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Yanks, Red Sox After Mike Gonzalez

Dave Littlefield should be able to extract a solid young player or two if he wants to trade the Pirates' closer, Mike GonzalezGeorge King of the New York Post writes that both the Yankees and Red Sox are interested.

King believes Littlefield might ask for Scott Proctor and Melky Cabrera from the Yankees, while the Red Sox have dangled Coco Crisp.  Imagine Gonzalez as the lefty out of the Detroit pen.  Gonzo would also be a big help to the Indians, Rangers, Phillies, Cubs, or Giants.

Gonzalez, who turns 29 in May, was told by Pirates doctors just before Thanksgiving that he is completely healthy.  In 155 career innings, he has a 2.37 ERA, 6.7 H/9, 0.52 HR/9, 4.28 BB/9, and 10.58 K/9.  His control has been very shaky in recent years but his unhittable nature has compensated.


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Are the red socks cheating, or what? Their bid for Matsuzaka was made to do no more than block the Yankees from signing him, or so it seems. They knew what the market for pitchers was like this year, and should have known the salary that Matsuzaka would command. Do they REALLY expect to sign him for less than what Lilly just got?

I'm trying to figure out why they would take Coco Crisp. I would think that if they could work this out with the Yankees there's a lot more to like in that deal.

Why the Yanks would deal non-arbs Cabrera and Proctor for a middle reliever makes Littlefield seems as stupid as his Trot Nixon longing would indicate.

Cabrera straight-up is fair. Maybe throw in Farnsworth.


I don't see the point of trading Proctor. Yeah, I guess Gonzalez is better if you think he can regain his control, but the incremental gain from Proctor to Gonzalez is just not that great. Plus Gonzalez has got some injury concerns. Definitely not worth Melky in addition.

I'd do Cabrera straight up. But I don't see why the Braves would want him, or how they think LaRoche for Cabrera makes them better.

why would yanks trade cabrera for a reliver cabera is a stud

well if we trade Adam LaRoche for Melky Cabrera and we sign Ben Broussard then we actually have a pretty awesome team. then we could trade Ryan Langerhans for some prospects

"why would yanks trade cabrera for a reliver cabera is a stud"

That reliever is probably even more of a stud. And he's left handed.

still a reliver and whats more value a reliver or a outfielder who hits .300 with good speed

He's a left-handed closer, one of the game's best. Outfielders who hit .300 with good speed are easier to find than a left-hander who's ERA is around 2 every year.

Something doesn't make sense here; NY can't be offering Cabrera and Proctor while Boston is only offering Crisp. Granted Crisp is more major league proven but Cabrera comes at a much lower price and has age on his side, they have to be a near wash. Proctor, while sure to decline after getting overworked last year, still has much more value than just a throw in.

Still, I wouldn't be surprised to see Proctor moved if the Ultimate Road Trip rumors swirling around him have any validity.

you have a hall a fame closer so why do you need another one idiot

Melky is a stud. I didn't know a descent year then relegated back to the bench declares one a stud.

I get it, this guy is one of the guys who ruins the boards by trying to cover up a lack of knowledge with name calling.

You wouldn't use him to close, Cheek, you'd use him as a lefty setup in front of Rivera. Farnsworth-Gonzalez-Rivera would be a very nice back end of the bullpen (and remind us of the Nelson-Stanton-Rivera days).

you cant honestly think that "melky is a stud"... that was a joke right?

I think most logical Yanks fans don't believe Melky is a stud; he probably doesn't even have the tools to ever become a stud (assuming stud translates in baseball terms to a 5 tool player). What he is is a very valuable property given his age, salary and 2006 numbers (.360 OBP, strong defense) so packaging him with Proctor for Gonzalez doesn't make much sense for NY. Melky for Gonzalez makes more sense (probably for both sides) although I could see either side backing out (Yanks because of their new focus on youth on Gonzalez's injury history, Pittsburgh because of the potential market for a LH reliever like Gonzalez).

Laroche is worth more then that deal for the braves

It would make more sense like this instead:

Marlins trade:
Mike Jacobs
Yankees Trade:
Melky Cabrera
Mid-level or low level prospect
Pitt trade:

Pitt get:
Mike Jacobs

Yanks get:

Marlins get:
Melky Cabrera

Toss in a prospect from somewhere going to pitt too. since they asked for Jaconbs for Gonzalez before. Just upgrade that deal.

Are you sure they offered Gonzalez for Jacobs? I know they wanted Jacobs but don't think they would trade Gonzalez for him. I'd think the Marlins would jump on that.

I have no problem keeping Melky for a year as a 4th OF. He will get 300+ AB which is fine. He could be our RF in 2008.

And no, he is not, nor will he ever be a stud. I think the upside is .300/.400/.450-.475 with excellent defense. But ~20 HR a season is probably the best he'll ever hope for. In the absolute best case, he's (the current version of) Bobby Abreu, with a little less speed, if his eye continues to develop.

"It would make more sense like this instead:

Marlins trade:
Mike Jacobs
Yankees Trade:
Melky Cabrera
Mid-level or low level prospect
Pitt trade:

Pitt get:
Mike Jacobs

Yanks get:

Marlins get:
Melky Cabrera"

Several flaws: Pittsburgh can get a lot more for Gonzalez than just Mike Jacobs and the Marlins don't need a corner outfielder. And three-way deals are extremely hard to do.

The next person to suggest a Coco Crisp trade, should be disregarded as a nonsensical idiot. The next person to suggest a Coco Crisp trade in which the Red Sox get back only Mike Gonzalez should be pegged with anthrax coated razor blades.

It would be David Murphy for Mike Gonzalez not Covelli.

I agree. Trading crisp is not a good idea. If any OF is gone its WMP or hinske though is value isnt as high.

