Scott Schoeneweis Rumors

Tigers Rumors: Schoeneweis, Ivan Rodriguez

Let’s check in on the Tigers, who are in third place and 6.5 games out in the AL Central.

  • Jon Paul Morosi believes Joel Zumaya‘s worrisome triceps injury coupled with concerns about Freddy Dolsi could prompt a relief acquisition very soon.
  • Two recently named options of the lefthanded variety: Jack Taschner and Scott Schoeneweis.
  • Morosi also discusses the Ivan Rodriguez situation.  The Tigers haven’t approached him about an extension, and could trade him in August if they slip out of contention.  Morosi thinks Rodriguez, who is hitting .298/.342/.421 despite a slow start, is in line for a multiyear free agent contract.

Odds and Ends: Bradley, Floyd, Threets

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Mets Dangle Relievers For OF Help

Scott Schoeneweis is miffed that the Mets may be considering using him as bait to snag an outfield replacement for Moises Alou.

The Mets have hinted they’d like to remove Schoeneweis and Jorge Sosa from their payroll, but the Alou injury situation makes the departure of the two relievers even more likely.  Schoeneweis will make $7.2MM in 2008 and ’09 to complete his current three-year deal. Sosa makes an even $2MM in a one-year pact. Schoeneweis disappointed Omar Minaya last year with a 5.03 ERA in 70 games.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Mets called the Pirates to chat about Xavier Nady. New York may not have the pitching prospects the Pirates would want in return. Pittsburgh also may figure Nady’s value will increase toward the trade deadline.

By Big Mike Glab

Schoeneweis, Jorge Sosa Available

In many years, no significant March trades are made.  In March ’05, the most noteworthy deal may have been the Rays sending Jorge Sosa to Atlanta for infielder Nick Green.  It was a fluke, but Sosa did win 13 games for the ’05 Braves with a miraculous 2.55 ERA.  Sosa, now with the Mets, is available again according to Adam Rubin.  He’ll make $2MM in ’08, and is a mildly useful swingman.

Rubin says southpaw reliever Scott Schoeneweis is also being shopped.  His was an odd contract when it was signed a year ago; he’ll make $3.6MM in each of the ’08 and ’09 seasons.  Maybe Scott Boras deserves credit for that one.  If the Mets are to unload the 34 year-old they’ll probably have to eat some salary or accept a bad contract in return.   

Rosenthal’s Latest: Santana, Fuentes, Heilman

The execs may be on a plane home right now, but the writers are still filing all sorts of rumors.  Here’s Ken Rosenthal’s latest piece.

  • Rosenthal says the Mets did not talk to the Twins about Johan Santana today, which is surprising.  But they did talk earlier this week, at which point the Twins gave the Mets a list of players they liked.  The Mets were fine with everyone on the list, which probably included Carlos Gomez and Mike Pelfrey.  Rosenthal adds that the Mets are the only NL team firmly in the mix for Santana, and shipping him to the other league might be a factor for the Twins.
  • The Giants turned down an offer of Delmon Young for Tim Lincecum before Young was sent to the Twins.  This leaves skepticism that the Giants will accept three years of Alex Rios after turning down five of Young.
  • The Mets made a straight up offer of Aaron Heilman for Brian Fuentes.  As far as I can tell Heilman doesn’t reach free agency until after the 2010 season, so the Rockies would be doing pretty well here.  Plus, they could plug him into the rotation.  Oddly the dealbreaker was the Rox asking for Scott Schoeneweis as well.  I thought the 34 year-old had negative trade value.  Rosenthal adds that the Tribe took a glance at Fuentes as well.
  • The Rox offered Jamey Carroll for Josh Barfield, which is pretty lopsided even with the year Barfield had.  Of course the Indians declined.

Schoeneweis Signs With Mets

UPDATE: $10.8MM over three years, or $3.6MM annually. Score another one for Boras.  Jamie Walker should’ve held out for more.

ESPN reports that the Mets are close to a three-year deal with 33 year-old southpaw Scott Schoeneweis.  That’s a lot of years for a lefty specialist with a 1.47 K/BB over the past couple of seasons.  His main skill is keeping the ball on the ground; he’s not going to impress in strikeouts, walks, or hits allowed. 

The Blue Jays essentially gave Schoeneweis to the Reds in August, but I guess 14 dynamite innings for Cincinnati has the Mets convinced.