole offseason plan is to continue the Seth Smith rumor until Spring Training? 

  9. AFCFAN06 4 years ago

    I like wheeler alot but dont look like rockies are willing to deal him yet who knows and I agree ross is a better fit for braves the seth smith for sure plus you dont have to give up anything for him.

  10. cheez13 4 years ago

    For all the Rockie fans who don’t want to trade Wheeler in order to get Prado. What exactly do you want to trade for Prado? Just Seth Smith? So, Rockies trade their 4th OF (at best) for an everyday 2B which is what they need. Regardless if you want to compare Smith to Prado one for one….you really can’t because Prado is way more valuable to the Rox than Smith…and Braves lost a RH bat in LF for a LH bat in LF…how does that benefit the Braves….it doesn’t. It only benefits the Rockies.

    You have to give up something to get something. The Braves would orobably lose the Wheeler_Smith trade this year but benefits them in the futue because Wheeler can play CF on the cheap when Bourn leaves after this season.

    • AFCFAN06 4 years ago

      totally agree

    • theoldgrizzlybear 4 years ago

      I agree with this (as I said above).

    • craigkimbrelfan 4 years ago

      There’s no motivation to move neither Prado nor Jurrjens.  I’m fine with that.  Stay pat unless wowed. 

    • bleedrockiepurple 4 years ago

      I agree with what you said but pointing your statements at Rockies fans is what I disagree with.

      My general consensus is most Rox fans are willing to split with Wheeler/Blackmon to get Prado because we understand his value he would bring to CO. The fans saying it shouldn’t take more than Smith are stuck in this video game-like perspective.

      • Should be Smith, Blackmon, and maybe an A ball pitcher for Prado and an A ball Braves prospect.  I could support sending Wheeler instead of Blackmon but then the Braves would need to send a mid range prospect instead of an A ball prospect.

        • rundmc1981 4 years ago

          Why do we (ATL) need an A-ball pitcher? We have pitchers coming out of ears at all levels. Considering I see ATL as having the upper hand and not needing to part with Prado (and Jurrjens), I can’t see them giving up a vital part of the team and not upgrading in the next 2 years. Blackmon showed a lot of promise in limited action, but is coming off a season-ending leg injury and is a lefty (and young), while Smith is starting OF on our team, but not on yours.

          I’m sure if ATL knows COL would deal Wheeler, they’d sweeten the pot (but not with an untouchable or Jurrjens).

          • I was just throwing an A-ball pitcher in there as a small  way of sweeten the pot.  Could be a young position player as well, who knows.  But ya I feel as if it would be Wheeler and Smith for Prado and AAAA type player.  

  11. bravesdude 4 years ago

    I don’t like these rumors at all . The Rockies don’t want to part with Wheeler or Arenado . Fine . Keep Prado and sign Andruw Jones back to Atlanta . The guy can still hit , play average OF defense , and kills LH pitching (something we need and Smith cannot do) . Prado starts the year in LF . When he spells Chipper or Uggla , Jones plays left . You can even use Prado at 1st every once in a while against lefties to spell Freeman . And Jones can do the same for Heyward if he continues to struggle .

    • Are Braves fans serious?  Why do they even mention Arenado in a trade for Prado?  Someone has to have a very poor understanding of how baseball works to imagine a solid 2B/UTL player is worth a top 2 prospect who is almost major league ready and who plays a position of need (3B).  

      • bravesdude 4 years ago

        If you would read into what I posted , you would notice that I never said anything about a trade in particular where it would be Prado straight up for Arenado . If Arenado would become available , who’s to say that Wren wouldn’t include one of our own prospects to acquire him .

        And no one knows how Arenado is gonna pan out once he sees ML pitching . If there were a trade for him , the team acquiring him would be taking a gamble .

        And what link can you provide me with that says Arenado is the top 2 prospect in MLB ?

        • Top 2 prospect…as in you know a top 2 prospect for the franchise he belongs to.  And no there is no way he becomes available for another prospect.  He would only become available if the Braves were looking to get rid of one of their top major leaguers.  Saying Arenado would be traded for Prado and a prospect is like saying Heyward would have been traded to the Rockies for Smith and a prospect.  It just doesn’t make sense.  

          • bravesdude 4 years ago

            “He would only become available if the Braves were looking to get rid of one of their top major leaguers.”

            Prado is to the Braves what Cargo is to the Rockies . Not our best position player . But he is our 2nd or 3rd best position player . So he would be one of our top major leaguers . He would also be insurance for several different positions . He’s quite a bit like Cuddyer , only younger .

          • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

            I love Prado, but that’s overstating it a bit.  Cargo is one of the best players in baseball.

          • You say he is like Cargo but then say he is a younger Cuddyer. Younger Cuddyer <<<<<<<<Cargo.  

          • rundmc1981 4 years ago

            Yes, Smith could be compared to Prado if Smith was an All-Star and played more than one position even moderately-well. 

          • nictonjr 4 years ago

             Until Prado makes the AS team twice he’s not as good as David Eckstein.  I wouldn’t trade anything for David Eckstein…

        • nictonjr 4 years ago

           Prospects may not pan out??  But the Braves have 6 CY winners currently in the minors.  Certainly they’ll all pan out…

      • ColoradoBravesFan 4 years ago

        Prado is an all star 2B not a 2B/Utiity….

      • rundmc1981 4 years ago

        The only mention of Arenado so far is talking about COL not trading him. 

  12. roberty 4 years ago

    Dear MLBTraderumors.  Please don’t post anything else connecting Prado and The Rockies until a trade actually happens.  We are getting sick of this crap.

    • grownice 4 years ago

       Why wouldn’t you just not read any threads with prados name in it until something is confirmed?

      • what is with this “just ignore it” thing??? How can he read “Prado” without reading the thread?? We are readers of this site, therefore we read the sht thats here, and have read it over and over and over. good point,  Robert Y.

        • grownice 4 years ago

           Rockies Notes: Prado, Jurrjens, Spilborghs, Ross

          Look i just read that and didnt have to read the rest of the thread because it doesnt say Prado traded to Rockies. Crazy i know.

    • TimotheusATL 4 years ago

      your post + your avatar


    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      omg baseball rumours on a baseball rumour site.. oh the humanity!!!

  13. GearsofTed 4 years ago

    The rockies would like player X, but “not for his asking price”

    The rockies would like pitcher X, but” not willing to trade for him at this point in time”

    The rockies would like to win a world series, but “aren’t interested until it’s asking price comes down”

    • Rockies writer says, “Rockies are going to win a trade and you loser fans are going be hopeful that the Rockies wont squander their good team anymore”

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