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Mets Not Pursuing Tejada

In Thursday's Miguel Tejada column, I suggested that the Mets might pursue the shortstop.  A few other outlets speculated along similar lines.  After speaking with my Mets source today, I'm convinced there's no chance of the club trading for Tejada.

According to my source, GM Omar Minaya is content to just tinker with his team at this point.  Benson and Matsui could go in the right deals, and Minaya will add depth to his bullpen.  He'll also pick up another option for 2B.  But Jose Reyes isn't going anywhere, and Tejada's not coming to New York.


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Yeah, no surprise there for me. Never really thought he was an option. If the Mets can't get Vazquez in a deal, look for them to go very hard after Washburn. I'm not a big fan of Jarrod from Subway though.

have you heard anything on how available Tejada really is?

the Mets have a chance at Vasquez??? how much money have they gotten over last year??? dangg their like the Bronx Bombers this year. Spending money here and there. i guess wutt i wanted to ask was how did the mets get this much money with Floyd, Beltran, Delgado, Wagner, and Pedro???????? and they are expected to sign the ex-cardinal grudz. Where did this money come from????? because the cardinals are selling Urinals trying to get more money...

Mets have always had money, they've always spent money and in fact, right now, there payroll is lower than it was last year when they were third in baseball behind the Yankees and the Red Sox. The Mets have a new TV network starting next year called SporsNet NY. Similar to the Yankees YES network. Mets are trying to get as many big names on their team to make is enticing to sell on their new network. More big players are on the way.

If they're pursuing a 2B man, how about a three way?

Cubs get: Jose Vidro
Mets get: Todd Walker
Nats get: Desired prospects and/or cash.

hello, miggy has already said he doesnt want to be traded, so stop posting dumb trade ideas like that.

Nobody did. It was only pointed out that Tejad will not be going to the Mets. That's really not a trade idea. And the fact that Tejada has said that he wants to play for a winner, basically could be looked at as just a way to give the Orioles more leverage in a deal for him. Him saying that just helps the Orioles stance in that he isn't forcing them to trade him.

The idea of trading Tejada is definitely not off the table, despite his recent backtracking.


His backtracking is clearly designed to help strengthen the Orioles' hand in any negotiations.

Remember the reports about how they wanted him to retract his statements, even if he didn't mean it, just for that purpose?

Yanks should get Tejada for Cano and Wang, then move Jeter to OF and sign Mark Grudzielanek.


The Mets had like 30 millions dollars coming off the books this past season(Piazza was making about 15). So they have that 30 mill to spend PLUS the money they're getting from the new TV network. At this point, I think they're right at where their payroll was last year, so they can still make moves if they want to.

There is no such thing as a perfect team with the Yankees. More like-most over paid team.

Who seriously thinks Tejada's backtracking was in an attempt for him to strengthen his trade value?? That would either make Tejada a fool or the Orioles the most persuasive franchise ever. If Tejada really wanted to be traded, as was inferred from his comments, then he would try and keep his value at its current level. Any higher and the likelyhood of a trade drops considering that clubs would be unwilling to offer that talent, and much lower and the Orioles would not risk parting with him.

It is a much more likely scenario, however, that Tejada backtracked because his comments were misconstrued. Maybe he had a bad couple of days, or maybe his agent was breathing down his neck about not being marketable on a losing team, but something tells me he is not as serious about being moved as was once thought. Point is, all of the Tejada trade talk is nothing more than over-blown hype.

I want to be traded.

im starting a bridge playing group for tuesdays at the ymca.. ill trade grandma barbara for miggy.

You have to be crazy to think that Wang and Cano could even come close to getting Miguel Tejada. A typical Yankee fan overestimating his team...

You have to be crazy to think that Wang and Cano could even come close to getting Miguel Tejada. A typical Yankee fan overestimating his team...

Tejada has put the O's in a bind. Tejada wants to leave if they can't field a winner. So, if the Orioles can't add an impact player they might lose Miggy. GM's know this.
To keep Miggy happy the Orioles will probably end up giving up a too much for a closer or trading away a ton of prospects for a power hitter.
So whether it's through trading Tejada or getting fleeced to please Tejada, they'll probably be hurt in the long run by this whole debacle. I can't say Tejada is totally to blame, it's been a circus in Baltimore.

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