Meet The MLBTR Writing Team

MLB Trade Rumors employs a team of writers to bring you the latest hot stove news and analysis.  Let’s meet the team:

Tim Dierkes started MLB Trade Rumors as a hobby in 2005, and has since written over 8,500 posts as MLBTR grew into baseball’s most popular hot stove website as well as his full-time job.  MLBTR has received over 680,000,000 pageviews since its inception and is a favorite of baseball writers, executives, players, and fans everywhere.  Tim graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as a business administration major in 2004.  He originally met his lovely wife Agnes on campus.  Tim currently lives with his wife, sons, and daughter in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.  He is a lifelong Cubs fan, but swears it does not affect his objectivity on MLBTR.  Follow him on Twitter: @timdierkes.

Zach Links is a writer/reporter for MLB Trade Rumors as well as sister sites Hoops Rumors and Pro Football Rumors.  In addition to his lengthy catalog of work online, Zach can be heard as a regular guest on several ESPN radio affiliates and other notable sports stations nationwide.  Before joining the MLBTR family in 2009, Zach served as the lead play-by-play announcer for Rutgers sports at WRSU-FM and worked in the newsrooms of CSTV, WNBC-NY TV, and ESPN Radio.  You can follow Zach on Twitter: @ZachLinks.

Steve Adams is a full-time staff writer for MLB Trade Rumors. MLBTR’s longest-tenured writer, Steve grew up in the Twin Cities and currently resides in New York City. He is a graduate of St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, where he studied English Literature with a Writing Emphasis and Public Relations (when his Fantasy Baseball schedule permitted). Steve’s been a baseball fan since he can remember, and is thankful to be (barely) old enough to have vivid memories of his beloved Twins’ most recent World Series title in 1991. Steve has been writing for MLBTR since May of 2008, and began providing Fantasy analysis for in May of 2011. He has also written about the Twins for SB Nation’s Twinkie Town and fears that his voice may never fully recover from 2009’s Game 163 tiebreaker against the Tigers. You can follow him on Twitter: @Adams_Steve.

Mark Polishuk has been a baseball fan ever since his seven-year-old self witnessed Kelly Gruber hit a walkoff single for the Blue Jays in 1989.  Mark has been part of the MLBTR crew since October 2009, and has also written about baseball, soccer and hockey for such outlets as ESPN Chicago, ESPN Boston, The New York Post,, The Canadian Press, The Sports Xchange, and the official websites of both Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer.  A native of London, Ontario, Mark holds a BA in English/Film Studies from the University Of Western Ontario.  He currently splits his time between London and Toronto.  Mark’s greatest on-field achievement was performing an unassisted triple play while playing second base during an eighth grade gym class softball game.  “Just like Bill Wambsganss!”, Mark yelled immediately afterwards, a reference lost on all.

Edward Creech has been writing for MLBTR since May 2012. He was born and raised in Battle Creek, Michigan, hometown to former major leaguer Bill Stein and umpire Mike Reilly. Edward’s career path has taken him down some interesting roads since his graduation from Michigan State University with a BA in Telecommunications. He spent 10 years in Chicago radio working as a sportswriter for WMAQ-AM and as a producer for “The Score” (WSCR-AM). Wanting to give back to the community, Edward spent the next 11 years as an elementary school teacher working in the Chicago Public Schools system and the Archdiocese of Chicago. He has also been a high school coach or softball umpire in Chicago since 2004. Edward’s most recent venture was the founding of What A Do Theatre, a professional theatre company in his hometown of Battle Creek, and serving as its managing director for three years. Edward has been very fortunate to marry up, as he shares his Evanston, Illinois home with his gorgeous wife Elena and their two wonderful children: Marley, an American bulldog mix, and Josie, a beagle/dachshund/pot-bellied pig mix.

