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Offers Made To Dotel

The Boston Herald reports that two or three offers have been made to Octavio Dotel, including one from the Red Sox.  You can add the Yanks, Royals, and Indians as other possibilities.  The Mets, Cards, and Indians were interested in him last year before he signed with New York.

Dotel's agent says he will decide tonight.  No word on Dotel's merengue album.


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Oh man, would he be the close for the Sox? That would not make me happy. Set-up role, sure. Closer, hell no.

Word is that Dotel wants to be the closer wherever he goes. That probably takes the Yanks and Indians out of it unless they blow him away with an offer.

I believe Tampa Bay is also a player for him at this point.

Even though he is not my favorite for closer, I hear that he is healthy and I think the Sox are so weak in the bullpen that we should sign him if we can. We can always use him as a bargaining chip later. I mean, look at what we have now, and what is left available. It's not much. I would rather have him at this point than Gagne, whose arm could fall off in the first game he pitches. Unless we make some trade for a first-rate closer, Dotel might be as good as it gets at this point.

Why would that count the Indians out? If Dotel is healthy and back to his old tricks, he closes over Borowski, case closed.

I thought Borowski was promised the closer's job when he signed?

No, he was not promised the closer's job.


But if another reliever is signed, that could change. "They told me I'd pitch in the eighth or ninth inning," Borowski said. "It doesn't matter to me. Whatever the best fit for the team to win games is the best fit for me."

No one said the Sox have to have one closer. Split the duties between Dotel and Timlin, unless you sign Gagne as well. If we have those three potentially stopping games, then I'd say the bullpen isn't as bad as one would think. Especially now that pitchers like Manny Delcarmen and Kason Gabbard are used to the Majors, a good sophomore season is in store!

Borowski is a good guy, wants to win, checks his ego at the door, good to see. bamasoxfan, the soc have tried to whole closer by comittee, didnt work out so well.

"No one said the Sox have to have one closer. Split the duties between Dotel and Timlin, unless you sign Gagne as well."

Timlin isn't even going to be a set-up man anymore let alone a closer.

Looks like the Royals now have a closer to help Meche and the boys with all those wins they'll be getting.


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