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Odds and Ends: Guillen, Patterson, Clark, Andruw

Let’s keep things rolling along with a morning Odds and Ends collection.

  • U.S.S. Mariner is not amused with the Ms’ decision not to offer arbitration to Jose Guillen.
  • Andruw Jones hasn’t been getting much player, and his camp initiated contact with the Royals yesterday. The mutual interest may have been what pushed Guillen to sign.
  • With the David Riske to Milwaukee signing not official, the Orioles apparently had talks with his agent yesterday.  He’ll be too pricey for them, anyway.  By the way, the Cubs checked in on Brian Roberts, but nothing is really stirring right now on that front.
  • Corey Patterson seems a little down, as he’s no one’s first choice in center field.  The Orioles are apparently moving on.  Patterson wouldn’t say whether he’d take a one-year deal.  As a Scott Boras client, I imagine he won’t.
  • Summing up the Rockies’ external second base candidates: Chris Burke, Marcus Giles, and Mark Loretta. The agents for both Giles and Loretta have contacted the Rockies, and Loretta would play there at a discount.
  • Evan Grant has his Rangers column up, but we already hit upon most of the points yesterday (he was the source then, too).  One new note is that the Rangers don’t want to give Tony Clark anything more than one year plus an option, while Clark wants a two-year deal.  The Rays, Dodgers, and Twins are said to like Clark.

Brewers Rumors: Crede, Riske, Gagne, Dotel

MLB.com’s Adam McCalvy recently filed a report with a few new Brewers tidbits.  Nothing new on the Scott Rolen front, but feel free to jump over to that rumor to discuss it.  On to McCalvy’s article:

  • The Brewers briefly discussed Joe Crede at last month’s GM Meetings.  The Brewers and White Sox have been on friendly terms in the past; maybe they can work something out.  There hasn’t been much buzz about Crede lately, but the Carlos Quentin acquisition seems to punch his ticket out of town.
  • The Brewers passed on an effective one-year, $8.5MM contract for Geoff Jenkins for ’08.  The Brewers prefer to replace him with a lefty hitter with a solid OBP, but don’t find the free agent options to be superior.  A Gabe Gross/Tony Gwynn Jr. combo may be sufficient.
  • The David Riske signing may be announced Tuesday, but the Brewers need to clear up a 40-man roster spot first.  My guess is that Melvin will dispense of Kevin Mench one way or another.
  • The Brewers have a passing interest in Eric Gagne and Octavio Dotel, but probably won’t end up with either due to injury concerns.  Melvin has not been in touch with their agents.

Percival To Rays, Riske To Brewers

UPDATE, 11-29-07 at 8pm: Marc Topkin reports that Percival did indeed take and pass a physical with the Rays.

FROM 11-29-07 at 6pm:

Couple of notes for your drive-time commute. Ken Rosenthal reports that Troy Percival will sign with the Rays for two years and $8 million. Incentives could push it to $10 million. Here’s something you don’t see every day: they’re not making him take a physical — though they have seen his medical records.

Apparently the Yankees threw more cash at him, but he opted for the closing opportunity in Tampa Bay. I wonder where that leaves Al Reyes.

Over on the ESPN side, Buster Olney says that David Riske is close to a deal with the Brewers. Olney supplies no details beyond it being a multiyear deal. As he notes, the Royals offered him two years and $6 million earlier this off-season. This deal could be comparable to Scott Linebrink’s four years and $19 million.

Brewers Not Likely To Acquire Nathan, Herges

Tom Haudricourt spoke to Brewers GM Doug Melvin recently to learn more about possible relief acquisitions.

  • Acquiring Joe Nathan or Chad Cordero is highly unlikely, because the Brewers don’t want to create holes at other positions.
  • The Crew has an offer out to one free agent reliever but it’s not Matt Herges.  That conflicts with a report from Haudricourt from November 14th.  Herges must be considering a Mystery Team along with the Rockies.
  • Haudricourt speculates that the offer might be out to David Riske, who I imagine wants at least three years and $12MM.

Odds and Ends: Riske, Bedard, Wolf

And now for your daily jumble o’ rumors.  More to come.

