Anthopoulos On Bautista, Romero, Boras, Draft

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star sat down with Alex Anthopoulos as the GM enters his third season with the Blue Jays.  Here are some highlights from the interview..

  • Jose Bautista told Griffin that he was unaware of the club's policy of no deals being in excess of five years but was happy with the length of the deal he signed.  Anthopoulos says that contract length hasn't been an impediment for the club at any point as they haven't pursued a free agent who signed for more than five years.
  • Team president Paul Beeston was pushing a team policy that would limit position players to five year deals and pitchers to just three.  However, Anthopoulos says that he was ultimately able to convince Beeston to give Ricky Romero a five-year, $30.1MM extension in August 2010.  The GM believes that he won out largely because two of those years were pre-arbitration.  Anthopoulos cited this as an example of the club being both flexible and creative when it comes to deals.
  • Griffin notes that there seems to be a negative vibe towards Scott Boras clients within the Toronto organization.  Anthopoulos said that the club doesn't have any bias towards any agency and noted that he signed Boras clients such as Scott Schoeneweis, Josh Banks, and Guillermo Quiroz and drafted James Paxton.
  • AA believes that the CBA changes to draft spending will result in more high school kids going to college rather than jumping to the majors.  Anthopoulos also believes that the changes could be the first step towards a universal draft and acknowledged that there has been a great deal of chatter about that happening.

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