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Twins Trade Brewing?

Some message boards are abuzz with the possibility of a significant Twins trade on the horizon.  I've tried to dig up something concrete for you, but I've come up empty so far.

I do know that Terry Ryan has hinted recently that a deal is possible but wouldn't elaborate.  Speculation is that the Twins would try to shore up the left side of their infield, possibly by dealing from their starting pitching surplus.  Julio Lugo, Mike Lowell, Hank Blalock, and Melvin Mora could all be targets.  If the Twins want one of the bigger dogs out there they'll probably have to part with Scott Baker or Glen Perkins.


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Would that make Liriano begin the season in the rotation?

It would, so any trade of a starter hinges on whether the Twins would even consider that. Otherwise maybe they'd trade from the bullpen.

Scott Baker for Lugo would be a great trade for all parties involved. The DRays get a good young #3 starter who can help now and they free up a spot for Upton and the Twins get a very good hitting ss who can run and field. Him and Castillo up the middle with Hunter in center is some seriously good defense up the middle.

yeah, you'd have to love that trade, Kyle. One of those deals where it is win-win for both teams.

I can see them trading for Lugo before I can see them trading for 3B, though maybe they have decided that Tony Batista really is through, and his religious fervor won't do it alone...lol.

I can't see them trading for anyone that's too much of a long-term commitment, not with Matt Moses on the rise. Moses is probably at least a year away, though he may get a cup of coffee or a longer look after the All-Star break this year if he starts out hot in AA like he did last year, where he tore it up at Ft. Myers.

In any case, though Baker is a nice pitcher, would be great to see the chains come off Liriano.

lugo plays good defense? in what world?

In the world of fielding runs above replacement

The Tampa Tribune reports that the D-Rays are might try to get Heilman from the Mets for Lugo. You can see it on rotoworld. They speculate Lugo could play 2B for the mets. Would the mets make that trade?

Yes, I discussed this briefly on RotoAuthority.


My best guess is that the Mets don't need to make that trade so they won't.

The only issue there is that the twins seem somewhat enamored by Bartlett. Lowell isnt a good option because he is through his bat speed is down. Blalock can't hit lefties and really can't hit outstide of Texas. Mora would be an awesome addition but I feel he is too expensive in salary and in players they would have to give up.

Lugo to the mets would be a great trade for them IMO if Lugo is willing to play second. Second base is there biggest weakness. And a little more speed on the basepaths is always welcome. Lugo may be able to get 39 again on the mets with how often Randolph lets people run.

Gardenhire on the shortstop position, 8 days ago:

"Shortstop is a very important part of this ballclub -- of any ballclub. I was hoping to see one person take over and run the ballclub out there, and I haven't seen it. I'm not like panicking or anything. I would just like to see more of what I was expecting."

Bartlett should still get the job but he does have a hamstring strain and Gardy doesn't seem to love him.

Mora makes $4MM in 2006 so I'm not sure where you're going with that one.

I wouldn't write Blalock off because of 2005. He is still young and a good hitter.

Gotham BBall has a forum started by the guys running the site that is speculating that there may be something even bigger in the work...ZITO!

Mark Healey seems pretty well connected...here's the link...


Ok I hadnt read that Rumor thanks. And the reason I mentioned the cost is that currently Mora is complaining about his desire for a long term contract with the Orioles. So I feel like if he gets traded he will want a long term deal from the new team.

Texas wouldn't take baker for blalock when they had no starting pitching in the offseason i don't think they would take it now that they have at least some bodies there but if the twins can swing it i'm all for it. Baker and perkins are too of my favorite players but we really need to score some runs.

Grady likes all glove no bat bat infielders because he was one.

Scott Baker for Lowell and 5 million. also frees up Lirano a spot which I need for my fantasy league...lol

just kidding just kdding (or: I wish)

I don't know much about Scott Baker -- what are his projections? Is he a Radke type?

Hasn't Lugo been among the league leaders in errors over the past couple years? I could be wrong, but doesn't he have a below average throwing arm, for a ss, too? Forgive me for being a traditionalist, but these don't sound like fantastic qualities in a defender. He has a nice range, but I don't think he can fire one over to first. He's certainly no Jack Wilson.

Ya hes not an upper echelon fielder but he is competent and could possibly be a very good second baseman

Personaly I rather get rid o los(h)e but no one wants him maybe with a prospect they could deal him for something of value but not likely.

I thought mora would have a higher contract than that and 4mill is something the twins could afford but as you said it would take more than just baker. If a trade was close why would the twins cut denny reyes who had a good spring we they would need him in the bullpen if baker was traded and liriano had to move to the rotation just a thought but the twins do weird crap like that all the time.

