Ben Broussard Rumors

Rangers Acquire Broussard, Non-tender Otsuka

Quick note from Geoff Baker – the Mariners sent first baseman Ben Broussard to the Rangers for minor league infielder Tug Hulett.  Makes sense; the Mariners clear $3.5MM+ from the payroll and actually get something in return.  The Rangers get a cheap stopgap first baseman who won’t embarrass them.

We may never hear from Hulett again, but he’s better than the nothing the Mariners would’ve gotten for non-tendering Broussard.

The Rangers also non-tendered Akinori Otsuka.  Last we’d heard he was throwing pain-free in October, but maybe the Rangers learned he needed Tommy John after all. (Hat tip to

Giants Rumors: Silva, Kuroda, Lowry

Andrew Baggarly checks in with some new Giants information.

  • He says the Giants are acting as if they’re planning on trading a pitcher, checking in with the agents for Carlos Silva and Hiroki Kuroda.  Brian Sabean found the cost for Kuroda prohibitive, though.  This activity is, of course, linked to the rumored Tim Lincecum trade.
  • No truth to the rumors linking the Giants to Ben Broussard and Shawn Green.
  • Teams have called about Noah Lowry, but the Giants have only gotten lowball offers.

Rangers Rumors: Patterson, Bradley, Bay

T.R. Sullivan recently filed his Rangers report at

  • The Rangers will meet with Scott Boras soon to talk about Eric Gagne.
  • Another topic for the Boras conversation: Corey Patterson.
  • The Rangers like Milton Bradley, and have asked for his medical reports.  Bradley’s agent said a few days ago that he would be ready for Opening Day.
  • The Bucs’ asking prices for Jason Bay and Nate McLouth were deemed too high – Eric Hurley and Elvis Andrus were suggested.
  • External first base options: Mike Lamb, Tony Clark, and Ben Broussard.

Crasnick’s Latest: Lee, Wells, Bay

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick just cranked out a bunch of good stuff.

  • The Indians have talked to the Cardinals about sending Cliff Lee over for Anthony Reyes and catcher Bryan Anderson.
  • The Giants could trade for Ben Broussard, but want to see if he’s non-tendered first.
  • Kip Wells is being marketed as a setup man, since things didn’t work out as a starter.  Who knows, he puts a few mph on the heater in relief and maybe he takes off.
  • Crasnick kills the Bay for Shoppach/Lee rumor…didn’t seem right to begin with.

Odds and Ends: Cliff Lee, Edwin Jackson

You know the drill…

  • Nick Piecoro checks in on his blog.  Apparently the D’Backs discussed swapping Carlos Quentin for Cliff Lee before sending him to Chicago.  As much as he might’ve liked to it seems like Josh Byrnes couldn’t get a starter for Quentin.
  • Geoff Baker links the Mariners to Lee,  Ben Sheets, Mark Prior, and Edwin Jackson based on yesterday’s buzz.  The Sheets one has since been questioned, since the Dodgers were identified as the West Coast team that inquired.  Prior could be part of a Raul Ibanez trade, but the Cubs are first focusing on Fukudome.  As for Jackson, the Rays would want more than just Ben Broussard.
  • John Fay believes the Reds will have to part with Jay Bruce or Homer Bailey to get a frontline starter.

Rosenthal’s Latest: Feliz, Nathan, Sexson

UPDATE, 12-3-07 at 6:04pm: Update on Richie Sexson: no one wants him, not even the Giants.

FROM 12-3-07 at 1:55pm:

More Rosenthal, let’s cut to the chase.

  • The Cardinals could look at Pedro Feliz at third base if they trade Scott Rolen.  Rosenthal is too kind in saying the Cards would have a "sub-par offense on the left side of the infield."  Rosenthal also suggests the Cardinals could take a look at Hank Blalock.
  • Hiroki Kuroda isn’t dead set on the West Coast – he’s keeping an open mind in terms of location.
  • The Twins are discussing Joe Nathan with the Astros.  Interesting match but who goes over to Minnesota in that one?
  • The Mariners desperately want to trade Richie Sexson.  Meanwhile they also may non-tender Ben Broussard when decision time comes.

Mariners Rumors: Kuroda, Edwin Jackson

UPDATE, 12-3-07 at 5:56pm: Geoff Baker acknowledges that Broussard for Edwin straight up doesn’t make sense. The Ms might have to toss catcher Rob Johnson into the deal.

FROM 12-3-07 at 12:31pm:’s Jim Street checks in with the latest Mariners buzz.

  • As I wrote in the Johan Santana post, the Mariners are officially out of the running.
  • Street says the Ms offered Hiroki Kuroda three years and $30MM or so, which doesn’t jive with Larry LaRue’s report of 4/44.  Street says Kuroda will not decide until after the Meetings.
  • The Rays’ Edwin Jackson is available, and the Rays are seeking a veteran first baseman or a young catcher.  The Mariners have both, and Ben Broussard seems like a starting point.

