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Ask Jim Bouton A Question

Have a burning question for Ball Four author Jim Bouton?  If yours is one of the ten best, Armchair GM will ask him in an email interview.  Click here to read more and submit a question.

If you're a youngster like me and you weren't around when Ball Four came out back in 1970, pick up a copy now and get acquainted with a baseball classic.


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great book. I'm one of those younguns but my dad gave me the book to read back when I was in 3rd grade - maybe not appropriate at that age, but a lot of it went over my head. Loved the book though and have read it repeatedly

When people think of the knuckleball, they don't realize that each pitcher throws it differently with varying success. In your opinion, what makes Tim Wakefield so successful in the way he throws his knuckleball, and why aren't there more knuckleballers out there?

... but the truth is people that Jim Bouton knows a ton about baseball... although I am a complete joke.

I read Ball Four last summer and I e-mialed Bouton and he said to send him the book and he would sign it. I did and he did. Really cool!

Jim Bouton will be doing a Book signing and talk at Cornell University Book Store on April 4, 2006 on noon. If you are interested come!

Im sorry people but I dont know the game of baseball. Go to Bouton for baseball knowledge I am a joke!

It appears I don't know what I'm saying. I said that Boughton knows absolutely a ton about baseball. How far did he make it in his career? Very far. Exactly he was very good. If you need any baseball knowledge dont ask me I won't answer any questions

What a joke I am. Boughton himself is a genius though. Oh my gosh he made it far! dont try pulling my leg, I don't know my baseball. Anyway if anyone needs serious good answers to any questions about baseball let Jim Bouton know he can answerthem for ya

Boughton is my absolute hero! I know nothing about baseball! If you have any questions about baseball let Bouton know and he can answer them for ya! No problems. Take care baseball fans

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