MLBTR Chat Transcript

Click here to read a transcript of this week’s live chat, hosted by MLBTR’s Steve Adams.

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  1. Bloorwest Apartment 10 months ago

    who is the best call up to pick up in an al only league?

  2. Vandals Took The Handles 10 months ago

    How is the game changing with Luhnow?

    The use of statistics to track baseball things has been going on for over 20 year now.

    As for the media being against that, almost everything I read judges MLB players on statistical studies.

  3. Vandals Took The Handles 10 months ago

    Kind of confused here…..

    In this chat and last weeks it was stated that Panik is sort of a joke because he’s only had 185 PA’s. Yet in one of those 2 chats I was told that Kennys Vargas of the Twins would be like Kendrys Morales in his peak years. yet Vargas has only had 135 PA’s.

    • GoFish 10 months ago

      Forget Morales. I read articles from Twins writers comparing Vargas to David Ortiz BEFORE he reached the majors

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