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Carlos Lee To Cubs Deal Imminent

MLBTradeRumors has learned of a blockbuster deal that is expected to go down by the end of the day.  Talks between Jim Hendry and Doug Melvin are in advanced stages of a rare interdivision trade. 

The Cubs will send Matt Murton, Rich Hill, and Angel Guzman to the Brewers for slugger Carlos Lee.  Lee will be a free agent after the 2006 season, and the Cubs intend to lock him up after finishing the Derrek Lee deal.  According to my source, the Brewers view Lee's impending free agency as a distraction and desperately want to shed his $8.5MM salary. 

Lee is expected to bat fourth between the other Lee, Derek, and Aramis Ramirez.

What do you think?  Did the Cubs overpay to get the other Lee?


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as a cubs fan... i must say i don't enjoy this deal. murton, hill AND guzman? yikes.

april fools asshole

This had better be bullshit... and I bet it is. First of all, the Brewers have a real chance at contending this year, so dealing their best hitter pretty much makes no sense, especially to a team in their division. Also, the Cubs had better not deal Guzman. I say screw Hill, who I think might be the most ovverated prospect in baseball, but Guzman and Murton would really suck.

notice the day of the post

i dont like trading murton,
but if you think about it this is an excellent trade.
This would give the Cubs the best 1-5 lineup in the NL possiblt the best 1-6. Guzman is too injury prone, and Hill sucks.


It's solid - believable, yet still outrageous. Well played.

This is fake...most likely.

Stop it with the April fools jokes, stop getting my hopes up

fooled the crap outta m

3 words come to mind: Complete Utter Bullshit...

I know it's April Fools, but that's why no one takes this site seriously, in fact the only reason I visit it is because I enjoy a good laugh every now and again

It's fake. This trade is way lopsided in favor of the Brewers.

I will forever laugh at Jim Hendry if he makes this deal.

Jim Hendry on Am 1000 no mention of this ....April fools everyone!!!!!

...screw you... scared the shit outta me

Nice April Fool's joke.

If this is a April Fools joke then that is sad. The above comment about this type of post being why nobody takes this site seriously is 100% ACCURATE.

If the owner of this site thought it would be funny to post that as a joke, then they have some serious issues with keeping their viewing audience happy.



I think its a pretty decent deal actualy. I think Murton and Hill are both Overhyped, and guzman is injurie prone. However salary wise it makes solid sence to the Brewers. However I tend to agree with the idea that the brewers can contend this year and this move would work agains't that. If you think the cubs would be over paying it makes sence that they would have to. This would make the brewers playoff hopes alot slimmer. Either way april fools or not I'd say its a very even trade if Lee signs an extension.


It's not just that I think the Cubs are overpaying in talent, they'd also have to lock up Lee to an extension and pay him a lot more than he's worth.

But I'm almost positive it's a rumor, so there's really no point elaborating.

You guys that spazz at stuff like this make me laugh. Go read a different site if it makes you so mad. Also I don't see this as an absurd deal or anything. 3 not tested players with good potential for 1 proven all star level OFer.

Lee isn't that good dude. He needs to post high BA's just to get on base. His BB rates are erratic every season, and the Cubs need a bonafide Walk guy, something he isn't. He's good and all, but thats a tall order.

So where is the guy that posted that info? What does he have to say in response to what people are saying?

This gets more and more stupid by the minute.

Can we trust the info posted on this site anymore?

Who's your source? Mr. Sandman?

Look while the deal was not in the best of tastes.. Hell Lighten the hell up.. It was an April Fools Joke.. and notice the word imminent every rumor that uses the word imminent is undoubtedly a joke.

Look while the deal was not in the best of tastes.. Hell Lighten the hell up.. It was an April Fools Joke.. and notice the word imminent every rumor that uses the word imminent is undoubtedly a joke.

