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Shopping Brad Penny

The Los Angeles Times' Steve Henson believes that Brad Penny is the Dodger starter most likely to be traded because of his temper problems and awful second half.  On the plus side, Penny is on the right side of 30, has a favorable contract, and started the All-Star Game this year.

Henson names the Blue Jays as a fit since J.P. Ricciardi is a fan and the Jays still need to acquire a starting pitcher.  Penny is signed at a below-market price - $7.5MM in '07, $8.5MM in '08, and an $8.75MM club option in '09.  Penny could be part of a package for Vernon Wells, but the Dodgers might need to contribute a prospect in a trade.

Would the Dodgers trade for Wells and then try to shift him to right field despite his fine defense in center?  Wells has played 16 games in right in his career, most recently in 2002.  This seems like the only reasonable solution as Juan Pierre and Luis Gonzalez can't handle right field. 

This all assumes the Jason Schmidt signing is official, which the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is not ready to concede.

Ken Davidoff of Newsday mentions that Mark Hendrickson could be a trade candidate for L.A. on the low end.  He says Hendrickson could wind up with the Cubs.


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Trading Vernon Wells for Brad Penny? That's a good way to keep up with the Yankees and Red Sox.

If they are going to trade Wells, at least wait till July to get better value.

In other news, Rosenthal is reporting that Meche is close to signing with the Royals.


I think Penny, Kuo, and LaRoche will get this done. (mentioned it a long time ago too.)

This trade would be good for both teams. BJays get 2 starters and a 3B/1B prospect who looks good and the Dodgers get the power bat they want.

shawn they would get MUCH less value in July. Think about it. Why the hell would a team give up more for 2 months of a player instead of a whole season of having him, and a whole season to try to negotiate a contract. What you said doesnt even make sense. dan1to i like that deal too, that would give the Jays possibly the best rotation in the AL with

Thats dirty right there

That's not even close to the best rotation in the AL. The only good pitcher on the staff is Halladay. Burnett had one good year and has been mediocre for the rest. I don't expect him to get much better. Penny will get rocked in the AL, mark my words, especially facing the Yankees and Red Sox so many times a year. Chacin sucks, and Kuo has some potential, but is nothing to rely upon yet. Pretty much, that rotation sounds good, but actually sucks.

dan1to, i also like that line-up. right now, the wells-penny+others trade looks best as it will solidify our pitching line-up without having to rely on getting an unsure pitcher like Redman. what worries me is how a hot-temper guy like Penny could be with Gibbons and Zaun. That could equal some turmoil in the organization.

If the Cubs did get Mark Hendrickson who would the Cubs trade to get him.

Hah that is far from the best rotation in the AL, not even the best in the al east

I heard on ESPN 1000 yesterday that they were saying the Cubs should trade Jaque Jones to the Dodgers and a prospect or 2 for Brad Penny because they were saying that Jaque Jones wants to be traded and the Dodgers are looking for a left handed outfielder in return while talking to Bruce Levine.

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