Shawn Green Rumors

Shawn Green Retires

According to Mark Hale of the New York Post, outfielder Shawn Green has decided to retire.  He had interest from a half-dozen clubs, but apparently nothing close enough to his California home.  Green retires at 35 with about $100MM earned in his career.  That’d be kind of nice, wouldn’t it?

Green finishes with a line of .283/.355/.494 and 328 home runs.  He topped 40 HR in three different seasons.

Brewers Interested In Green, Wilkerson, Feliz

We know Brewers GM Doug Melvin has interest in Mike Cameron, Luis Gonzalez, and Kenny LoftonTom Haudricourt spoke to Melvin today, and learned of some additional free agent options on the radar.

The other possibilities: Shawn Green, Brad Wilkerson, and Pedro Feliz.  Kind of a smattering of uninspiring veterans.  Acquiring Green or Wilkerson would mean Ryan Braun and Bill Hall staying in their current positions.  None of these acquisitions are a slam dunk, even for us armchair GMs.  Melvin told Haudricourt he’d like to resolve the situation soon. 

Giants Rumors: Silva, Kuroda, Lowry

Andrew Baggarly checks in with some new Giants information.

  • He says the Giants are acting as if they’re planning on trading a pitcher, checking in with the agents for Carlos Silva and Hiroki Kuroda.  Brian Sabean found the cost for Kuroda prohibitive, though.  This activity is, of course, linked to the rumored Tim Lincecum trade.
  • No truth to the rumors linking the Giants to Ben Broussard and Shawn Green.
  • Teams have called about Noah Lowry, but the Giants have only gotten lowball offers.

Crasnick’s Latest: Hamilton, Figgins, Andruw, Inge

Jerry Crasnick filed more rumors ripe for discussion.

  • The Reds may consider trading Josh Hamilton, but not to an NL Central team.  There was nothing to the Hamilton-Cubs rumor anyway, according to Bruce Levine.  And now officials from both teams have debunked it.
  • The Cubs actually want to add two left-handed hitting outfielders, for some reason.  Beyond Kosuke Fukudome, Geoff Jenkins remains on the radar.  Jim Hendry likes Chone Figgins, but the Angels would ridiculously ask for Aramis Ramirez in that one.
  • Scott Boras is still saying Andruw Jones isn’t looking for a one or two-year deal.
  • The Rays have checked into Shawn Green, Geoff Jenkins, and Cliff Floyd.  No truth to the rumor that Green is considering retirement.
  • Brandon Inge hits the market, though he’s got three years and $19.1MM left on his deal.  Plenty of clubs are in the market for a third baseman assuming the Tigers will eat some of the contract.  Inge probably won’t be moving back behind the plate, by the way.

Odds and Ends: Jose Lopez, Green, Silva, Fukumori

Let’s round a few more rumors up, because they just don’t stop coming.

  • Says Jim Molony: no less than 10 teams have expressed interest in Carlos Silva.  Weak – 11 have expressed interest in Bedard, loser.
  • Other guys in the 10 interested teams club – Livan Hernandez and Kazuo Fukumori.  At least, that’s where their agents would like everyone to think.
  • The Padres can only afford one of Mike Cameron and Kosuke Fukudome.  They think Fukudome can play an adequate center.  Kevin Towers is still in talks with Cameron.
  • The Mariners are shopping Jose Lopez, who Jeff Passan names as a possible non-tender.  However Lopez already is already all tendered up through 2010 on a long-term pact.  So to ditch him the Ms would have to trade him or else cut him and eat the money, Russ Ortiz style.
  • Passan suggests the Rays might prefer to go with Shawn Green for their right field vacancy, as Geoff Jenkins and Brad Wilkerson want multiyear deals.  The Giants also like Green, for some reason.  Nick Cafardo suggests Trot Nixon could be the guy behind the guy for the Rays.

Glavine In ’08 – Undecided

I just read seven articles about Tom Glavine, all brought about by yesterday’s New York Post exclusive from Kevin KernanAs Matthew Cerrone of MetsBlog notes, it doesn’t seem necessary to worry about Glavine’s future until after the playoffs.  Nonetheless, here’s where we stand this morning.

