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Yankees Sign Cuban Defector Juan Miranda

The Yankees signed another Cuban defector, this time a position player.  Juan Miranda, who is 23ish, signed for four years and $2MM.  A small price to pay if there's any decent chance he becomes an average regular.

Miranda plays first base and the outfield, presumably left.  There isn't much scouting info on him floating about; ESPN quoted a guy saying he can hit .280 with 20 HR eventually.  Let's see him do something in Double A first.

This shouldn't affect the Yanks' pursuit of a first baseman; Doug Mientkiewicz still appears to be on the radarThe A's could also sign Mientkiewicz.


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At least they didnt throw $8MM at this one...

this could be a low risk signing. if he bust then he cost them nothing and if he is as godd as a few of his country men then this vould be a really good signing

This could turn out to be the bargain of the offseason. With all that potential, why did he sign so cheap? Probably hasn't been taking notes from Boras and D-Mat...

This guy miranda is probably going to be a Brad Wilkerson or Lyle Overbay kind of player.

This is going to be like that 3rd baseman they signed that did nothing.

who's that

Again the Yankees show how they really build their farm team. They do not have any homegrown talent but they still produce prospects because they can overpay for the equivalent in foreign free agents. Thats where Wang and Melky came from.

"This guy miranda is probably going to be a Brad Wilkerson or Lyle Overbay kind of player."

Umm, what a bad comparison. Overbay and Brad Wilkerson arent even close to the same kind of player... at all.
Thats like saying I think hes going to either be a David Eckstein or Preston Wilson type player. Good job tho mely, lol. I have never heard of anybody named mely, but i am sure they do not rule

mely is melky, but i must of made a mistake registirring. And MELKY does rule. And also, i wasent comparing brad wilkerson to lyle overbay, i was comparing that guy miranda to "them". Wilkerson and overbay are known well as 20 homerun guys, and this miranda guy is sais to have potential 20 homerun power. Also, miranda is suppost to be a 1st base or outfiled guy and....... wilkerson plays outfield and overbay plays first!! So if your talkin hitting wise and positioning wise, i was right. Lastly, i need to start accepting my screenname for what it is, yesterday i made up a cool basketball player on freinds basketball videogame named mely rodriguez, he's not real, but he rules. So nrmax88, you owe me apology.

I think the Yanks should give Miranda a chance to win the 1st baseman job in spring training and compete against Phillips and Phelps. I think he would have a decent shot, especially if he can play above average defense.

is phelps good?

"is phelps good?"

He's got good power. He hit 20 homers a years ago in the majors for Toronto and then 24 last year in the minors. But, he strikes out a ton and his average isn't consistent. He's committed 5 errors in only 39 major league games, so that's probably why he's a DH. They got him from the Rule 5, so they at least intend on giving him a shot at winning a job in spring training.

oh sure lets give a 23 year old who himself said "I see myself starting at AA level" a shot to win the major league 1B duties.

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