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Is Moises Alou Finished?

Mets outfielder Moises Alou is on his third DL stint, and it’s only June.  No one expected much more than 100 games from him, but this is getting silly.

Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post talked to Mets manager Jerry Manuel, who hinted that Alou could consider retirement.  But, as Hubbuch notes, players don’t typically abandon millions of dollars.  So look for Alou to consider retirement in the offseason.  It’s a shame his body has broken down; the man can still hit.

Mets Dangle Relievers For OF Help

Scott Schoeneweis is miffed that the Mets may be considering using him as bait to snag an outfield replacement for Moises Alou.

The Mets have hinted they’d like to remove Schoeneweis and Jorge Sosa from their payroll, but the Alou injury situation makes the departure of the two relievers even more likely.  Schoeneweis will make $7.2MM in 2008 and ’09 to complete his current three-year deal. Sosa makes an even $2MM in a one-year pact. Schoeneweis disappointed Omar Minaya last year with a 5.03 ERA in 70 games.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Mets called the Pirates to chat about Xavier Nady. New York may not have the pitching prospects the Pirates would want in return. Pittsburgh also may figure Nady’s value will increase toward the trade deadline.

By Big Mike Glab

Alou Out 4-6 Weeks

TODAY: Omar Minaya said that if he makes a deal, it will probably be toward the end of spring.  And it would be for more of a fourth outfielder type (my words, not his).

YESTERDAY: In general, the Mets weren’t counting on 150 games from Moises Alou this year.  But the news that a hernia will knock him out for four to six weeks could press Omar Minaya into action.  Even before the injury they had been reportedly searching for a right-handed hitting outfielder.  And ailments for various other Mets seem to be piling up.

Recently we’ve read about Marcus Thames and perhaps Brandon Inge as possible Mets targets.  Yesterday we speculated that Reed Johnson, Kevin Millar, Jason Michaels, Matt Murton, and Jay Payton seemed like possibilities.  Commenters added names like Juan Rivera, Xavier Nady, Randy Winn, Jonny Gomes, Aubrey Huff, and even Sammy Sosa.  Plenty of options out there for Minaya.

Mets Exercise Alou’s Option, Re-sign Easley

According to RotoWorld, the Mets have exercised Moises Alou‘s $7.5MM option for 2008.  With a $1MM buyout, this was effectively a $6.5MM decision.  Even with time lost to injury Alou should be worth 3-4 wins, so the price is right. 

They also re-upped Damion Easley, not sure the amount quite yet.  Maybe $1.5MM or so.  He had a nice 76 games this year and it wouldn’t be the end of the world to give him the regular 2B job. 

Now the Mets can move onto more important issues, like filling second base and catcher and driving up the price for A-Rod. 

Dunn, Hatteberg Option Decisions Due Sunday

According to John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Reds have to make decisions on the options for Adam Dunn, Scott Hatteberg, Eddie Guardado, and Javier Valentin by November 4th.

  • Dunn is the big one; his is for $13MM with a $0.5MM buyout.  This is an easy decision to exercise, though it will cause full no-trade protection to kick in until June 15th.  After that he gets to choose 10 clubs to which he would accept a trade.  But I think that if the Reds want him out of town the two parties will find a way to make it work (ie, they’ll give him a million or two extra).
  • Hatteberg’s option is for $1.85MM with a $0.15MM buyout.  This is so cheap it’s hard to decline, even if Joey Votto is ready.  The Reds could definitely exercise it and trade Hatteberg at their discretion.  The market for first basemen is weak.
  • Everyday Eddie has a $3MM club option with no apparent buyout.  He didn’t show anything, so I’m guessing the Reds will pass.
  • Valentin’s option is for $1.35MM with a $75K buyout.  I imagine they’ll exercise it.
  • Since we are talking about options, I should add that Moises Alou‘s is due on November 15th.  His is for $7.5MM vs. a $1MM buyout.
  • Additionally in that same Fay article, Baker denies any tampering with Kerry Wood or Mark Prior.  They didn’t talk about coming to the Reds, and Baker has spoken to over 40 players since he was hired.