How about Neifi Perez for Scott Baker? Or Neifi Pereze for Liriano?

Make it happen, Jim Hendry! :)

Aurilia and someone else (Wagner?) for Baker. Krivsky should be all over this one.

Mora is in his walk year and pissed at Baltimore because they are balking at the bottom-of-the-barrell 10mm it'll take to extend him.

liriano for edwin encarnacion.

release t. batista

don't look back

Neifi perez for the top 2 pitching prospect in baseball i'm going to asume you were jokeing. I wouldn't mind the lirano for Edwin but then it might not look great after santana gets 20 mil from some team in 2 years.

true, but in the short term, it might yield a championship and give the twins another big bat to add to morneau, kubel and mauer for the future. plus, the twins aren't all that impressive looking against lefties. of course, it would never happen, anyway. too bad the twins didn't make a play for a. marte.

As an Orioles fan, I wouldn't mind seeing them trade Tejada, Mora, and cash for something like Bartlett, Baker, Kubel, and a minor league pitcher.

RP we will take it let's write it up and make the deal.

and john you are probally right the twins would have a very good offence in 07 and 08 and we would have baker to take radke place in 07 and perkins in 08 or mid07 plus someone else form our deep pitching minors in 08 and i totaly agree on the marte thing JC loshe, plus rainville or someone like him might have worked in that three way with the rays and braves.

It seems like the Twins are more than one move away from being a serious threat, it doesnt make much sense for them to trade good young pitching.

I could see Lohse going to Atlanta for Betemit if Atlanta seems keen on moving Thomson/Sosa. I think most people expect Sosa to end up back in the pen anyways. Not exactly a big move though.

Mark the Astros down as a team willing to deal with the Twins. It seems they now have Everett or Burke to offer for a starter, having acquired Joe McEwing. I don't know if Burke would fetch Heilman from the Mets, but he would be an upgrade over Matsui.

The Astros don't seem to keen on trading Burke. If they had someone that could take over at SS (Burke?) then I can see them flipping Everett. Except the orginazation thinks Everett's the second coming of Ozzie Smith(without the bat).

I'm not too sure the Astros are in the market for a starter, as they think Clemens will be back sometime in late May, or early June.

I always thought a Pena for Baker deal would have made sense.

Darin, flipping Everett might be the plan with Burke playing SS in ST. I think the offense will be fine, but it has again been anemic this spring. Purpura might be fearing another awful spring and Clemens not wanting to come back to a loser, so shoehorning Burke at SS might allay those concerns.

Honestly, I think dealing Burke makes more sense, as his value on the trade market will likely exceed his contribution to the club. Biggio's playing in 2007 and Everett is a stud defensively. Burke has been ML ready for about 2 years and might not get to start at second til 2008.

Guys, I have to tell you,

The Twins aren't parting with those two. They are our future, and the Twins will be more likely to deal from our uber surplus of 4th outfielders, or some relatively high talent pitchers who probably won't get much of a chance with our organization.

OS: I can agree that Burke has more value than Everett, and we could probably take this into the Zito rumor thread, as Billy Beane loves Burke. But do you really think Purpura's going to trade Burke for Heilman? The Astros have made it known they have no intention of trading Burke, but they've tried to trade Everett (for Tejada).

The Mets will NOT trade Heilman, for Lugo, Burke or anyone else right now.

Willie Randolph was just on the radio two days ago saying Bannister is in the rotation because of his "poise and his plan of attack on the mound." He went on to explain to Francesca and Russo that they looked at Heilman, Bannister and Julio and basically decided Julio is the weak link, and that their strongest option as a team was to keep Bannister in the rotation, let Heilman set up Wagner, and get what they can get from Julio earlier in games. Then he went on to say that Bannister may actually pitch out of the 4 spot, with Trachsel at 5, and they intended to use Bannister "without a short leash. We want him to succeed, without yanking him up and down."

Lugo for Heilman I might do, but for Burke, no way.

What else is Randolph gonna say? "We're auditioning Bannister for the Zito deal."

I dont know why everyone keeps saying the twins offense is Anemic. Other than ss and 3b they are very solid all around. Mauer and Morneau are going to get better expect .300 and 20 homers for Mauer and .270 with around 30 for Morneau. Castillo is very good at making contact and getting on base. Stewart should rebound from his worst year. Hunter is a good enough hitter. And Kubel should be up soon enough raking in right field. If they can get some production from the left side they should be division winners. There pitching is very solid they do not need to score 6 runs a game to win.

You're right kyle don't tell anyone it's our secert shhhh.

please PLEASE take lowell off our backs!

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