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Baseball Digest Daily In 2006

Did you realize Baseball Digest Daily snagged all these sweet exclusive interviews throughout 2006?  I definitely hadn't.  Have a look at their Top Personalities of 2006.

On an unrelated note, I updated the sidebar on this site with some new links.  I've now got links to each team's rumors.  I also updated the free agent position lists.  There's not much left in the cupboard.  I completely redid the free agent reliever post.

And finally I've made it where clicking on the banner returns you to the main page.  Long overdue.  Still on the fence about links opening in new windows - I've done it on RotoAuthority.com and I don't like it.


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THANK YOU for updating the free agent lists and having each teams rumors under one link/"category".

Heyyy our friend Sack-mann made top personalities of '06, kudos Jeffrey

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