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2007 Free Agent Market: Shortstops

Updated 12-07-06

Sorry folks, there's nothing left at short.

The demand for Miguel Tejada, Michael Young, and Omar Vizquel should be strong if someone needs to make a splashy deal.


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Yeah, but Kaz is actually playing great defense and is doing okay with the stick this year. I don't think the Mets are as desperate as you might think. Anderson Hernandez looked overmatched at second and is now at AAA. Chances are it will take a nice offer to pry him from the Metropolitans.

Yeah. Never thought i'd be saying that.

Right, so you think that the Mets will actually bring him back next year? If they can get a lefty reliever (Heilman into the rotation) or a good #4 starter then he is gone gone gone.

I doubt the D'Backs will test Drew in the middle of a pennant race. If they are out of the race by the trade deadline, maybe, but they're in first place right now.

Let's add to this list the possible SS available via trade. Some are unproven but for a team looking for a LT fix might be just the thing.

Jack Wilson PIT
Edgar Rentario ATL ($$)
Alex Gonzalez BOS
Clint Barmes COL
Ron Andino FLO
Macier Izturis LAA
Albert Callaspo ARI
Billy Hall MIL
Mark Derosa TEX
Johnny Peralta CLEV

I'm including Rentaria in the list should the Braves decide that they'd be better off spending the money elsewhere and plop Willy Aybar as their SS.

lol realeric uve been posting idiotic comments all the back since june?
good call on matsui bro, eli marrero was a dynamite offer lol , and anderson hernandez didnt get optioned down dick he hurt his back

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