Tony Pena Rumors

D’Backs Ready To Deal

The D'Backs traded Tony Pena to the White Sox yesterday and Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports hears they're not done dealing yet. In fact, they've spent much more time trying to deal Doug Davis, Jon Garland and Felipe Lopez than they spent trying to deal Pena. Chad Qualls seems less likely to be dealt now that the D'Backs have already traded one reliever.

The Brewers are in the market for starters and could have interest in Davis or Garland. The Twins are one of the teams that could add middle infielders, so Lopez could appeal to them. Check out our entire breakdown of the middle infield trade market here.

White Sox Acquire Tony Pena

According to Jesse Temple at, the White Sox have acquired RHP Tony Pena from the Diamondbacks for 1B prospect Brandon Allen.

Pena, 27, had been serving as a late-inning reliever for the D'Backs, where he's amassed a 4.24 ERA and 26/11 K/BB ratio in 34 innings. Pena is cheap and under team control through 2012.

Allen is a 23-year-old prospect with power. He's struggled since being called up to Triple-A earlier this year, putting up a .584 OPS in 13 games so far, but he mashed in the minors last year, putting up a .972 OPS in 153 Double-A at-bats.

This looks like a decent return for both teams. Pena has allowed quite a few more hits than usual this year, but sports a .352 BABIP that could be due for regression. He could be useful in the back end of the bullpen. John Sickels at Minor League Ball rated Allen the fourth-best Sox prospect before the season. This deal pretty much solidifies the Diamondbacks as sellers, so it'll be interesting to see if they move any more pieces before the deadline.

Heyman On Strasburg, D’Backs, Penny

Jon Heyman of anticipates some memorable negotiations between the Nationals, Scott Boras and Stephen Strasburg. Here's what Heyman heard about Strasburg along with the rest of his rumors:

  • Boras is still expected to demand $50MM for Strasburg.
  • Think that's a lot? Some think Strasburg would command $100MM as a free agent. 
  • Executives generally guess he'll end up signing for more than $20MM, but not by much.
  • One NL exec said he expects the deal to reach $30MM.
  • Strasburg could always pitch in Japan or for an independent team if he doesn't sign, but Heyman imagines he'd much rather join a major league franchise immediately.  
  • The Pirates could draft catcher Tony Sanchez with the fourth pick.  
  • The D'Backs could deal Chad Qualls and Tony Pena at the deadline.  
  • Boston seems "in a hurry" to deal Brad Penny 
  • One Red Sox person was not impressed by what he saw from Jeff Francoeur 
  • It's probably too early for the Rangers to release Vicente Padilla 

Dan Haren Rumors: Wednesday

UPDATE, 12-5-07 at 11:20am: Joel Sherman says Stephen Drew, Mark Reynolds, and Tony Pena are also off the table in the Haren talks.

UPDATE, 12-5-07 at 8:09am: Susan Slusser adds that the A’s aren’t being unreasonable with Arizona – they haven’t asked for Justin Upton or Chris Young. Slusser also notes that Billy Beane wouldn’t sit down with the Tigers unless they’d discuss Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin.  That’s when the Tigers turned to the Marlins.  Beane downplayed the chances of trading Haren, but what else is he going to say?

FROM 12-5-07 at 12:09am:

Technically it’s Wednesday now, and some of the more rumor-filled threads were getting really long.  So I’m happy to start a set of new ones.  You can check out Tuesday’s Dan Haren thread here.

According to Jack Magruder of the East Valley Tribune, the D’Backs are willing to discuss a package of Carlos Gonzalez, Emilio Bonifacio, and Brett Anderson for Haren.  That the D’Backs could spare these three very talented youngsters without skipping a beat speaks to how deep their farm system is.  Magruder’s source says the A’s could ask for a staggering six players. 

Jose Valverde, Dustin Nippert, and/or Alberto Callaspo could be involved to give the A’s some MLB-ready talent.  From previous reports, we know that Conor Jackson and Max Scherzer will not be involved.  Ken Rosenthal had suggested last night that the A’s initial request scared the D’Backs off, but he’s since corrected that information

The A’s, however, want to wait for something to happen with Johan Santana before trading Haren.

Additionally, Magruder adds that the D’Backs have a touch of interest in Noah Lowry.