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Austin Kearns For Sergio Mitre?

George Ofman of WSCR The Score is reporting from the winter meetings that the Reds have offered Austin Kearns to the Cubs in return for Sergio Mitre and and a minor leaguer.  I was able to get in touch with Ofman, and he mentioned that the minor leaguer was possibly righthander Ricky Nolasco

Kearns is still living off an excellent 2000 at A ball and 372 fluky at-bats with the Reds in 2002.  He's got 25 HR pop, but the rest of his appeal is pure perceived potential.  Ah, alliteration.

Sergio Mitre has had an uninspiring Major League career with the Cubs, going 4-10 with a 6.12 ERA in 120 innings.  If nothing else, Mitre can tell his grandkids about that miraculous 16 shutout inning stretch where he outdueled both Roy Halladay and Josh Beckett in 2005.  Seriously, though, Mitre keeps the ball down and could be passable fifth starter one day.

Ricky Nolasco was almost traded to Texas in a Rafael Palmeiro deal back in 2003.  Palmeiro vetoed the trade, and Nolasco remained in the Cubs' system.  He has a solid curveball and decent sinker.  Nolasco will be 23 soon, and he posted spectacular numbers at Double A in 2005.  The starter had previously failed in a 40 inning attempt at Triple A Iowa in 2004. 

Thanks to Alex.


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Yes thank you God please make that deal. I swear to God Kearns is gonna break out. Besides, Mitre sucks.

I think this deal makes sense for both teams. The reds have to many outfielders and the cubs have to many starters. Cubs need outfield help and the reds need pitching help. I would pull the trigger on this deal if i were Jim Hendry, as long as its not one of the cubs top Prospects.

Does anyone know if Kearsn has ever played CF??? And how he did?

I hope so, but that can't be true. Mitre is just long reliever or AAAA material. The "unknown minor leaguer" must be someone really good.

The other minor leaguer is believed to be Nolasco. I am not giving up on a deal that would bring Lugo and Huff to Chicago .

I don't really care for this trade. Kearns has had one good season. Besides, he's a right handed batter and he stole 0 bases and batted .240 with .333 OBP. I know there aren't a whole lot of options out there, but there has to be someone better than Kearns. If they throw Dunn in, then I would have an interest. Obviously, a lot more players would go than just Mitre.

Does this team really need to get anyone else that has all kinds of potential but won't bring the potential out???


I am with you Tim. I don't think this is really a great idea. I do agree that Kearns has all kinds of potential but potential should mean very little when you have had 4 years to bring it out.That is why I was wondering in Kearns could play CF. If they could go Murton-LF, Kearns-CF, and Dunn or Huff-RF I would be just fine.

Austin Kearns is so eerily similar to Corey Patterson, with the exception of Kearns' fluky 2003 breakout.

Both players were (very) highly touted picks, Patterson was the #3 pick in the 98 draft, Kearns was #8. Both sailed through the minors, were on everyone's Top 20 prospects lists by 2000. Then, both teams rushed them to the bigs, and Patterson flopped. Kearns had some success, and then he flopped.

One thing is for sure: Kearns is showing you what little trade value Patterson has right now. Someone elsewhere mentioned Patterson for Zito, for chrissakes! Some people just don't get it.

Would I trade for Kearns? Sure, if the price is low enough. Mitre qualifies. But I'd rather have Brad Wilkerson or even, dare I say it, Preston Wilson than Austin Kearns.

"Does anyone know if Kearsn has ever played CF??? And how he did?"

49 games at center. FPCT .991%

I think a lot of Kearns problems were health related. He also put on weight when injured--a bad sign. But I think his future success hinges on his shoulder. If it's okay, he'll still be a good one. He's pretty young still. He's got a much higher ceiling than Kevin Mench who's frequently mentioned. And please correct me if I'm wrong but I think he's actually pretty good in RF.

I think Kearns problems are much different from Corey's problems. Kearns has had injuries, Corey has has no plate discipline.

Kearns has played 49 Major League games in CF. 13 in LF, 313 in RF.

Then what about trading for him and then making him the everyday CF. Then they can trade for that LH bat they need for RF (Dunn???)

WGN radio is reporting this trade could be made within the hour.

Thanks Prez. Any word on who else the Cubs might give, or would it be straight up?

I dont know if id make the trade if they had to include Nolasco. The Cubs dont need another trade like the one they did with Dontrell. I hear Crawford of Gathright could be available both of them can fill the lead off void. Also I was thinking Kearns was a lefty bat and he is infact a righty. I think a package deal for either Crawford and Huff or gathright and huff would make more sense. The cubs would probably have to over pay to make that deal happen. But it i think its the best option for them out their. Im not for Lugo to be included because he is another righ handed bat. The Cubs need to be more left handed and since Gathright has speed and leads off i think Cedeno would be a good #2. Either Gathright or Crawford with Huff. I dont care Just get it done. The line up would look like this:

CF- Gathright/Crawford
SS- Cedeno
1B- Lee
3B- Ramirez
RF- Huff
C- Barrett
2B- Walker
LF- Murton

Pull the trigger.

If anything, Kearns could be over-valued by another team.