  • Mark Hale of the New York Post says the Mets are again interested in signing Glavine if he decides to pitch.  Unlike Kernan’s story yesterday, Hale does not say that Glavine would decline his likely $13MM player option to sign for $12MM.  If he pitches – if – it will again come down to the Mets or Braves.  The Mets are the favorite.  Omar Minaya will wait for Glavine to come to him.
  • Joel Sherman, also for the New York Post, writes that Glavine was exactly what the Braves needed this year.  He thinks the Braves would’ve been in first right now if they’d signed Glavine for the discounted $10MM or whatever.  I agree – Glavine is in general worth about six wins over replacement in a single season, and the Braves have had plenty of replacement level-pitching this year.
  • Roger Rubin of the New York Daily News tosses in the idea of a Roger Clemens "family plan" for Glavine in ’08, where he’s only required to be with the team on days he pitches.
  • David Lennon of Newsday spoke to a Mets official who feels it’s unlikely any extension gets done before the offseason.
  • Don Burke of the Newark Star-Ledger says nothing’s really changed in the Glavine situation.  He also gently chides the Post yesterday for their "breathless" headline.
  • Glavine spoke to Steve Popper of the Bergen Record in double negatives just to increase confusion.
  • Ben Shpigel of the New York Times thinks Omar Minaya would be inclined to decline Glavine’s $13MM option and negotiate something at a lower price.  But everything I’ve read has called it a player option, so I’m not sure if Minaya can do that.  Shpigel thinks that if Glavine pitches, it will "almost certainly be with the Mets."  He also notes Shawn Green musing on his future.  Green’s $10MM option for ’08 will be bought out for $2MM, and the outfielder doesn’t want a utility role if he plays next year.

Tim Brown’s Latest

I hadn’t really noticed the MLB Experts Blog from Tim Brown and Jeff Passan until recently.  Yahoo’s main baseball guys have some quality rumors, and I’ve been missing out.  Let’s catch up by digging through some recent posts:

Mets Trade For Shawn Green

The Mets’ much-anticipated acquisition of 33 year-old right fielder Shawn Green was completed today

As I mentioned a week ago, Green represents only a mild improvement over Endy Chavez.  Still, Green has heated up over the last week (.316/.409/.526) and probably didn’t cost much besides money.  It’s not a difference maker, but I can see why the Mets would prefer Green and his track record. The only reason I don’t like the deal for New York is that they’re stuck with Green and his age 34 season in 2007.  I just hope that Willie Randolph can push Green aside if Lastings Milledge is the superior player next season.

Mets Pursuing Shawn Green

According to the East Valley Tribune, the Mets are hot on the tail of Arizona right fielder Shawn Green.  Jack Magruder tells us:

"There are strong indications that the Diamondbacks will ask Shawn Green to waive his no-trade clause to facilitate a trade to the New York Mets, although Green said after Saturday’s game no such request has been made. The Mets asked the D-Backs about Green earlier this week, after he cleared waivers, sources said Saturday. 

While Green can veto a trade to a team other than San Diego, Anaheim or San Francisco, a deal to the Mets would reunite him with good friend Carlos Delgado, who was in Green’s wedding and played with Green in Toronto from 1993-99."

This week, the Mets have been using Endy Chavez, Lastings Milledge, and newly acquired Ricky Ledee in right field.  Chavez, 28, is playing the best ball of his career and is even showing a little pop (.436 SLG).  At .284/.349/.429, Green has a nearly identical stat line to Chavez.  Any improvement would be minimal, but perhaps the Mets could acquire Green without surrendering much.

Olney: Cards Interested In Shawn Green

In his blog this morning, Buster Olney mentioned that he’d heard that Shawn Green might be a match with the Cardinals.  I think there had been rumblings to this effect, but haven’t seen much in print until now.

At .296/.354/.447 this season, Green falls below league average in the NL (.277/.360/.477).  Still, he’s pretty close and represents an improvement from what the Cards have thrown in left field this season.  On the other hand, Green may not represent any improvement over John Rodriguez or Chris Duncan

All of this would be moot if Green won’t waive his no-trade clause to come to St. Louis.  Perhaps as an incentive Green would require his new team to guarantee his $10MM option for 2008.  Regardless, he’ll make $9.5MM next year in his age 34 season.  Yikes – certainly doesn’t sound like Jocketty’s style.  Various Phillies’ outfielders may also be in play.

The Cards are fifth in the league in OPS and seventh in ERA.  They would benefit from an upgrade on either side of the ball, but Green probably isn’t an upgrade.  According to Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Cards may make one last bid for Dontrelle Willis.  That would be an upgrade.