Yeah and the point being Guzman and Hill could turn out to be Never were's. Murton could turn out to be at Best a Backup. Personaly I tend to think Guzman is a 5th starter and Hill a Pen arm, and Murton an average starting OFer in the league. The Cubs need to start making it look atleast like their not going backwards and while I agree Lee isn't the greatest there is, he might just be the only decent option available.

Why are you even analyzing this. Take a LOOK at the date.

this is funny! it is! don't start flipping. other rumors on this site are accurate, this one really isn't. I'm a joke!

This is total BS, as a cubs fan I wish it were true. Not even a funny joke.

Throw in D.Lee in the trade as well, Why not? Can't have more than one Lee on the team. Too confusing!

RM, man, that was a hell of an April Fools. When I first read the post, I about shit. Good one, man.

Yeah it's definitely NOT a one sided deal. Hill is a 26 year old minor leaguer who couldn't beat out Jerome Williams or Sean Marshall to make the team.

Angel Guzman is very very injury prone, I think the Cubs want to veer off the path of stud pitchers who get injured often.

Murton is the big equalizer because I think he's going to be a very good major leaguer, however I don't see an all-star type.

D. Lee
C. Lee

Without a doubt, makes a GREAT lineup and much better than what we have now.

Once again, people fall victim to an April Fools joke.

The Cubs are an April Fools Joke!!! and I am Cub Fan sorry to say. Sunday will be hellish on me.

no one is a victim here except the writer of the rumor. Joke or not, people are not believeing ANYTHING from this site anymore, regardless of the date it is posted.

Sucks to be the owner of the site and allow this kind of stuff. But when people believe ZERO that is said on here in the future, I guess the joke will be on the writer then.

Yes cause you know people that make a Joke aren't creditable at all. Infact we should tie them up and beat them with baseball bats. Seriously grow up

For those expecting this to be true, from the archives here.

Nov 2005


Yeah an April fool's joke is going to ruin this site . . .

You're an idiot.

Looks like from a list of ACCURATE TRADE RUMORS, the credibility of this site was already sky-high. Take that, MLBTR haters. These guys have nailed tons of rumors.

Man i think you got everyone one i didn't even relize what day it was until i read the posts. NICE WORK :-)

"If the owner of this site thought it would be funny to post that as a joke, then they have some serious issues with keeping their viewing audience happy."

Man...you really need to develop a sense of humor.

"Sucks to be the owner of the site"

Actually it's kind of cool.

Doesn't anyone remember that this blog is often times in good spirit? Monger knows that there are around a bazillion cubs fans that come rushing to their computers to see this site three times a day, and he is probably sitting at his desk right now, chuckling at all of the uproar he has caused with such a fun april's fools joke.

"that's why no one takes this site seriously"

My very first April Fool's joke is why no one has taken the site seriously in the past...does that make sense?


are you serious dude? Get some perspective.

Well played. I enjoyed it and look forward to next year's!

Everyone who is outraged here is a complete idiot. Its April fools and this was a real good one. When I realized what today was I laughed. Rumor has plenty of credibility and you guys gotta chill attacking it. A lot of sites post jokes on April fools just look at BostonDirtDogs.com its all in fun. Just chill out people

If this is an April Fools prank...wow...I think it's a very bad decision.

Credibility is the biggest challenge a trade rumor site is going to have. An April Fools posting of a bogus trade is the last thing in the world you should do.

Are you serious? Do you really think an April Fool's joke will affect this site in any way?

The only people up in arms about this one: the ones who were badly fooled and can't accept it.

It's sad that people take this stuff soooo seriously that they actually get mad over an April Fools gag.

Sad... pathetic... disturbing, even.

Hey, I thought it was terrific. The whiners sound like members of the self important, childlike NSBB site.

Keep it up it was great.

Great April Fools joke! A trade which actually makes sense and benefits both teams... but has no basis in reality. I like it!

those of you all worked up about this joke really need to relax. it's april fools' day and you guys are going to a website that posts "RUMORS" then whining about how you got fooled by an april fools joke. pretty good. you got me for a minute. too bad for the brewers it's not true.

