Cardinals Close To Signing Alex Cora

The Cardinals are close to signing Alex Cora to a minor league contract reports's Jesse Sanchez. The team didn't confirm that a deal was close. Cora is a Scott Boras client.

Earlier this month we learned that the 36-year-old infielder intended to play in 2012, though he was drawing interest as a coach. Cora hit just .224/.287/.276 in 172 plate appearances with the Nationals last season while playing all four infield spots.

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  1. Ryan Graywacz 3 years ago

    He’s still playing?

  2. Steven D 3 years ago

    As long as there is dollars to be made and you can do it, keep on playing! 

  3. start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

    I loved Cora when he played for the Sox, he was the perfect back up infielder. But that was a while ago. I’d be surprised if he gets more than a cameo appearance in the majors this year.

    Good luck Alex Cora, but I suspect your coaching career will be starting shortly.

  4. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Cora couldn’t move when Boston dumped him, he has no arm to make a throw from 3b and even hurt it attempting to his last season there.. Not to mention he has an awful bat.

    Hopefully they signed him to this minor league deal with the intention of him managing for them in the long term, or else this is a bad deal otherwise.. Middle IF who can’t move more than a step in either direction and can’t hit are of little use.

  5. Another Scott Boras signing…. it might be a minor league deal, but Boras is gonna find a way to make it worth $10 mil.

  6. sam_lammert 3 years ago


    • It’s part of the grand scheme. Replacing Nick Punto with Cora ensures another title. Now, if they can just sign Jamie Moyer to a 5-year deal and see if Lou Brock will come back for one more season, the title is in the bag.

    • mrsjohnmiltonrocks 3 years ago

      My thought exactly.  Maybe they want to up the average age of their players?

      • sam_lammert 3 years ago

        they’re already like 4th in the league, all i can think of is to mentor greene and descalso and them, but hes not really the best fielder, im really confused if they sign him

  7. Cardinals06 3 years ago

    Cora’s never been known for his bat, even though the Dodgers started him at 2B fulltime for a few seasons. he’s always been known for his defense and not his bat. to me if he makes the Cardinals, he’s an older Nick Punto type, both have had about the same career numbers. except Punto hits better for his career. Punto 249 for his career, Cora 243 for his career.

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