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Alex Gonzlez about to sign with Cinci

Three years, $14 million for Alex Gonzalez, via Gammons.  Depending on what you think of A-Gon's defense, that might be a good deal.  Gonzalez doesn't get a love of love from traditional statheads since his career OBP is a mere .292, but the bar is pretty low for shortstops.

He'll be 30 next year, so there's no reason to expect a major fall-off; Baseball Prospectus has his wins above replacement (WARP) at 3.2, 3.5, and 2.7 in the last three years.  If you figure he's good for 3 wins, that's less than $2M per win--a great, great deal in this market.  That's based on BP's fielding metrics, which have Alex as below average with the glove.  If you believe, as the Reds seem to, that he's above average, it's even better still.

Then again, it's not quite as good a deal as Felipe Lopez will be for the Nationals in arbitration.  Felipe made $2.7M last year and will get a sizable raise, but he's been worth over 5 wins each of the last two years.  I'm sure Gary Majewski will be worth it.

By Jeff Sackmann


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More like Bill Bray, am I right?

I was really hopeing the Redsox were going to re-sign this guy. Nooooo wayy is he a "below average" SS. He should have won the gold glove this year, if he only played more than 111 games. How did one of the best defensive infields in the league, and maybe the best defensive infields in Redsox history not end up with any Gold Gloves in the infield? Got me.

If you watched any Bosox games this year when Gonzo was playing, you would just say wow, it seemed like every game either Lowell or Gonzo or even Youk would just make a great defensive play

Boston was 3rd worst in defensive efficiency with a ground ball leaning staff. Its not a very good sign if that's the best defensive infield in Sox history.

It was also one error away from tying the all-time record for fewest errors allowed in a season. So say whatever you want, but the Red Sox defense made the plays.

The Sox did have the best defensive infield in their history this year it terms of errors allowed. In fact, they had one of the best defensive clubs in all of baseball history in that regard.

I liked Gonzo, he played hard and played hurt. At one point in the year he was even hitting around .285. he was clearly not the same player after coming back from his injury during the second half. But I'm not too sad to see him go.

Unless the Blue Jays step in, I have no doubt the Sox will wind up with Lugo. I was looking through the list of available SS now in free agency and after Lugo, there was Tomas Perez and Luis Vizcaino, and that's it. I'm not kidding. The Sox aren't going to be willing to use Pedroia at short and sign a 2B, so Lugo is where it's at.

I guess personally I would rather pay a SS $8M to play OK defense and probably leadoff for us as opposed to paying $5 for guy who plays great D and swings at everything. I'm not totally sold on Lugo, but he's the only viable option now.

Don't cry, BoSox fans. Lugo is a jillion times better than A-Gonz.

On my last comment: I would rather pay that money to Lugo instead of Gonzo if I had the money to spend, which the Red Sox clearly do.

Wow...as a Met fan, I am now very pissed at Wayne Krivsky for making the worst trade ever...they could've been in the playoffs over the Cardinals had that trade not happened.

zubes, the reds didn't have the bullpen anyway... but yes that was a HORRIBLE trade. I had to stop making fun of Jim
Bowden because of it.

I understand why Krivsky would want Gonzalez. He's one the best defensive shortstops I've ever seen, and now with him and Phillips, Cincy has a phenomenal middle infield.

But I don't understand why Krivsky gave Gonzo the 3rd year. I can't imagine anyone would give A-Gon 3 years. So why not just go 2 for 10, or even 2 for 12? I mean, it's still November. You have plenty of time to negotiate.

I really thought Krivsky was going to be great. But he keeps getting fleeced. I wonder if he has a drinking problem. Oh no, wait, that was Jim Bowden, the guy that fleeced Krivsky in July.

Great now the Reds have a Dynasty player on thier team... here comes the end for all the teams.. just give them the trophy now

Krivsky may have been fleeced by Bowden but Krivsky fleeced Ned Coletti and Mark Shapiro for David Ross and Brandon Phillips.

krivsky didnt get fleeced. He needed bullpen help and he got it. I actually respect him a lot for making a trade which he knew would be good for the team, and he also knew he would get ripped by every body for making, but he still pulled the trigger. Team fielding percentage is overated, that doesnt tell you how mnay balls their infield couldnt get to that a good innfielder would have. All it means is that they made the routine plays. Im not saying this is necesarrily the case cuzim not sure, but it may well could be

cinci fans will be singing a very different tune when majewski comes back with a great year (because he is heallthy now) and bowden pulled a pussy move by trading damged goods in majewski. Bill bray will be a closer eventually, kearns will never really be anything special, cinci fans waited for him to break out every year, plus he cant field for shit. Felipe Lopez is a big talent, but hes a hot dog, and i think it was a good deal for both teams

one thing i dont understand about a-gon though. Correct me if im wrong, im really not sure bu i thought phillips natural position was SS. With a much stronger 2b market then ss, why not move phillips to short and sign loretta or kenneda or some1 like this?


Thinking Krivsky keeps getting fleeced is forgetting that A) Majewski went down right away B) Didn't see what little Lopez and Kearns did for the Nationals until a month or so had passed C) Are ignoring the fact that he kept them in contention until early September when NO ONE had them in contention going into the season D) The Arroyo deal E) The trade he made with the Blue Jays. I forget the reliever he got, Schowen something I believe.