Alou Hopes To Return To Mets In ’08

The Mets have an interesting decision on their hands with Moises Alou, though it’s not exactly the team’s primary concern right now.  That won’t stop us from talking about it!

Alou has a franchise-record 30 game hitting streak going as a 41 year-old.  Since the start of 2006, he’s hit a monstrous .322/.373/.551 in 655 ABs.  The problem is that he’s shown he’s only good for 90-100 games per year due to injuries.

In this day and age one can place a dollar value on such production.  The numbers say Alou is roughly a 3.5 win player in the time he’s active.  Last I heard a win was worth around $2.1MM – maybe a little extra to the Mets as a perennial contender.  So let’s say Alou is worth $7.5MM even given a chunk of missed time.  That makes the 2008 decision fairly easy – his option is for exactly that amount.  The $1MM buyout pushes the decision even closer to exercising it.

Earlier in September, Alou said he’d retire if the Mets didn’t pick up the option.  Alou’s tune hasn’t completely changed – he said "I don’t think so" when asked today if he’d continue playing if the Mets declined his option.  However, he seems undecided and may try another club closer to his home in the Dominican Republic.

I don’t see the Marlins bringing him back, but the Braves could make sense.  DHing for the Rangers could work as well.  Still, the most likely outcome is the Mets exercising the option.

Mets and Marlins trade minor league arms

The Mets traded Henry Owens and Matt Lindstrom, both RHPs, to Florida for Jason Vargas and Adam Bostick, both LHPs.  Here’s a link; apparently the announcement is coming at 6pm EST. Vargas is the most MLB-ready of the bunch: he had a nifty half-season in 2005, but wasn’t able to repeat in ’06.  He’ll provide rotation insurance for New York of the Oliver Perez variety.

Owens is probably the guy with the biggest potential impact: in 40 Double-A innings, he struck out seventy-four.  He’s got some control problems, too, but adjusting for park and translating his stats to MLB numbers, that gives him an OPS against of .456.  OPS!  He could be a good one.  Lindstrom and Bostick are in there to even out the deal; Lindstrom is mostly roster filler at this point–he had a good year between A+ and AA, but he’s 26.  Bostick is 23, but still has only pitched a few innings above Double-A.

Also just in: the Moises Alou deal is one year, $7.5 million with a club option for 2008.

By Jeff Sackmann

Assorted updates: Alou, Hudson, Garland, Okajima

Earlier today, we found a report that Moises Alou was about to sign with the Mets.  Now Rosenthal is saying that it could be a two-year deal.  With Carlos Gomez right behind Lastings Milledge, putting two established vets in the outfield through 2008 would seem to make Milledge expendable. 

Yesterday, Phil Rogers speculated that Mark Buehrle could be headed to Texas.  Rosenthal says it’s Jon Garland, and hints (as Rogers did) that John Danks and Brian Anderson could be part of the package, especially if the deal gets bigger.

And, Buster Olney is reporting chatter about Tim Hudson heading to the Orioles.  If, as Olney speculates, the return could include Adam Loewen or Hayden Penn, it would seem to be ideal for Atlanta: free up payroll for Tom Glavine, and get another (cheap) potentially decent starter in the deal as well.

And here’s something out of nowhere: Hideki Okajima, a lefty reliever, may be coming to the states.  Okajima, a longtime Yomiuri Giant and recently a Nippon Ham Fighter, had a great 2006 but a mediocre ’05.  Sounds like your typical middle-bullpen fodder.

By Jeff Sackmann

Moises Alou to the Mets?

It’s in Spanish, but this article seems to suggest the Mets and Moises Alou are close to deal that includes an $8 million salary for 2007.  I can’t tell whether it’s a one-year deal or it’s a multi-year deal that isn’t fully reported.

By Jeff Sackmann

Moises Alou To Return In 2007

Nothing groundbreaking here, but worth a mention.  I have it from a reputable Giants source that Moises Alou fully intends to play in 2007.  I think this was the general vibe anyway, but I hadn’t heard it concretely.

I wrote about Alou at length here.  He’d be a great fit for several AL teams if he could be convinced to DH.

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