Mets Notes: Alderson, Wright, Dickey, Hairston

Sandy Alderson met with reporters (including Adam Rubin of ESPN New York) at the general managers' meetings today to discuss various Mets-related topics.  Here are some of the highlights of Alderson's talk and also some other Mets items…

  • Talks with David Wright's representatives are "ongoing," with Alderson noting that both sides have agreed to keep negotiations out of the media.  Alderson noted that "there's much more engagement" with Wright than the Mets had last year with free agent Jose Reyes, who ended up signing with the Marlins.
  • Despite reports saying the Mets are looking into trading R.A. Dickey, Alderson said "our focus — almost exclusive focus — has been to try to re-sign him at this point."
  • "We're not looking to go out of our way" to trade pitching, Alderson said, though the GM admitted that pitching depth is the team's strength and the Mets could move an arm in the right deal to enhance their lineup.
  • Jason Bay's release from his contract "probably enhances" Scott Hairston's chances of returning to the Mets, Alderson said.
  • Reports that Dickey is looking for an extension similar to Oliver Perez's three-year, $36MM contract with the Mets from 2009 is "completely incorrect," a team source tells Andy Martino of the New York Daily News.  The Mets believe they can lock up Dickey to a shorter and less expensive deal.  Dickey is already under contract for 2013, as the Mets picked up their $5MM option on the knuckleballer.
  • J.P. Ricciardi has signed a three-year extension to remain as a special assistant to Alderson, reports Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe (via Twitter).  Ricciardi, the former Blue Jays general manager, has been with the Mets since November 2010.
  • Also from Cafardo, there have been "no bites" from teams about Johan Santana.  Though Santana pitched very well over his first 16 starts of the 2012 season, it's hard to see teams lining up to acquire him given that Santana was hit hard from July onward and spent most of the second half on the DL, not to mention his $25.5MM salary in 2013.

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  1. Daniel Delvecchio 3 years ago

    Trade Santana to the Jays and take on Half of his owed salary for a catching prospect. Makes so much sense I’m sick of of the fact the Mets haven’t done it yet.

    • Devern Hansack 3 years ago

      Perhaps the Jays don’t want to do that?

    • According to BRef, Santana was worth 0.1 WAR (or $500K, if you assume 1.0 WAR = $5mil). Considering he was shut-down in the second half of last season–and posted a 6.33 ERA, 2.51 WHIP, and 2.00 K/BB in the second half innings he did pitch–this trade scenario isn’t nearly as much of a no-brainer as you make it seem.

      The Mets were lucky to get 117 IP from Santana last season, and any prospective team would probably assume Santana isn’t even good for that in 2013. Continuing with the Blue Jays scenario for a moment, they would be better off keeping D’Arnaud and just re-signing Carlos Villanueva, than trading for Santana.

      • Daniel Delvecchio 3 years ago

        I’ll just copy and paste my other comment because it makes sense.

        Depends on how much salary the mets take on, Johan has a history of
        injuries but is dominate when healthy. (prior to 2012) AJ Jimenez is
        highly touted young catching prospect. Mets would be lucky to acquire
        anything for Santana given his inability to stay healthy.

        • The point is, why trade anything of value (i.e. AJ Jimenez) when you can just sign someone of equal value for $1-5 million?

          • Daniel Delvecchio 3 years ago

            Because taking on 24M isn’t something every franchise wants to do, chances are Johan has a bounce back season and the Jays acquire a solid 3.20 career ERA and 210 SO(per 30 GS) for a prospect who couldn’t possibly make it to the majors in a starting role over J.P or Travis D’Arnaud.

            By the Jay’s doing this purposed trade they acquire a top starter which they’re looking for (if he bounces back and stays healthy) for a catching prospect which the Mets desperately need.

  2. fighterflea 3 years ago

    No point in keeping this secret from you guys any longer. Ichiro will sign this off season …. wait for it … with the New York Metropolitans.

  3. Bo Beck 3 years ago

    The simple answer here is to trade Wright and Dickey. The bluejays would give up half their farm system for wright. Maybe a package of D’Aunard and Morrow along with another high end prospect along with another prospect. An Ichiro a Met will never happen he wants to win. And I’d send dickey to Texas for Olt and Profar. Maybe add Drybek in the Wright deal. Get yourself a starting catcher, a starting SS move Tejada to second and a starting 3B with 2 SP’s. Then I buyout Santana and see about signing Brandon McCarthy and Bourn. Then I try to package Murphy, Davis and Gee for J. Upton. Then sign Laroche to play first if not package Mejia or Familia with other prospects for Trumbo he can be had.

  4. Daniel Delvecchio 3 years ago

    Depends on how much salary the mets take on, Johan has a history of injuries but is dominate when healthy. (prior to 2012) AJ Jimenez is highly touted young catching prospect. Mets would be lucky to acquire anything for Santana given his inability to stay healthy.

  5. burnboll 3 years ago

    I think that’s a bit steep, Arnaud is IMO the projected catcher for the next 10 years in Toronto, if he can stay healthy.

    But Toronto, incredibly, has catcher depth to spare, and their 3rd and 4th guys behind JP Arencibia (who probably will be moved or signed to an extension, having him and Arnaud take turns on 1stbase/DH/C), are better than most teams top catching prospects, all projects to be above average C’s.

    Santana is a player who could be traded to a contending team who would like to boost their rotation, he’d be a wicked 3rd starter.

    Toronto are still maybe a year off contending.

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