Rosenthal’s Latest: Bonds, Broussard, Hunter, Rowand, More

We missed an installment from good ol’ Kenny Rosenthal yesterday. He’s back today in full force (unlike another great rumor source, Buster Olney, who posted nothing really new in his blog today).

  • The A’s, once considered the best bet for Barry Bonds, are no longer interested in the indicted slugger. Rosenthal thinks it’s likely that Bond’s trial will start after Opening Day, causing him to miss time regardless of the verdict. And then there’s the whole prison issue.
  • The Rangers spoke to the Mariners at the GM meetings regarding the availability of Ben Broussard. Talks didn’t really go anywhere, since Broussard is a non-tender candidate. The Mariners might not be too keen on offering Broussard a raise over the $3.55 million he made last year, in which he managed just 264 plate appearances.
  • Teams, including the Dodgers, might be more interested in Aaron Rowand over Torii Hunter because of one year and $30 million. Rowand is seeking five years, $60 million, while Hunter wants six and $90 mil. Hunter is far more proven a commodity, though, and is more athletic than Rowand. The negative in Hunter’s corner is that he’s two years older than Rowand.
  • He mentions that the Cubs are interested in Luis Castillo and Kaz Matsui, both switch hitters, to play second base next year. The Astros and Mets are also in on Castillo, while the Rockies would like to re-sign Kaz — though they have a number of internal candidates, including Ian Stewart.
  • The Padres are considering offering arbitration to Mike Cameron and Mike Barrett. Barrett seems like a no-brainer. He’s a Type A free agent, and would probably be worth a one-year deal. He could be pricey, though, as Ivan Rodriguez and Jorge Posada are making $13 million or more. Cameron also makes sense. The Padres still need a center fielder for 2008, and they’d do well to sign Cam to a one-year deal should he accept arbitration. Otherwise, the supplemental pick would be nice.
  • Reggie Sanders will consider retirement if he can’t land a deal with the Dodgers, Giants, or Padres. Sanders missed most of the 2007 season with hamstring problems.

Joe Pawlikowski is co-author of River Ave. Blues.

Law: Top 10 Trade Candidates

Keith Law, a favorite here at MLBTR and at home home, River Ave. Blues, has posted an article on 10 potential trade candidates off-season. It seems that if anything big does go down this off-season, it will be in the form of a trade, since the FA market is particularly weak. So who does Law have in mind?

The most surprising name on the list is the Blue Jays’ Adam Lind. Law believes that with the next year’s financial commitments to Frank Thomas, Lyle Overbay, and now Matt Stairs, there is no obvious spot for Lind, and he’ll have to win a job in Spring Training — which he could most certainly do. It seems a bit foolish to trade a 24-year-old because of a couple of short-term financial commitments, most notably in the case of Stairs, who will be making a paltry $1 million in 2009. J.P. Ricciardi has done stranger things, though.

Another strange name is Ben Broussard, who figures to at least have a shot at being non-tendered. Law notes his favorable platoon splits against righties and figures he can help a team fill out a position. But since the Mariners already have Richie Sexson and Jose Vidro under contract, and are looking to get Adam Jones some more playing time, there doesn’t seem a logical spot for Broussard.

Law also brings up David DeJesus and Coco Crisp, often mentioned around these parts, as well as Andy LaRoche and, despite the trade of Jacques Jones, Matt Murton.

As a Yanks fan, I have to be at least a little curious at the inclusion of Cliff Lee. With Andy Pettitte’s career at the most a year from ending, and with the further possibility that he’s thrown his last pitch, the Yanks are going to need a lefty starter. Might as well inquire on Lee, as his not-so-stellar 2007 has significantly decreased his value.

Joe Pawlikowski is co-author of River Ave. Blues, a Yankees blog.

Rangers Rumors: Kinsler, Laird, Padilla

Here’s the latest hot stove buzz surrounding the Rangers.

  • The team will try again to lock up second baseman Ian Kinsler long-term.  It would be a five-year deal, buying out one year of free agency.  Kinsler had an inconsistent 2007.  He hit .298/.375/.667 with 9 HR in April and .256/.351/.393 thereafter.  Nice to see him draw 62 walks though.
  • Jon Daniels has had several teams ask him about Gerald Laird and Hank Blalock.  He’s not likely to sell low on Blalock.  But Laird is getting more costly and the Rangers want to use Jarrod Saltalamacchia full-time behind the plate.  He’s only 28 – young in catcher years – and has a cannon for an arm.  And while he didn’t hit much in ’07, he’s shown flashes of potential.  The Red Sox have checked in on him.
  • Daniels admitted publicly admitted that he’s open to trading Vicente Padilla.  Might as well not hide it.  This could be a fine buy-low opportunity for some team, if they can keep his attitude in check.  The Cubs had interest last summer but don’t figure to re-open the discussion.
  • The Rangers will look at Japanese options in Kosuke Fukudome and Hiroki Kuroda.  They also like Mike Lamb and Ben Broussard.  Those all seem like reasonable signings.