Informer, this will be far from the last move. They still have to get a lead-off hitter and maybe a SS/2B. I think Lugo is a great idea for 2B, then they can trade Walker. For CF, at this point I go with Wilkerson. The Marlins now can ask for anything from the Cubs to get Pierre, that wouldn't be wise of Jim Hendry.

But, then again, they are the Cubs. When have they ever done anything wise.

WGN has not said this will be done within the hour. They haven't even mentioned the trade.

I agree their are many holes to fill. I dont like Wilkerson he strikes out way to much for a lead off hitter. Lugo is fast and is a better defender then walker but again Lugo is right handed and the Cubs need to get more Left handed.

Prez? You passin' false info?

He absolutely is. I'e been listening to Sports Central on WGN for the past hour (the only sports show on WGN) and not one mention has been made of this trade.

"WGN has not said this will be done within the hour. They haven't even mentioned the trade."

Liar. I've been listening to Waddle and the other guy since 7 pm and not one mention.

Well then, that's settled. Keep us posted, Truth and Steve.

With the new ownership group taking over the Reds, they are looking to add pitchers to make them better immediately - not down the road. Check out the article in the Cincinnati Enquirer from Sunday http://news.enquirer.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20051204/COL09/512040407/1071/SPT04! They're wanting immediate results, not prospects. This is nothing but a rumor.

I don't see where trading for kearns helps the cubs. He would be another right handed bat and he strikes out alot. If the guy was given 550-600 ab's he would strike out 150 times. Mench in 550 ab's this year only struk out 68 times. Now i am not a big Mench fan either but if they are going to make a trade for a guy like kearns, then i think Mench is a bette choice. If the cubs do trade for Kearns i would assume he would play left field because we need a good left handed hitting Right Fielder like Huff or Abreu. If the cubs were to get Mench or Kearns to play left i think it would be a waste since Murton appears, even at a younger age, to be better that both. All in all i guess i just don't think it would help us that much to get Kearns

UPDATE: I was able to gather a little more info about this deal. Check it out:


Get anything else from Ofman, cause man I'm one frustrated Cubs fan.

Got nothin' else...would this deal make you feel better? I'm not impressed at all.

No. Hence my desire for other news.

Believe me man, if the Cubs deal for Kearns, we'll all remember it like the Ramirez deal. What did we give up for him? Oh yeah, it doesn't matter. Trust me, he's gonna break out.

Alright Jack, your words are here for posterity's sake.

Mark my words, as long as Kearns can get the hell out of Cincinati, he'll break out. Chicago is a perfect situation for him.

Kearns...uh...I'd rather have Burnitz or a healthy Hollandsworth for that matter. Murton, Patterson, and Kearns. For love of god and country.

Murton and Kearns in the corners would be good. But trust me, under no circumstance on earth will Korey Patterson be manning center field for the Cubs next year. Personally, I think Pierre is extremely overrated, and I would like to see the Cubs pursue either Wilkerson or Gathright. People moan about Wilkerson's strikeouts, but when you walk as much as this guy it's not a big deal. Plus he's a good defender who would serve as a good stopping gap for Felix Pie. Gathright would be good too. He is undoubtedly one of the fastest players in all of baseball, and if his on base skills can translate to the majors, he could put together a very good career. He basically is the faster, cheaper version of Pierre. And dude there's no way you can mean what you said about Burnitz or Holly. Holly is a fourth, and Burny should retire. Kearns has a big celing that simply hasn't been reached because of a ton of injuries. If he can manage to stay healthy for awhile, He'll become that 30 HR guy people predicted he'd be. Plus he's a good outfielder.

Has anyone else noticedhow so many people are just assuming that Murton is an automatic in left. There is plenty to like about the kid...but take a step back and compare him to our left field in 2003. Jack...Burnitz and Holly blow. I'll just be disappointed if the Kearns deal is true. Kearns and Murton in the same outfield with a slap-hitting lead-off type center fielder isn't cutting it.

I was the one that said Holly and Burnitz blow- I didn't defend them. I don't see what's not to like about Kearns and Murton. Both of these guys could potentially finish in the 20 HR range which would serve as plenty of power support behind Ramirez and Lee. As far as my belief in Murton, all I can say is that not only did I watch every one of his starts, but I've read a ton about him and I just think he's going to be a quality player in this league. All he's done in his career so far is hit... and hit... and hit... Finally we would have a patient hitter to put in the middle of our order who isn't swinging for the fences every time.

Hey listen I am a long time Reds fan and if the Cubs are going to get Kearns then they should be pretty happy because Kearns has a much greater ceiling tha Wily Mo Pena. He hits for better average, He has a ton less strikeouts then either Dunn or Pena and he is far superior to Dunn or Pena in defense. Yes he has even played Center Field for the Reds while Griffey was injured. Miltre would be bad for the Reds he has not really proven anything as far as I can see except maybe at the minor league level. Williams on the other hand would be a pretty fair deal for Kearns in my opinion. Young and somewhat proven. Mind you somewhat. I like this deal for the Reds and I think it would help the Cubs outfield. If Kearns stays healthy for a full year you can expect .280 or higher average, 80 or so RBI's and probably between 20 to 30 homers a year.

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