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Recruiting Writers For New Cubs Blog

Well, the time has come.  This website is bursting at the seams with Cubs fans who need another outlet for their Cub-centric minds.  A place where it's OK to argue about Matt Murton's HOF chances.  A place where it's acceptable to profess your undying love for Joe Kmak.  A website where Cubs fans can congregate before, during, and after every game.  An outlet where the wackiest, most lopsided Cubs trade proposals are tolerated.

AllCubs.com should be live within a couple of weeks.  It'll be a full-service Cubs blog, with perhaps dozens of established, unique, Cub-savvy authors chiming in on every topic imaginable.  It'll be a place for Cubs fans to check three times daily and spend even more hours debating Cubs issues when you're supposed to be working.

The bottom line is that I'm going to recruit writers for this blog for the next couple of weeks.  I'll probably cap it at a dozen authors.  I can't pay you for your efforts, as I have no idea if this blog can even bring in a couple of bucks a month.  Here's what I'm looking for:

- Strong writing background.  Journalism or English majors preferred.  Impeccable grammar and spelling are required.  Blogging experience a plus but not at all required. 

- Ability to make at least three posts per week.

- In-depth Cubs knowledge and commitment.

- Ability to select and cover the hell out of a Cubs-related niche.  For example, maybe you want to be the Ballpark Guy (or gal!), who simply focuses on Wrigley Field itself.  Maybe you're the contracts, stats, scouting, humorous, or depressing person.  I want to cover this ballclub from every angle, and diverse viewpoints are what will make this blog stand out and attract readers.

- Love for the Cubs is all well and good, but I'm not looking for writers blinded by their Cub obsession.  Optimism is fine, I'm not looking for someone who thinks Ronny Cedeno is the next A-Rod.  Or that Kerry Wood is a lock for 230 innings.  Cubs bias will come with the territory, but you have to have a sense of reality too.

- Current or former employment with the ballclub would be a plus.  Peanut vendors, retired sportswriters, and Shawon Dunston himself could all provide their own unique viewpoints developed during their time spent with the Cubs.

- Writers living close to minor league affiliates (Iowa, for example) could be a great asset to the site.  Somebody's gotta get the scoop on Kerry Wood's latest rehab assignment.

- An eagerness to help AllCubs become the best Cubs blog out there.  That might mean chasing down Brian Dopirak for an interview in Daytona, or just telling everyone in your office to check out the site.  I want this thing to be huge, but I need your help.

If what I just described reads like your resume, email me at allcubs@gmail.com and make your case.  I'm guessing we'll get around 100 applicants, so I've created an email address just for this purpose.  Please don't inquire about it at my regular email address; I won't reply to those.  That's all; this should be a lot of fun and I can't wait to get the site rolling.


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If youd do something like this for the Phillies, id be in, however, I try to not even think about the Cubs.

Heh heh.

Well, other than blogging and a published, political "Letter to the Editor" or two, I'm afraid I have no professional resume to offer. Being at a slightly disadvantage distance from the ballpark and the minor league teams doesn't help either.

But my friend, if you're looking for an op-ed columnist who loves the Cubs and won't be blinded by optimism or pessimism, I'll be happy to participate. I'm also good for pro bono work, though I am a scientist and not a lawyer. ;-)

What I'm saying is, you'll probably be bombarded with Cubs fans wanting to participate. I will proudly defer to the obsessed and well-located as well as the professional writers. But if you should by occasion happen to be needing an extra pen or two when all is said and done, I'd gladly participate. So keep me in mind, my friend!

Oh no, not the infamous typo on the resume!

"Being at a slightly disadvantage distance from the ballpark and the minor league teams doesn't help either."


Nice catch, critic. Serves me right for not proofing my post.

That's what I get for working on a Saturday! LOL

I'm throwing my vote in for Uncle Charlie.

Hey, anything that can divert the legions of Cub fans from this board I'll support.

I thought this was a cubs blog..................just kidding Monger

I would be more than happy to become a writer on the new cubs blog.

Hey D00d - let me right fer that new-fangled blogger thing you'd got going.

Im' actualy a White Sox fan (at least I was fer the last month of the season and playofs), but Im' looking to expand my interests.

I cuold cover the hell out of the red-nek and low class angle fer the sight.

Granted theres more of us at the Cell than at Wrigley, but you said you wanted to cover all them angles.

AND I got a special in with a baseball celbrity - William Ligue Jr is my 2nd cousin!

