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Rockies Sign Torrealba, Herges

The Denver Post is reporting that the Rockies have re-signed catcher Yorvit Torrealba and middle reliever Matt Herges.  They’re currently in town for physicals.

It’s believed that Torrealba will sign for a reasonable $7MM over two years with an option for 2010.  Contrary to previous reports, he did not fail a physical with the Mets earlier this month.  Wonder why they pulled out of that one.

It sounds like the Rox got Herges on a one-year deal, maybe for slightly more than the original $2MM they offered.

These signings aren’t spectacular.  They’re both low-risk, low-upside deals.  If Torrealba is only making $3.5MM a year it will be OK to allow Chris Iannetta to work his way into the starting role.

Brewers Not Likely To Acquire Nathan, Herges

Tom Haudricourt spoke to Brewers GM Doug Melvin recently to learn more about possible relief acquisitions.

  • Acquiring Joe Nathan or Chad Cordero is highly unlikely, because the Brewers don’t want to create holes at other positions.
  • The Crew has an offer out to one free agent reliever but it’s not Matt Herges.  That conflicts with a report from Haudricourt from November 14th.  Herges must be considering a Mystery Team along with the Rockies.
  • Haudricourt speculates that the offer might be out to David Riske, who I imagine wants at least three years and $12MM.

Odds and Ends: Livan, Bartlett, Willis, Webb

Random pieces of rumorage…

Rockies Rumors: Torrealba, Herges, Chacon

Time for a Rockies update, courtesy of the Denver Post’s Patrick Saunders.

  • The Rox appear to be making progress with Yorvit Torrealba, though they’re leaving the door open for Michael Barrett or Paul Lo Duca.  So things are creeping along there.
  • Matt Herges will decide where to pitch within a day or two.  It’s down to two teams – the Rockies and perhaps the Brewers.  He’d like to stay with Colorado but would prefer a two-year deal.
  • Shawn Chacon continues to surface on GM Dan O’Dowd’s radar.  O’Dowd will only consider Chacon in a relief role, though Chacon’s agent seems to indicate other teams may toss some starts his way.

Rockies Rumors: Herges, Torrealba

Troy E. Renck has the Rockies hot stove buzz, as usual.

  • The Rockies are close with reliever Matt Herges, but other teams remain in the mix.  It’s known that Herges wants a two-year deal and the Brewers are interested.
  • The Rockies are also making progress on a deal with catcher Yorvit Torrealba.  The Mets saw something they didn’t like in Torrealba, so he’s come back to the Rockies to talk.  Renck says the Rockies had previously offered two years and $7MM with a vesting option for 2010 (seems reasonable).  Now they might be able to get him without guaranteeing that third year.
  • Renck says Kaz Matsui may sign with the Cubs or Astros next week.  Matsui has priced himself out of the Rockies’ range.

Brewers Targeting Herges, Hawkins, Mahay

UPDATE: Melvin signed sidearmer Randy Choate this afternoon to start things off.  This article also quotes Cordero’s agent Bean Stringfellow that "numerous" teams have shown serious interest in the closer.  The Astros may be making a strong push. 

Tom Haudricourt checks in with some names among the eight or nine free agent relievers on Brewers GM Doug Melvin’s radar.  And to think, they cut this part out of Haudricourt’s newspaper article.

Melvin is currently interested in righties Matt Herges and LaTroy Hawkins, as well as southpaw Ron Mahay.  The Rockies have one-year offers on the table for Herges and Hawkins in the $1.5-2MM range.  Any team guaranteeing two years can probably have Herges or Hawkins.  Mahay’s in the three-year, $12MM class.  Haudricourt suggests David Riske, another 3/12 type, might also be a consideration.

The Brewers have an offer out to Francisco Cordero, and haven’t decided whether to make a proposal to Scott Linebrink.  Both are Type A free agents, so at least the Brewers should offer them arbitration.  I say let ’em both walk and reap the draft picks.  (The Mets, by the way, seemingly won’t be in on Linebrink).

Rockies Rumors: Helton, Holliday, Matsui

Troy E. Renck is at it again, with another column updating us on the Rockies’ hot stove situation.

  • Todd Helton isn’t going anywhere, for multiple reasons.  His current $16.6MM salary is less frightening due to playoff revenue, and he’d be unlikely to approve a trade since his current team is already a winner.
  • As Renck reported earlier this week, the Rox will offer Matt Holliday a four-year, $60MM deal to buy out two years of free agency.  Holliday, a Scott Boras client, seems unlikely to accept anything like that.
  • Why would the Cubs be willing to overpay for Kaz Matsui with a three-year deal?  Surely the Cubs know Matsui has hit .256/.305/.370 away from Coors since joining the Rockies?  I don’t buy the speed angle – promote Eric Patterson, then.  I don’t buy the "make Fukudome comfortable angle" – sign a Japanese reliever, then.  The Rockies are fine moving on from Matsui and Yorvit Torrealba if their offers are beat.
  • Renck says Michael Barrett has drawn interest from six clubs so far, the Rockies one of them perhaps.  The Marlins could be another.
  • The Phillies won’t be going after Brian Fuentes now that they have Brad Lidge, but they weren’t pursuing him before Lidge anyway.  After the dust settles on Francisco Cordero and Mariano Rivera, the Tigers, Red Sox, Mets, and Yankees are expected to look at Fuentes.  The Rockies’ demand is aggressive for one year of the closer – a #3 starter and a decent reliever.
  • Matt Herges will look for a two-year deal; otherwise he’ll accept the Rockies one-year offer.
  • Javy Lopez is attempting a comeback!

Rockies Rumors: Atkins, Barrett, Fukumori

What are the Rockies up to as they plot to defend their NL pennant?  Tracy Ringolsby and Troy E. Renck have the latest.

  • Ringolsby says Garrett Atkins is staying put, which should help the third baseman relax a little bit.  This echoes Renck’s sentiments yesterday.  Renck also noted that the Rox won’t be offering Atkins a multiyear deal anytime soon.
  • Yesterday Renck said that after Yorvit Torrealba, the Rockies were considering Jose Molina, Paul Lo Duca, Jason Kendall, and Ramon Castro for catcher.  However Ringolsby says today that Michael Barrett and Kendall are the main targets.  Renck has come on board with that today, noting that Dan O’Dowd has contacted the agents for Barrett, Kendall, and Lo Duca.
  • Ringolsby adds that the Rockies are exploring the Japanese reliever market, namely Hitoki Iwase and Kazuo Fukumori.  Fukumori might appeal as the cheaper of the two.
  • Meanwhile the Indians, Brewers, Phillies, and Mets like Brian Fuentes.  We’ve also read about the Tigers’ interest.  The Rockies’ willingness to trade him may depend on the progress of 2007 top draft pick Casey Weathers.
  • Jason Jennings might be leaning toward signing with the Padres.  This echoes an obscure article we found back in July.
  • Renck says that if the Rockies don’t hear by Tuesday about their offers to Kaz Matsui, Matt Herges, LaTroy Hawkins, and Torrealba, they’ll start looking at other options. 
  • Renck adds that the Rockies have checked in with Ron Mahay‘s people.  He’s getting popular.
  • The Rockies are out on Jon Garland – they can’t fit his $12MM salary into the 2008 budget.  Matsui moving on would clear $3MM though.
  • The idea of locking up Troy Tulowitzki long-term is being entertained.  It probably wouldn’t happen until after the 2008 season though.