John Lackey Rumors: Thursday

Yesterday we learned there’s a “very good chance” that the Red Sox will trade right-hander John Lackey in advance of this afternoon’s non-waiver trade deadline. The Royals, Indians, and Dodgers have been linked to the right-hander, while the Angels and Brewers are reportedly not pursuing him. The Marlins were also linked to Lackey, though reports on the likelihood of that deal vary from “zero chance” to the two sides still discussing potential deals. Here’s the latest Lackey buzz as the deadline looms…

Earlier Updates

  • The Pirates were known to have interest in Jon Lester before he was traded to Oakland, but prior to that trade today Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe said the Bucs were in on Lackey as well.  Cafardo also weighed in on previous interest from San Francisco, writing, “The Giants, who acquired [Jake] Peavy last weekend, were also in the hunt for another arm, and Lackey was also mentioned.”

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  1. I don’t see the reason for the Sox to move Lackey unless they want to go into a full rebuild. It’ll leave them completely barren in the rotation and they’ll be trotting out 4 rookies and Clay Buchholz in 2015. It just doesn’t make sense unless there is several more shoes to drop.

    • Travis2014 1 year ago

      And jogging out 3 rookies is any better?

      • With a veteran presence like Lackey, yes. Also I’d expect them to make a starter this offseason which would limit them to 2 unexperienced which is something they might be able to get by with.

    • John Serroul 1 year ago

      Even in rebuild, I doubt the Sox field that rotation. We have the money/horses to sign/trade others.

      • Seamaholic 1 year ago

        Not a ton available in FA, but yeah, they could make some trades.

  2. Better 1 year ago

    Why not trade Buchholz? If a team would take Peavy surely someone would take Buchholz.

  3. marlinsdoit 1 year ago

    Rebuild in Boston is what I’ve been hearing. But, if I was a Red Sox fan, I would want to see him go.

  4. John Kendall 1 year ago

    If the return is a good one, why not trade Lackey. Buch and 4 rookies starting is a big leap considering that we do have an offseason to acquire a veteran pitcher, perhaps even Lester. I think this management staff knows what they are doing, just look at the hardware.

  5. marlinsdoit 1 year ago

    BTW.. As much as I like him, it doesn’t make sense. He would only be a rental. Not to mention I would not want to part with certain prospects that Boston is asking for.

    • d-blaqueqq 1 year ago

      he’s worth 500,000 next year, barring an extension.

  6. Tim 1 year ago

    Kemp for Lackey and get the outfield all set with the addition of Cespedes

    • Hurdled Again 1 year ago

      As much as the Dodgers have excess outfielders, I doubt they’d take that deal unless the Red Sox sweetened the pot.

  7. northsfbay 1 year ago

    The Red Sox didn’t want to give Lester a 100+ mil contract. If they can sign Cespedes to an extension, he has a big upside.

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