Knew it was a gag right away. Hendry isn't sly enough to pull of a trade like this. Lee in Wrigley would be too huge. Funny though. If people are not going to look at your site cause of April Fools Joke its their loss. I love the site. Keep up the good work.

Even though its stupid to keep talking about it... Hendry isn't sly enough Anthony? Hendry's whole career is littered with one-sided deals in favor of the Cubs. Derrek Lee for Hee Seop Choi (Who has since been traded twice more)? Aramis Ramirez for Bobby Hill (Also traded since been traded)? C'mon, that's two of the best sluggers in all of baseball for next to nothing. Not to mention the Nomar deal, whom he basically acquired for a 12 pack of Coke. Sure, Nomar didn't realy work out, but not even the Red Sox could have predicted what happened with him. The point is, it isn't fair to suggest Hendry isn't capable of this deal, because if anything he's just the guy to pull it off.

By the way, RM you're right. The joke was no big deal. A lof of people still love your sight. Everyone else... grow up. Seriously.

How can you be a Cub fan and not have a sense of humor? Those who would lecture the owner of this site about what it takes to keep their readers happy are what makes pranks so much fun.

Pranks work best when played on humorless marks.

Classic. Way to go, Tim.

even though im a sox fan, i still thought this was funny...i love this site too. everyone needs to just calm down and laugh it up

This is a April Fool's Joke, No doubt about it, the fact that ESPN, Chicagosports.com, and Rotoworld Don't have anything about this makes it even more of a bad attempt at a april fool's joke

The only people who should be mad over this joke are the people who based a fantasy baseball decision on this information. And are in a money league. And are planning to give their winnings to charity.

That's probably not too many people.

I ahve to admit when I first heard this i believed it. I wouldnt put it past Hendry to trade 3 of our most talented prospects for an overrated error prone OF like Lee. No one needs to rip on Rumormonger tho. He just used the ignorance and paranoia of some of cubs nation to make a humorous joke. well done

dont do it again tho.

Error prone? I don't know about that . . . Inconsistent from year to year maybe, but overall he's not bad.

Good job, Monger. I actually fell for it. You didn't go too over the top with the joke, by saying something like "Ramirez and Ortiz to the Cubs". It also shows how the posters regard the prospects and Carlos Lee. People need to lighten up.

Ya'll got to chill. It's April fools ... everything is fair game.

Hey Rumormonger, I hear the Mets plan to trade "Lasto" and Heilman for alfonso soriano and some fresh cooked Maryland crabcakes.

60+ commments looks like this ideal worked. "it's not wether they like or don't like you it's wether or not they care".

You people need to get an effing grip. It's a joke. Not a big deal.

So IS this an April Fool's joke? I could see this trade working and personally, can't see why EITHER team wouldn't want this. I hope its not just a joke though, that would make all the reading I did about this posting worthless.

I'd have to agree. About 99.9% of these rumors are true. This site, should continue forever. I have a question to the owner of this site: Why are you so awesome? I'd like to finance your next project if possible.

Contreras got a 3 year 29mil deal. not a aprils fools joke. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=2393026

See the problem with trade rumors is that there is a lot of talk but not a lot of deals so it looks like you are just throwing stuff out there but it was talked about and then not done most deals aren't talked about for a while there just done.

Does everyone realize that Angel Guzman hasn't pitched over 90 innings in a season since 2002. He's been shut down due to arm injuries from 2003-2005?

Does everyone realize that Rich Hill is a 26 year old prospect with only one above average pitch and loads of control issues?

You guys are overvaluing our prospects big time.

If the deal were true, it would be fair for both sides.

Why would the brewers want to trade their only chance of contending in a considerably weaker NL Central this year? I t makes no sense!! Cubbie fans dream on

yeah trading matt murton who will produce what lee does at a fraction of the cost would be a good idea?

lol i think the brew crew is a bit too high on mr. lee

Good joke. I was breaking it down in my head, checked the comments, saw what day it was, and had to laugh. respec-respec
Don't worry about all the nay-sayers. They can just run back to NSBB and drool over their Adam Dunn pics. None of the people that frequent that site have a sense of humor anyway. Good riddance if they don't come back.

