NL West Notes: Petit, Lincecum, D’Backs, Bradley, Hoffman

There have been plenty of historic moments this season, but one under-the-radar chase of an MLB record came to a close today, as Giants right-hander Yusmeiro Petit set a new Major League record by retiring his 46th consecutive batter (video link). Petit’s 46 batters came over a span of eight appearances and included an impressive 26 strikeouts. The 29-year-old will make for an interesting arbitration case this offseason if he remains in the San Francisco rotation going forward, as he’s quietly strung together a pair of excellent seasons after pitching just 4 2/3 innings in the Majors from 2010-12.

Here’s more from the NL West…

  • The man that Petit replaced in the Giants rotation, Tim Lincecum, is perhaps best suited to become a closer at this point in his career, writes Dave Cameron of Fangraphs. Cameron notes that the move to the bullpen would likely restore some of Lincecum’s lost velocity, but more importantly, he points out the stark contrast between Lincecum’s numbers with the bases empty and with men on base. Because of his struggles pitching from the stretch, Lincecum wouldn’t be a great fit to be a middle reliever that would inherit runners. Rather, pitching the ninth inning would give him as many opportunities to begin an inning with a clean slate as possible, Cameron writes.
  • Diamondbacks president Derrick Hall was a guest of Jim Duquette and Mike Ferrin on MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM today (audio link), and the Arizona executive discussed the hiring of Tony La Russa: “Tony’s been terrific.  I’ve really enjoyed being with him every day and he’s put a lot of work into this and he’s motivated and he’s so competitive it is fun to watch each and every day.  But I think his assessment, his evaluation is very close to being complete.”
  • Hall also discussed the future of GM Kevin Towers and manager Kirk Gibson, telling Duquette and Ferrin that the organization was getting close to deciding on the future of each. “…when we make those decisions, the sooner the better.  … It doesn’t make sense to go into the offseason, when we already have so many decisions to make with our player personnel, to still be wondering what we’re going to do in the front office. … So I think we’re getting close to the point of knowing what we’re going to want to do and act swiftly so that when the season does end we’re ready to go and get ready for 2015.”
  • Speaking of Towers, the longtime GM participated in a Q&A with Steve Gilbert of earlier this week and discussed his recent scouting trip of the team’s minor league system as well as his relationship with La Russa: “It’s nice to have a guy that’s been as successful in uniform around. … It’s nice to be able to pick his brain. I always wanted to pick his brain when he was in the other dugout with the Cardinals. Now when you have him on the same team, it’s very valuable.” Also of note is the fact that Towers said to Gilbert that it was unlikely that top prospect Archie Bradley would be receiving a September callup.
  • Trevor Hoffman will be inducted into the Padres‘ Hall of Fame on Saturday, and to commemorate his historic career,’s Corey Brock spoke to a number of catchers that had the privilege of catching the likely Hall of Famer. Brock’s story is full of excellent stories from a number of catchers, including current Brewers backstop Jonathan Lucroy, who recalls catching Hoffman’s 600th career save as a rookie in 2010. In describing the legendary closer, Lucroy states: “I always reference Trevor Hoffman when I talk about the kind of guy I want to be.”

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  1. OBomb 11 months ago

    At the very least, the Padres could’ve named that plaza in Petco Park after Trevor Hoffman, not Bud Selig.

  2. disadvantage 11 months ago

    Petit retired 46 (!) straight batters… then gave up a hit to the pitcher Jordan Lyles.

    Oh baseball, you work in mysterious ways.

  3. Phillyfan425 11 months ago

    I’ve said it before, and I’m sure – in the upcoming offseason – I’ll say it again.
    If I’m the Phillies, I make an offer of Byrd and Bastardo to the Giants for Lincecum, two of Ty Blach/Clayton Blackburn/Chris Stratton, and Gary Brown. The ask for two of those AA starters may seem a lot, but I’d imagine Bastardo for Brown could be reasonable (straight up) – which would have been impossible to think that 2 years ago, when Gary Brown for Hunter Pence seemed an impossible ask for the Phils. So Byrd for two of those AA kids AND taking on Lincecum’s money is probably fair.
    Byrd could replace Morse. Bastardo could (essentially) replace Casilla (who would be replacing Romo). Meanwhile, on the Phillies side, they would be getting back a pair of good starting pitching prospects at AA (from an organization that has done a good job developing pitchers), and a flyer in Brown. Taking on Lincecum’s salary would hurt – but it would only be for 1 year.

    • SFGiantsfan_10 11 months ago

      If the Giants trade Lincecum, then riots will break out in Willie Mays Plaza. I’m not saying trading Lincecum isn’t a bad idea, just that the FO would never do it in order to avoid the PR nightmare that would follow.

      • Red_Line_9 11 months ago

        I think there’s a better chance the Giants move Romo and install Lincecum as closer

      • Phillyfan425 11 months ago

        I get that. I’d imagine it’d be like that (for a large majority of the fan base) had we traded Chase Utley after 2012.

    • Red_Line_9 11 months ago

      Phillies need to shed bad contracts, not acquire more. They have Ken Giles to close and some solid potential setup men. I don’t view Lincecum as more than a four starter….

      • Phillyfan425 11 months ago

        Phillies need to improve their minor league system (specifically their starting pitching for next year and beyond). If they can do that while having to add a guy like Lincecum for a year (who yes, I’m slotting in as a starter), I’d jump on that in a heartbeat. I’d acquire 8 contracts like Lincecum if it could get us an equal number of prospects – because they are just 1 year deals (and I’m shooting for 2016).
        I see 2015 as a semi-lost year (running out the same “core” – Jimmy, Chase, Howard, Chooch, & Hamels – with different supporting players). If they start out hot, great. If not, you trade away some of the veteran pieces that have good value at the deadline. Although, I should note – this isn’t the only move I have the Phillies making.

        • Red_Line_9 11 months ago

          All true. Just so many unmovable contracts. Not that the Lincecum deal happens, but it’s not a bad idea theoretically…. veteran innings eater. I just don’t see the Giants incentive…they will have the same need. Phils might have to deal from the rotation. I saw Hamels for Joc Pedersen mentioned

          • Phillyfan425 11 months ago

            Giants incentive is that they save $6 M next season (Byrd and Bastardo would combine for about $11.5 M – Lincecum is making $17.5 M). Giants are (supposedly) tight on funds, so a trade that nets them $6 M is probably good for them (they may be able to spend that toward Pablo or a 4/5 starter if they feel Crick isn’t ready yet).
            Phillies have no rotation right now. It’s Cole Hamels – that’s it. After that, we have question marks about Lee (health) and AJ (retiring?). Buchanan has shown to be a passable 5th starter, and Jerome Williams could be brought back on a 1 year, $1.5 M deal (but that’s a stretch considering we’re his 3rd team this year). Nobody from AA or AAA is probably ready (Nola could make it up at some point in 2015, but I highly doubt it would be at the start of the year). While Hamels is obviously the best trade chip, if I’m the Phils, I’m asking a lot back for Hamels – even at the salary (I’m talking 2 top 50 prospects – and maybe a 3rd in the top 100 – and at least 1 would have to be near MLB ready).

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