Calling All Basketball Writers

Well, I’d like to try recruiting for HoopsBuzz…again.  It’s a blog very similar to this one where you’ll establish some contacts, hopefully scoop a rumor or two, and just analyze all that is buzzworthy in the game of basketball.

I’m not able to pay you, but you will get a built in audience of at least several hundred people a day and something to put on your resume.  I’ve been kind of slacking lately as far as keeping this site alive and well, so I want to try again.  People seem to like the general idea if not the execution.

So if you’re a damn good writer, love basketball, and can post three times a week for sure, email me at  Please don’t use any other email address for this.  If you applied before and want to apply again, that’s fine.  I’ll probably take around six people depending on the number of applicants.

UPDATE:  One more thing to add – please don’t apply if baseball is your true passion but you like basketball too.  I am looking for people whose #1 sport is far and away basketball.

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