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Bedard To Join Jays In 2010?

Blue Jays play-by-play guy Jamie Campbell has a blog, and he's got an interesting rumor up today.  Campbell speaks of a "prominent member of the Orioles organization" telling him to expect Erik Bedard in a Blue Jays uniform for the 2010 season.

Campbell points out Bedard's Canadian roots and the Orioles' inability to sign him long-term as factors.  He sees a possible rotation of Roy Halladay, A.J. Burnett, Bedard, and two youngsters in 2010.

Campbell notes that Burnett can opt out of his contract after the 2008 season.  He'd be walking away from three years and $36MM.  If he stays relatively healthy and keeps his ERA in the low 4s, you can bet he'll top 3/36.



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Jamie Campbell is an idiot. Who care about 3 years from now? That is by far the dumbest 'rumour' I've ever heard. The jays aren't the yankees, a team where you can look at someone having a great career and say "this guy is going to be a yankee when he becomes a free agent" - one only needs to look at the Leafs to see how many players have taken a salary hit to play for the team they grew up loving. Also, Bedard is from BC isn't he? Not to mention that Hallady is gone in 2010.


It is a slow time of year as far as rumors go, so writers can speculate on things like this. The writer makes some very good points concerning bedard going to the jays, and the calibur of player in the story is pretty high as well, as bedard is one of the best young leftys in the game. Campbell is allowed to base speculation on the knowledge he obtains. Heck, his knowledge on the possibility of bedard being a jay is much more credible than your knowledge of halladay not being a jay. All these pieces do is keep things interesting, so do not criticize someone who his just doing his or her job.

Well put, bravesbeast!

I COMPLETELY agree with Fastfuture. This guy thinks he has "the story".
"The Story" is all in his head. I am so tired of lame ass sports writers making stuff up. This Campbell loser was on Baltimore sports radio today to promote his article. What a loser!
Get a life!

I don't see why he would make things up...a credible Baltimore person told him something and he relayed it.

i do have to agree that Jamie Campbell is an idiot, but i dont think its shocking or surprising to predict Bedard a Canadian playing for the Jays a Canadian team.. but even if its a credible rumour doesnt mean its going to happen. i remember times there were rumours of Larry Walker coming to play for Toronto and that never happened.

alot can happen between now and 2010. im sure the Jays arnt going to plan the future just to contend for the 2010 season and making moves now that will only make them stronger for that season. if there are other quality starting pitchers available for 2008/2009 im sure the Jays are going to go after them instead of thinking well we have to keep an open rotation spot for Bedard in 2010

For those that criticize me, they probably don't have to listen to Jamie Campbell on TV on a nightly basis. I don't think he ever played baseball, let alone does he have any insight or insider knowledge.

I don't mean to slag the guy too much because I think he's pretty genial, and compared to Pat Tabler he's a godsend...that said, I stand by what I said - a rumour need not be completely true, but its this story is just wild speculation. Who wouldn't want Erik "long lost twin brother of that guy from the OC" Bedard on their team? It would be a great story, but this seems like just a case of him trying to make a deadline so he fabricates a completely random story instead of reporting on something worthwhile.

Also, as for Halladay not being a Jay in 2010, his contract is up. It is pretty reasonable to assume that he will at least test the free agent waters as the Jays appear to be planning on rebuilding after the 2010 season. So, that is what makes it stupid.

fastfuture I have absolutely nothing against you or your opinions at all. But please, PLEASE dont call Jamie Campbell a godsend...compared to anything... its just...not right.

I hope Bedard does join up with the Jays it would make a solid rotation. Also fastfuture I do believe Bedard is from Ontario so I do see Bedard going to the Jays. If the Jays do well for the next 2-3 years Bedard will certainly be a Jay but if the Jays screw it up then maybe not.

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