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Relievers On The Market

Sometimes trade deadlines come and go without any phenomenal blockbuster; such was the case last year when July's biggest deal may have been the Randy Winn trade.  However, one type of player is sure to change hands - contenders will add relievers this month.  Let's break down the best available.

The reliever who could make the biggest difference this year is probably Tom Gordon.  Trading him now could free the Phillies from the worrisome agreement to pay him $5-7 mil per season as he nears 40 years old.  Gordon has been excellent this year.  A return to the Yankees has been mentioned, and the Brewers or Dodgers could certainly use him.

Joe Borowski has been quite solid in Florida, and he makes less than $400,000.  JoBo's actually been a lot better than his 3.71 ERA indicates.  He seems a lock to be dealt this month.

Adding a Salomon Torres or Roberto Hernandez from the Pirates doesn't seem like it could possibly improve a team's playoff chances significantly.  Still, there's no reason for Dave Littlefield to keep these guys around given their salaries.

Bob Wickman, an impending free agent, has been connected to the Dodgers in rumors.  LaTroy Hawkins seems like a good candidate to move.  Other possibilities include Brian Meadows, Scott Williamson, Guillermo Mota, Arthur Rhodes, and Gary Majewski.


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When Kyle Davies and Mike Hampton and ever other injured pitcher get back, Atlanta will have 8 starters in their rotation. Would Jorge Sosa maybe be traded for a Wickman or maybe even a Lidge because no one in the Braves bullpen has shown any signs of being able to close out games.

Has anyone heard about Smoltz to Detroit and Zumaya to Atlanta?

A2000, I'd be suprised to see Lidge on the move, despite his awful season. As for the smoltz rumor, I heard about it but its one of those I'll believe it when I see it. Plus I don't see Detroit sacrificing Zumaya.

I agree about Smoltz-Zumaya, it's just something I've read.

Lidge might not be on the move, but what about the rest of the bullpen? With Wandy moving to the pen when Backe comes back, that leave some extra baggage hanging around. Also, Nieve being in the bullpen is a plus for the 'Stros. Any thought?

Roto, word around town in Houston is that Tim Pupura is looking for bullpen help and/or another bat. Any ideas or thoughts that? I could see the 'Stros moving some of the excess crap in the pen in a package deal, but for who? Also, what bats out there do you think would fit the Astros since they have made it very clear the $106 mil is the max they are going on payroll.

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