Cory Sullivan Rumors

Rockies Rumors: Fuentes, Embree, Taveras

Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post has a few Rockies tidbits today…

  • It deserves another mention – Brian Fuentes has scheduled a visit with the Mets.  If he signs there, the Rockies will add the Mets’ #25 pick to their own #11 pick in the first round while also snagging a sandwich pick.
  • The Rockies want two lefties, probably from the pool of Glendon Rusch, Alan Embree, Brian Shouse, and Joe Beimel.  Renck says the Tigers are aggressively pursuing Beimel, while Embree might have extra appeal if he can be had on a one-year deal.
  • The Rockies hope to trade Willy Taveras, while free agent Cory Sullivan could fit with the Marlins or D’Backs according to Renck.  The Rockies plan to use Ryan Spilborghs in center and perhaps re-sign Scott Podsednik as a reserve.

Rockies Rumors: Sullivan, Hudson, Fogg

Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post takes a break from his vacation to bring us a few Rockies rumors.

  • About a dozen teams, three of them serious, have expressed interest in Rockies center fielder Cory Sullivan.  Sullivan is known for his defense, but the plus/minus system puts him slightly below average. He’s in his arbitration years.
  • The Rockies have not been aggressive going after lefthanded relievers, even though they seem to be dropping off the board quickly.
  • Renck speaks of "chatter" the Rockies might go after free agent second baseman Orlando Hudson.  Renck is skeptical of the rumor.
  • The Rockies haven’t expressed interest in Josh Fogg yet.