Charlie Wilmoth runs the Pirates blog Bucs Dugout, which has received over 30,000,000 page views since its inception in 2005. His book Dry Land follows Pirates fans through 20 losing seasons and through the Bucs’ 2013 playoff run. Wilmoth is a graduate of the College of William & Mary, Wesleyan University, and the University of California, San Diego, where he received a Ph.D. in music composition in 2010. His classical music has been performed by the Arditti Quartet, Alarm Will Sound and many others, and he also sings and plays guitar in the rock band Fox Japan. He currently teaches music theory at Otterbein University, and he lives in Columbus.

Jeff Todd left his legal practice to join the MLBTR staff and pursue his love for the game of baseball. After completing his B.A. in History and Foreign Affairs at the University of Virginia and getting hitched to Bethany, his high-school sweetheart, Jeff wrote and edited for the Harvard Law Review while obtaining his J.D. from Harvard Law School. A rugby player during college and law school, Jeff re-discovered his passion for the National Pastime upon returning to his native Northern Virginia, where he worked as a litigator in downtown DC and played catcher on a men’s league team with many of his more-talented high-school teammates. Jeff and Bethany were blessed with a daughter, Mae, who blissfully fell asleep during the 4th inning of Game 5 of the NLDS at Nationals Park and whose favorite object is a Nationals cap signed by Mike Rizzo. While he makes no promises that he will say anything worthwhile, Jeff has finally joined the 21st century by creating a Twitter account: @JA_Todd.

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  1. grant77 5 years ago

    Whoo! Go Jays!

  2. EdinsonPickle 5 years ago

    Cool man. Loving this post. It’s really neat to get to read more about the writers at this site. MLBTR ROCKS!

  3. MLBTR is a site I check every single day. You guys do a great job… keeep up the great work.

  4. Rich G 5 years ago

    Damn, I was hoping that MLBTR would finally get pictures in at-least one article.

  5. jcrabtree7 5 years ago

    MLBTR rocks! I’ve been checking this website just about everyday since 2007. I remember seeing a post from Tim saying that he had taken MLBTR as a full-time job and thinking “Does it get that much attention?”. Glad it does, great job Tim and the rest of the MLBTR staff!

  6. Koby2 5 years ago

    I think you ought to hire me to make it an even 10.

  7. dbacknation 5 years ago

    Keep up the great work boys.
    Not that your loaded with free time, but any hope you’ll start up a Website for my other love? Football?

  8. ElsewhereandOtherwise 5 years ago


    I’ve been a reader since the early days and appreciate the work the MLBTR team does for the sport. Baseball has always been a year long sport with different seasons, but the contribution your team has offered us has solidified that notion. You keep us tuned in even during the coldest months of winter.

    And for that, we thank you.

  9. ju1ced 5 years ago

    In conclusion, Canada has the smartest baseball fans in the world.
    Thanks Tim!

  10. bigpat 5 years ago

    Good read. I have been checking this site daily for the past few years like many others, and I feel like it has made my baseball knowledge grow exponentially. There is always something going on at every point in the year, even when there isn’t, Tim and the crew find something to post about.

    Here’s to many more years of great baseball coverage from the best site on the net!

  11. donovanlamb 5 years ago

    I check this site maybe 6 times a day, and have been consistently for the past few years. And today I’ve found out that Tim Dierkes in fact lives in my home town!! That is awesome except the fact he’s a cubs fan. Keep up the great work guys!!

  12. Rootdown 5 years ago

    Wow, so many Canadians. I knew there was something off about this site.

    Just kidding guys, keep it up, and make less bad things happen to the Mets if you could.

  13. Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

    The only thing the site is missing IMO is a mobile version of the site. My iPhone agrees.

    Great work with the site Tim & crew.

    • What about

      • Infield Fly 5 years ago

        I can get the site on my mobile easy, but I can’t sign into Disqus no matter what I do.

        • Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

          I can get on the regular site easy, but the comment section half the time doesn’t load, and the odd time the disqus doesn’t load either. I believe you have to delete all the cookies to fix that problem.

          • Infield Fly 5 years ago

            Thanks! I will definitely give that a shot.