What's NSBB?

For all of you complaining--the Cubs did make a trade today. They got Freddie Bynum from Oakland for Koronka and a player to be named. Seems like a decent move--he's a utility infielder and outfielder, which gives Dusty some speed and outfield depth. With Theriot also almost making the club, seems as though a trade might be in the works for an excess player at 2nd based (Neifi, Walker or Hairston).

Theriot is not making the club now that we got Bynum. The roster is set.

Northside baseball---a cubs site that specialized in thinking up ways for the Cubs to trade for Adam Dunn. It's a great site if you have no original thoughts whatsoever.

Teetz--that's what I said--Theriot almost made the club........

Funny April Fools thing. The thing that made me double-take for a second was the fact that Marshall passed both Hill and Guzman, making both of them a bit more tradeable.

Hey JD,

You probably agree with me that the NSBB site is an April Fool's joke all year long. Don't forget they are the fan club of Ben Grieve, Choi and OBP forever. Defense doesn't count much and they evaluate pitchers they've never seen. They are the April Fool's joke all year long.

Alright enough on the losers from the Northside. Yes its an April Fools joke this deal. Although having Carlos Lee on my fantasy team, I could only imagine the numbers he might put up playing half his games in Wrigley, but I realized I made one mistake, he does his best work against the Cubs and I'd hate to see a Cub killer be lost. So glad this trade is a joke. Now enough on minor league baseball, the real team in Chicago, the world champions, have resigned Jose Contreras to a 3 yr 29 million dollar deal. The best rotation in baseball will be togethe for at least two more years through 07. Here's no april fool's joke, Can you say Southside Chicago White Sox dynasty? The road to repeat starts tomorrow.

Reading this was almost as painful as reading one of Tim's fantasy articles.

Jon....my bad. I still don't think a trade is in the works. Cedeno/Neifi for SS, Walker/Hairston for 2B. Losing one of them could hurt our depth in the middle infield.

I had never heard of Northside Baseball before.

Teetz--matter of opinion I guess. I agree with who fits where, however, Bynum is listed as a 2B and can play outfield, thus making Walker (duh) expendable. I guess we'll see over the next month!

goony---I absolutely agree with you.

Jake---locking up Contreras does not a dynasty make. He's like 47 years old. He'll be breaking down soon. But, sadly, the White Sox ARE the best team in Chicago.

Lets take a look at the definition of a rumor..."a piece of news or information which is passed from person to person and which may or may not be true."

Now why is everyone hating on rumormonger...the man does good work. He hears an interestion rumor(and again this may or may not be true)and posts it for all of us to keep up to date. now he played an april fools joke(which by the way most people with a sense of humor do) and you think he has lost credibility. i think not. No good rumor site in history has only posted things that turned out to be complete truth. If u want to know things that have happened go to espn.com. The word rumors is in the website name for a reason.

CubbyBlue---You're an idiot.

Horrible deal. The Amazing Carlos Lee posted an .811 OPS last season. Wow, what a stud. He had a lower OPS than Jason Lane, Lyle Overbay, and Michael Barrett. Give me a break. He has like the same OPS+ as Raul Ibanez. Woo hoo!

april fool?

Mike, and all people who are dissing on Rumor, you guys are the morons. You guys are so damn stupid, read the site name you idiots, www.mlbtraderumors.com My God, it just rumors=its just talk. In other words, nothing is confirmed. You think this site only has rumors, rumors are everywehre! My God, you guys are pathetic. Especially you Mike.

Man, some of you guys are really idiots. What are you guys? Elementary school drop outs. You guys taking the rumors seriously? Man o man, you guys need to look up what rumor means. Unless, that is, you guys have a mind of a 5 year old, heres the site for the meaning of rumor. www.dictionary.com

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