I'd be great and it'd help me pick up sum chicks to.

Let me now.


i could help with data bout how much more beer cub fans drink than any other fans here at minute maid.

No matter what you do don't recruit any of the guys from 1060 west because they think they no everything about the Cubs and they seriously don't no shit. I hate that website so much. They MIGHT be the most negative people ever. Plus, they think they no everything about stats simply because they no how to manipulate every stat to some negative degree.

Pick me.

F the Cubs.

I know christopher's is sarcastic, but I'm still tempted to point out how Wrigley Field, with less seating available than US Cellular, still manages to sell more seats on a yearly basis...

lisa gray: What do you expect us to do? As beautiful as Wrigley is, the beer there sucks. So when we do venture to another park (love Minute Maid, btw...Houston is a beautiful city) we have to soak in as much quality beer as we can:)

Jack: Agreed in regards to 1060. A lot of Cubs fans are far too optimistic--to the point where it makes me want to stick pencils in my ears so that I don't have to hear some of the fanbase of my team talk about winning a WS without being able to argue WHY the Cubs are "going to win." 1060 is the exact opposite. They are negative to the point that I feel like locking myself in a dark room and listening to AFI for a few hours. I've literally seen them complain about how the Cubs need to make a move at all cost, and then seen them complain a few days later because the Cubs made the move they wanted, but didn't get enough in return. Oy...

I can't be a writer, but I can go post at the new blog. I'll try to help out with the optimistic angle.

If you think 1060 West is too negative, go post something postive on it. That's what I do.

The Cubs are going to win because they have a new leadoff hitter, nice rookies, and an improved bullpen. And because I love them. :)

See I agree that Cubs fans tend to be overly optimistic, but my biggest issue with 1060 isn't even their negativity, but their self proclaimed knowledge of statistical analysis when all they really do is look at some stats and manipulate them to say what they want them to say, usually failing to give the WHOLE story.

Darin, thanks for the vote, but...

I invite anyone (among probably several who have tried over the past few days) who would like to take over the moniker "Uncle Charlie," as I originated it, to describe, in detail, where the name comes from. Only then shall you be worthy. I will confer with Rumor on the side to verify that someone has, indeed, answered fully and correctly. It is not as easy as you might think, even if you know a little something about baseball. If no one succeeds, I fully expect to reclaim the title someday soon... when it is safe.

Sparkles: You the same Sparkles from Al's site? As for posting there, like I said, it's too depressing to read that site anymore. Besides, they are not only the snootiest of the Cubs fans, but also the most "know-it-all-siest" fans, too.

Jack: Agreed. They have their anti-MacPhail agenda, and anything that can be used or manipulated to hate on the Cubs' management and ownership will be used for that agenda.

I love this website. Criticize Cub fans and your post is deleted, whereas stereotypes about Sox fans are allowed.

Pretty sure I deleted the offensive White Sox stuff too, but if there's something you're referring to just let me know.

You're wrong. I delete anything offensive that appears on the site, if I catch it.

In your precious cubs blog you should have anti-cubs writers I say so "fans" can read the truth ;)

I would be happy to recruit level-headed non-Cubs fans, but that ain't you REM. I know you bleed cubbie blue...


Thanks for coming to 1060West and giving it a read. I don't claim to know everything about the Cubs, but we have a few posters that are passionate about the Cubs. I can't manipulate stats, I never received high marks in those classes. I do know that I received pretty decent marks in English though.

that isnt my blood that is cubbie blue rather the blood of cubs fans whos hearts exploded that the CHICAGO WHITE SOX ARE THE CHAMPS!!!

You're just lucky you outsmarted me on the whole IP banning idea...

Ryan: Yes, I am.

Rumor Monger: I read your site, but rarely comment. It's a good site even though sometimes the rumors are a little out there. You do a nice job.

Objective, realistic Cubbie fans??? Heh.

Sparkles: I read most of the posts on that site, and yours always tend to make me laugh. Hope the finals are going better:)

Jim: Believe it or not (George isn't at home...please leave a message at the beep...sorry, Seinfeld moment right there), there are a lot of us who are realistic and objective, as well as intelligent and well-informed about baseball. Like I was saying to Darin, every fandom has some extremist fans, so to judge an entire fandom by a few fans is a bit unfair. Sure, some Cubs fans think we can turn Augie Ojeda and a bag of peanuts into Miguel Tejada, but there were also quite a few Sox fans who thought they were going to get Tejada for Uribe and a minor league pitcher. See my point?

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