Manny Delcarmen Rumors

Gammons On Indians, Nationals, Mauer

Here are the highlights from Peter Gammons' analysis on Mike and Mike in the Morning. Joe Haggerty of the Boston Metro has the interview transcript on his blog, Hacks with Haggs.

  • The Padres will have a hard time dealing Jake Peavy because there aren't many takers who have the resources to acquire him. The Braves don't figure in now that they have enough pitching and the Cardinals aren't a likely fit either. 
  • "Victor Martinez and Cliff Lee are not on the trade block," according to Gammons.  
  • The Indians would deal Mark DeRosa for "major league ready pitching."
  • Washington would like to deal Nick Johnson, Austin Kearns and some of their "semi-attractive" relievers. 
  • The Nationals offered Johnson to the Red Sox for Manny Delcarmen.
  • Gammons says he believes it's in the best interest of the buyer and the seller to deal earlier, rather than later.
  • The Yankees and Red Sox could offer Mark Teixeira money ($180MM) to Joe Mauer if the catcher hits free agency after the 2010 season.  

Gammons On Ackley, Red Sox, Relievers

ESPN's Peter Gammons has a new blog post up.  Let's take a look.

  • Gammons writes in praise of North Carolina's Dustin Ackley, who is likely to be chosen by the Mariners at #2 in June.  Ackley may wind up at center field or second base.
  • The Red Sox don't appear willing to trade young pitchers like Clay Buchholz, Michael Bowden, and Nick Hagadone.  The Sox have looked at bats such as Colorado's Matt Murton and Ryan Spilborghs, but for now aren't desperate enough to trade pitching.  Gammons wonders if, for the right bat, Boston would part with Manny Delcarmen.  He believes Delcarmen could close in the NL.
  • Gammons says the Mets think they could have Carlos Delgado back by August if he has hip surgery, allowing them to stay in-house for his replacements.
  • The Dodgers, Indians, Yankees, and Twins are looking for relief help.  Gammon names Jose Valverde, Huston Street, Danys Baez, Russ Springer, and John Grabow as future trade candidates.

Gammons Notes: Angels, Delcarmen

A little hot stove info from ESPN's Peter Gammons:

Word is the Angels are worried enough about their starting pitching to look around, especially at the Reds. And several Arizona teams have expressed interest in Boston reliever Manny Delcarmen. Boston needs a catcher, and could use another infielder and even another outfielder.

The Angels have concerns at the front of their rotation with John Lackey and Ervin Santana.  The reasonable Reds target for the Halos would have to be Aaron Harang (my own speculation).  A week ago, Gammons wrote about the Reds possibly moving Harang during the season, but GM Walt Jocketty seemed to reject the idea.

As for the teams interested in Delcarmen, here's a reminder of the Arizona Spring Training clubs: the D'Backs, Cubs, White Sox, Indians, Rockies, Royals, Angels, Dodgers, Brewers, A's, Padres, Giants, Mariners, and Rangers.

Gammons On Pitching Shortages

The theme of Peter Gammons' latest blog post: almost every team needs pitching.  One GM told Gammons, "Other than the Yankees, Rays, Red Sox, Reds, Marlins and Twins, everyone is looking for pitching, at least affordable pitching."  Most of the clubs with possible surpluses are thought to be hoarding arms.

Gammons talked to an NL GM who commented on the Red Sox:

"There are a lot of teams sniffing around on guys like Manny Delcarmen and Ramon Ramirez.  But they want a premium young catcher or bat in return. When they're ready to bring Clay Buchholz and John Smoltz into the equation, they may be dealing from a position of strength because of their pitching depth and the fact that they are so far under budget."

My opinion – a pitching surplus often turns into a deficit in the course of a month or two.

Red Sox Ink Ramirez, Delcarmen For ’09

According to Alex Speier of WEEI, the Red Sox have agreed to terms on 2009 contracts with relievers Ramon Ramirez and Manny Delcarmen.

Ramirez, who is 9-7 with a 3.62 ERA over about two MLB seasons, received $441K.  Delcarmen, who missed arbitration eligibility by just seven days, received $476K.

Red Sox Rumors: Ortiz, Lyon, Delcarmen

More Red Sox rumors from Tony Massarotti of the Boston Globe

  • David Ortiz has 10-and-5 rights, in case you’re thinking up trade scenarios.
  • The Sox have interest in Brandon Lyon for a late-inning role.
  • Manny Delcarmen narrowly missed arbitration, perhaps a calculated move by the team.

“Pretty Good” Chance Of Red Sox Getting Dye?

UPDATE: Edes says it would be Manny Delcarmen or Justin Masterson as the pitcher.

UPDATE 2: Now Edes is saying that the Red Sox are not close to a deal for Dye.  They are currently refusing to give up Delcarmen or Masterson.

Things are heating up…Gordon Edes of the Boston Globe has a Major League source indicating that the Red Sox have a "pretty good" chance of completing a trade for Jermaine Dye.

The White Sox would apparently receive Wily Mo Pena and a pitching prospect other than Jon Lester or Clay Buccholz.  That could still leave Michael Bowden, Daniel Bard, Bryce Cox, or Craig Hansen.  All four have struggled this year but still have plenty of promise.  Justin Masterson is another intriguing name, but he’s pitched well in four starts at Double A.

Rockies Hunting For Relief Help

Playoff odds reports put the Rockies’ chances at 6-8% currently, but they still view themselves as buyers.  After all, they’re still just 4.5 games out of the Wild Card and 5.5 games out in the NL West.

Though a crude metric, the Rockies’ bullpen currently ranks 12th in the NL with a 4.42 ERA.  Among contenders in the league, only Philadelphia has been worse.  Brian Fuentes seems at least another week or two from returning.   According to Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post, Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd has been burning up the phone lines looking for a reliever.  Renck says the Rockies have inquired on Jon Rauch, Chad Cordero, Akinori Otsuka, Julian Tavarez, and Manny Delcarmen.

Of that list, only Rauch or Cordero are clearly available and would help the team.  Otsuka is hurt, Delcarmen is cheap and an essential part of the Boston bullpen, and Tavarez isn’t a great pitcher.  However, both Rauch and Cordero are flyball pitchers and may not succeed at Coors Field.  Given the high price for either, the Rockies don’t have any attractive options.