Brewers May Pass On Gagne, Percival, Dotel

UPDATE: Here is the official Journal-Sentinel article.  New material – Melvin admitted to an interest in David Riske, and may have an offer out to him.  Thanks to Al’s Ramblings for the tip. 

Tom Haudricourt recently spoke to Brewers GM Doug Melvin about his pursuit for a closer candidate.  Melvin recently had Kerry Wood pass over his two-year, $6MM offer for a one-year deal with the Cubs.

Melvin seemingly would only offer a one-year deal to Eric Gagne, Troy Percival, or Octavio Dotel.  All want multiyear contracts, however.  It’s a bit odd that he wouldn’t offer two years to any of these guys but did to Wood.  Maybe the Brewers only budgeted $6MM or so for this.  I imagine Gagne, for instance, would want more than that for just one year.

By the way, both Melvin and owner Mark Attanasio were perturbed by Bean Stringfellow’s handling of the Francisco Cordero negotiations.  The Crew lost out by just $4MM but didn’t get a chance to match Cincinnati’s offer.  Stringfellow’s agency represents a couple of current Brewers in Greg Aquino and Claudio Vargas, plus free agent reliever and former Brewer Luis Vizcaino.  I imagine Vizcaino is not among the eight or nine relievers on Melvin’s radar.

Brewers Targeting Herges, Hawkins, Mahay

UPDATE: Melvin signed sidearmer Randy Choate this afternoon to start things off.  This MLB.com article also quotes Cordero’s agent Bean Stringfellow that "numerous" teams have shown serious interest in the closer.  The Astros may be making a strong push. 

Tom Haudricourt checks in with some names among the eight or nine free agent relievers on Brewers GM Doug Melvin’s radar.  And to think, they cut this part out of Haudricourt’s newspaper article.

Melvin is currently interested in righties Matt Herges and LaTroy Hawkins, as well as southpaw Ron Mahay.  The Rockies have one-year offers on the table for Herges and Hawkins in the $1.5-2MM range.  Any team guaranteeing two years can probably have Herges or Hawkins.  Mahay’s in the three-year, $12MM class.  Haudricourt suggests David Riske, another 3/12 type, might also be a consideration.

The Brewers have an offer out to Francisco Cordero, and haven’t decided whether to make a proposal to Scott Linebrink.  Both are Type A free agents, so at least the Brewers should offer them arbitration.  I say let ’em both walk and reap the draft picks.  (The Mets, by the way, seemingly won’t be in on Linebrink).

Odds and Ends: Rolen, Silva, Capps

Here are some hot stove links to digest this evening.

Royals Rumors: Cordero, Silva, Guillen

Some good info surfacing regarding the Royals, as usual courtesy of the KC Star’s Bob Dutton.

  • While Joakim Soria will remain in the pen, the Royals want to add more relief help.  They could re-sign David Riske, and even plan to contact Francisco Cordero‘s agent (Bean Stringfellow).  Bringing back Octavio Dotel is also being considered, though Soria would remain the closer.
  • Ron Mahay is on the radar.  It’s thought that he’ll require something close to a three-year, $12MM deal as one of the better southpaw relievers out there.  Riske wants a deal like that too.  Dayton, just take the draft pick.
  • I’ve yet to mention here Dayton Moore’s quotes.  Basically, steroid allegations won’t affect the team’s pursuit of any player, meaning they still like Jose Guillen.  It’s not surprising to see GMs moving in this direction.
  • Japan presents options such as Hitoki Iwase, Kazuo Fukumori, and Yashuhiko Yabuta.  New manager Trey Hillman observed Iwase up close this year.
  • What about more starting pitching?  The Royals like Carlos Silva, Hiroki Kuroda, Kris Benson, Matt Clement, and Jason Jennings.  Something useful could come out of that.
  • By the way, the Royals saw Glendon Rusch work out recently.  The swingman came up as a Royal before being traded to the Mets in ’99.

Odds and Ends: Cook, Benoit, Griffey, Riske

Some random tidbits that didn’t get their own posts today…