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Click below to read a transcript of today's chat with Tim Dierkes.

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5 Comments on "MLBTR Chat Transcript"

3 years 6 months ago

haha, I’ve been reading this site for years, and I finally got a question in on one of these chats this week.

3 years 6 months ago

Lol’ed at the thought of the Cubs contending in 2013. C’mon Tim!

3 years 6 months ago

As a Cubs fan, his whole life has been torment. Let him be a blind optimist for once.

3 years 6 months ago

No! Even that is too much!!!

3 years 6 months ago

“Interesting point…yes, that is an advantage
the AL has. It also has tougher pitching though. Plus, a lot of star
players really don’t have much interest in DHing.”

I disagree that AL pitching is any tougher than NL pitching.