      • Encarnacion's Parrot 5 years ago

        Well paint me green and call me gumby. Thanks Tim for the heads up on the mobile page. It’s a little bland, but it’s simple and is bandwidth savvy.

    • Boz 5 years ago

      there is a mobile site. it is i use it alot

  14. oscargamble 5 years ago

    “He grew up learning Spanish from the sides of taco trucks…” hilarious.

  15. Would the walled city in Spain be Toledo?

  16. You guys do an excellent job!

    Tim, I didn’t know you went to UIUC. But I should’ve known only an ILLINI alum could have come up with such an excellent idea!

  17. dizzle4 5 years ago

    Errr… I never knew so many of the writers here were from Western. May have to stop coming to the site now…

    Haha, kidding, great to see so many Jays fans around!

  18. ellisburks 5 years ago

    I, as a Canadian, am proud that so many other Canadians make this site what it is. However, unlike them I am not a Blue Jays fan, I am a Red Sox fan. And I am surprised that a fellow Ottawian like Ben would like the Jays, R.I.P. Les Expos. Anywho, good job guys!

  19. lefty58 5 years ago

    Nice job guys, I don’t always agree with your takes, but always enjoy the site.

    Well done.

  20. Johnny__Blaze 5 years ago

    Great to meet the team behind the scenes. Keep up the great work, guys!

  21. Nice work guys, keep it up, I appreciate it! I’m on the site about 10 times in an average day!

  22. jeremyhomer 5 years ago

    You guys are awesome. I consider you the online bible of player/team ongoings in baseball.

  23. cderry 5 years ago

    Shout out to Illinois! Tim, I grew-up in Macomb, but I now live in Bloomington-Normal, life-long White Sox fan.

  24. lee57 5 years ago

    Very Good job guys. I am constantly on this site. Avg about 8 hours a day. Even though I’m a die-hard red sox fan, I consider myself a fan of baseball in general. Tim, I think I started reading MLBTR around early 2008. Thank you for breaking down articles and generating a wealth of information. Even though I do not post comments often, I had to take the time today to give you guys my appreciation. Thank you very much and continue the great work you’re doing.

  25. tarv 5 years ago

    Hey Polischuk,
    I remember that inside the infield home run you speak of. I believe I was on deck.

    Keep up the great work gents!!

  26. Rootdown 5 years ago

    I realize this is more of a football thing, but I find myself wishing this site would have it.

    What do you think about having a section with depth charts for each team. Sometimes I find myself arguing about who has a better rotation, the brewers or the reds, and I don’t have a good place to look that up. You could have contract length and salary next to the names as well.

    If this does exist already or if it’s already on ROTO or something like that let me know.

  27. jaybruce32 5 years ago

    Tim, you’re doing such a great job and have created such a great community that I had the oppurtunity to write a college paper focusing on the community of mlbtr. I’d be happy to e-mail it to you if you’re interested in reading it.

  28. BlueSkyLA 5 years ago

    An impressive lineup of writers Tim, but how about someone west of the Rockies (the mountain range and the team)?

  29. schleg 5 years ago

    I didn’t realize that there were Canadians on your team. Way to go. Go Jays.

  30. Where’s Dan on here?

  31. stl_cards16 4 years ago

    One of these guys has to be able to pitch.

    -B. Cashman

  32. If the Pirates can somehow grab another bat they’re going to compete until the end because they’ve done well against the NL Central…. except Milwaukee.

  33. keep the news comming guys im an admin for mlb forever page on face book and you guys are like my num 1 source, thanx alot best news site ever!

  34. Adam Roy 2 years ago

    I’ve been visiting this site regularly for probably at least 4 years now. It’s good to meet the folks I spend so much of my life paying attention to.

  35. XNSports 2 years ago

    Excellent staff.

  36. David Jean 1 year ago

    would really enjoy covering baseball down in the Tampa areafor someone

  37. $90847494 6 months ago

    love it

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