Gammons’ Latest: Tate, Turner, Oliver

In his latest blog post at, Peter Gammons says that there "are rumblings that the commissioner's office wants to hold off the announcement of some of the bigger deals so they do not impact others." He hears the following deals are done according to GMs:

  • Padres and first rounder Donovan Tate at $6.7MM, which had been done for five days
  • Tigers and first rounder Jacob Turner at $6.7MM
  • Tigers and second rounder Andy Oliver at $1MM

Gammons also says that the Giants and first rounder Zack Wheeler are close to a deal at $3.4MM, and that there are "conflicting reports" on Colorado signing Tyler Matzek and Texas signing Matt Purke, both first round picks. The Indians and Alex White are deadlocked, but the Tribe could go near $2MM.

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