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Smoltz Chats With Schuerholz

One thing I forgot to mention when quoting John Smoltz a couple of days ago was his reference to Schuerholz as "the homeboy upstairs."  Didn't seem newsworthy.  However, there has been some minor debate within the Braves community.  Was it offensive, was it part of an agenda, stuff like that.  To see Smoltz and Schuerholz's take on that, check out David O'Brien's blog for the AJC.

More importantly, O'Brien mentions that "the Braves are surely going to pick up the option."  As I mentioned before, it's a no-brainer.  The more interesting question is whether the two parties will hammer out a contract extension to allow Smoltz to finish his career as a Brave.  He's stated his desire to do so publicly.


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Homeboy = Friend.

People really need to get a life. I'm glad you didn't mention it, Roto, because it'_not_ newsworthy, except for people who like to make something out of nothing.

Smoltz has already said he is retiring after 07 so he is not looking for an extension.

The braves would probably jump for joy if Smoltz wanted to keep pitching.

Quote from Smoltz:

All I know is, after these last two years and with my desire to work out, I've got two or three more years, easy.

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