Interesting comments I must say. I am pleased about the Gonz pickup. I know he is not a great hitter but honestly we really need his defense. As far as Phillips goes they may attempt to use him as trade bait to get a closer or another legit starter behind Arroyo and Harrang. I like the move and I like Krivsky. Go Reds

Whoa, did I stumble upon the "Krivsky Apology Blog?" He did what he had to do? If by get owned, then sure. Eddie Guardado and Schoeneweis and such were decent moves. The Kearns-Lopez deal flat out sucked, no two ways about it. You don't trade two starters like that for two mediocre bullpen arms. Bray will be a closer? Says who. And Majewski? The guy flat out isn't that good.

Felipe Lopez, looking at his numbers, he'd be a $10 million a year guy or more on the free agent market. He's the type of leadoff hitter you have to want - 80+ walks and 40+ steals. Will someone enlighten me as to how many leadoff men have 80+ walks and 40+ steals? You think if the Reds didn't still have Lopez the Reds couldn't get a monster deal for him and Kearns? Kearns is young, hits home runs, and walks a lot. For these two players, Krivsky got two mediocre relievers, both of whom allow too many baserunners, and a shortstop he's already apparently ready to junk. It was an awful deal.

And now he's ponying up for Alex Gonzalez? Alex Gonzalez is bad too. This actually makes Neifi Perez's contract look reasonable.

Dental plan your just wron, no 2 ways about it. They needed bullpen help. Majewski was hurt when they got him which is pussy by bowden for trading a hurt player and trying to cover it up. Bill Bray will be really good. Says me. He did what he had to do.

And they would have made the playoffs if they didnt completely choke at the end of the year. They were basically handed the central and the wild car on a silver platter. They could have easily made it into the postseason and think about the other guys krivsky got, like droptop said. How about david ross? he hada great year. Arroyo for wily mo pena. HA
i dont see anyone complaining about any of that shit. Just stop bitchen krivsky haters like droptop also said, they were supposed to finish in like 5th place, and they were in it all the way thru the season. Most good teams dont just get good over night, it takes a while. This was a big step and a good learning experience for the reds this season

Dental Plan, I agree with the fact that Cincy gave up too much for Majeski, and Bray. But like someone else pointed out the Reds bullpen was a mess when that trade went down.

Oh speaking of bullpens I just heard via several sources on espn and foxsports that the Reds picked up Reliever Mike Stanton to a 2 year deal with a vesting option year for a third. Stanton is getting pretty old but he is a pretty consistant reliever. I like the deal and it gives the Reds help in the bullpen, someone who has lots of playoff experience.

As far as the Alex Gonzalez pick up if it is true which I am assuming it is since many sources are reporting it. I like it. Yes he has a low on base, yes he hit only .260ish and he does not have a lot of power. But the number one thing the Reds needed to address this offseason is defense. and that is what they did with this pick up. This also means that Phillips is going to stay at 2nd base and be did a great job there last year so I look for more of the same from him in 07.

I wonder if Krivsky will attempt to bring Weathers or Schoenwise (sp) back. I loke both pitchers but I am hearing there is a lot of interest for both pitchers because they are reliable relievers.

Now the Reds just need a good clutch hitter and possibly a staring pitcher and I will be pretty happy with how the team is set up for next year.

The Reds collapsed for multiple reasons and none of it had to do with the Lopez/Kearns trade. Someone look up the Reds offensive splits before the trade and after, I'd be shocked if they took a big hit while I'm sure the defensive numbers went up slightly as Krivsky wanted. The bigger issue for the Reds is simply that the GM before Krivsky left them with no young arms to call up for the pen so his hand was forced. This is the ONLY GM in Baseball this past season that was able to land 5-6 RELIEVERS. Can ANYone name me another GM that was able to pull that off? How many GM's even landed ONE reliever to help out? While only giving up two "known" players.....
Krivsky was the busiest GM in Baseball this year improving his team and probably the 3rd best in the NL this year. Hatteberg ended up being a very good signing for them. My top 4 NL GM's this year: Marlins, Minaya, Krivsky, Colletti.

Drop Top,

Minaya is in a class by himself.

It's an insult to see his name next to those guys.

Minaya isn't in a class by himself by anymeans. He hasn't made brilliant moves that no other GM would thing of. He's a GM that has made good trades and thrown big money around because they have the money to spend(at least he's done it intelligently, I give him full credit for that). The Marlins GM did an all out fire sale and set his team up for the next 5-6 years with essentially nothing but first year players. Colletti inherited a disorganized team but a franchise with a lot of young talent, at least he didn't act like Sabean and sell all of 'em off. He didn't sit around until the deadline to improve his team either. Hendrickson was 7th in the AL in AVG against at the time of the trade then he imploded in the NL. He got Ethier who tore the cover off the ball until late in the season(yes, he was called up earlier then even Ned thought he'd be and I still think the A's got the better end of that deal: see ALCS; Perez was COMPLETELY mis-used by Macha). The Betemit deal had people screaming the Braves had been robbed. Lugo and Maddux. He kept making moves to get his team in the post-season and it worked. I've stated my case about Krivsky.

There are 3 GM's in Baseball that I would want running my team if I was an owner: Beane, Minaya, and the Tigers GM(I believe Dombrowski?). Each three has their flaws and neither are THAT far ahead of a few others...

My 4 scouting departments: Marlins, Angels, A's, and Dodgers.

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