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3 years 21 days ago

Comparing Crawford’s deal for a future Bourn contract? We all see how well the Crawford contract worked out for everyone. $16-22M for Bourn is outrageous. I guarantee whoever signs that contract will be unhappy at the end of the contract. That’s an early favorite for worst contract of the winter.

3 years 20 days ago

Andruw Jones has no business even sniffing the Hall of Fame. He would easily be the least deserving player at Cooperstown; if Andruw Jones were elected the whole concept of a Hall of Fame for the truly best players becomes meaningless unless they create a special wing in the basement for “Pretty Good Players But Not Good Enough To Be Upstairs”!

3 years 20 days ago

I don’t think Jones belongs in the Hall either, but I could see how others disagree. He had such a strange career because he was so great at a young age but also fizzled out earlier than most. Makes me wonder if their are age issues with him. He reminds me of Kirby Puckett because he was more athletic than he appeared and the short span of his productive years.