However, if we could get away with murphy for gonzalez (which I dont think we can, probably another prospect involed) it would be great.

Hell Id say we should still explore WMP+ for Cordero

Why would anyone be disregarded as a nonsensical idiot for mentioning a Coco Crisp trade rumor? This IS a trade rumor website...

I think you're over-evaluating Crisp and under-evaluating Gonzalez. Crisp didn't live up to his 20-20 and .300 BA in Boston. He's the second coming of Edgar Renteria. That, and his terrible arm, isn't worth much. Gonzalez is a closer who's career ERA is 2.37. And did I mention he's left handed?

Trading Melkey and Proctor for Gonazalez doesn't make any sense for the Yankees. Why would you want to trade a a gy hu pitched 100+ innings for your team out of the bullpen and did a damn good job of it also? Not to mention he could potentially be a starter in the future. And a young outfielder who played great in his rookie season and is only going to get better? If I was Cashman, I wouldn't even think of doing this deal. Maybe Melkey for Gonzo straight up but thats it.

"The next person to suggest a Coco Crisp trade, should be disregarded as a nonsensical idiot. The next person to suggest a Coco Crisp trade in which the Red Sox get back only Mike Gonzalez should be pegged with anthrax coated razor blades."

I believe that you, my friend, are the nonsensical idiot. I though you were going to say there is no way that Coco alone gets this done. I would be all over this deal if i were Theo Epstein and it became possible. The Redsox need a closer, and Coco Crisp just really isnt that good. This would be a steal for the BoSox. It also lets WMP finally get in the lineup and be the monster he is capable of being.

Scott Proctor cant start lol, I love how Yankee fans (not all of you) think that Proctor can just slide into the rotation and be effective. This would be hysterical. Aaron Heilman gets abused whenever his name comes up as a starter, but for whatever reason yankee fans think that Proctor can start. Good stuff

As much as I want WMP playing I fear a Manny, WMP, Drew OF. Only drew is solid defender and even then he is far from a sure thing.

"Hell Id say we should still explore WMP+ for Cordero"

That was explored, Bowden who was apparently preparing for his next dwi arrest asked for Craig Hansen, and Cox. Florida is willing to part with one of its young pitchers for Murphy, so I don't think Gonzalez for him is a stretch by any means. Calling Crisp the second coming of Renteria is completely uninformed. Coco had a broken bone in his hand, a nagging injury that will plague a hitter all year, especially one who like Crisp plays without batting gloves. Renteria was tempermentally unsuited for Boston, and couldn't handle the environment. Crisp has been praised through out his career to be one of those players that loves, thrives and seeks out high pressure situations to drive himself to be better. Renteria showed up in spring training, overweight, under prepared, and everyone who knew him said it was a stupid move for him to go to Boston, and a stupid move for Boston to sign him. He wanted the $$$, he got it, and then got shipped off to someplace that suits him more. Coco is a hell of a ball player, signed to a great contract who without the shadow of a doubt, barring injury will live up to the hype.

I didn't mean discussing trade rumors or any rumor with Crisp's name in it is a stupid thing. But since the season ended on this site Crisp's name has been attached to the most retarded rumors imagineable.

Crisp for Gonzalez would greatly benefit the Red Sox. They fill the need for a closer, and can replace Crisp with Wily Mo Pena in the outfield, who appears ready to play and hit solidly. Julio Lugo and Kevin Youkilis can fill the top two spots in the order efficiently, and an Ortiz, Ramirez, Drew, Pena meat of the order could give the prefect amount of power and on base to be lethal.

Yeah cause Wily Mo is going to do a GREAT job of patrolling RF at Fenway..... it is such an easy position and all.

He probably wouldnt play RF. Drew gets injured in CF. And Pena is a better CF than anything else.

I do love the idea that Boston's CF could eat any other teams CF, but it still wouldn't be the prettiest defense in the world.

Definitely not, however having WMP in the order and gonzalez in the pen gives us a much better team.

Honestly, Id prefer to deal Murphy, though I dont know if that happens.

I am a Red Sox fan, and I find it very hard to believe that the Red Sox could get Mike Gonzalez for Coco Crisp. I have a feeling it would be more something like Coco Crisp and Manny DelCarmen. I don't think this is an outrageous price. I'm not saying I'd jump at it, but i think that is a lot closer to Gonzalez's value. A lot of posters here seem to be underrating this guy. He is one of the more unhittible relievers in the game right now. He is a lefty strike out machine with experience closing games. This is a very valuable commodity. He is surely coveted by almost every major league team. Coco is a good ball player and I do believe that he was hindered by his finger last year, but I don't think his value is anywhere close to that of Mike Gonzalez. The only reason I would hesitate to deal for Gonzalez is his trouble staying healthy. On the mound, the guy is dominant.

There is nothing that makes me happier than logic. Thank you Mr. Punch. I think Crisp for Gonzalez works on a number of levels for Boston; they have a bullpen need and Crisp is expendable with Ellsbury coming up soon. I do have to disagree with Pena in CF, you'd have to assume its Drew until stated otherwise.

CF is Pena's best position

He cant play RF, if Coco is traded Pena is in CF.

His 2006 numbers may look a little better in CF, but I think we can mostly agree that in a completely open OF, Pena goes to LF because he's just not all that good defensively. Based on that and the fact that Drew is a more than passable CF (a much tougher position), Pena should be in RF in a Covelli-less OF in Boston.

"His 2006 numbers may look a little better in CF, but I think we can mostly agree that in a completely open OF, Pena goes to LF because he's just not all that good defensively. Based on that and the fact that Drew is a more than passable CF (a much tougher position), Pena should be in RF in a Covelli-less OF in Boston."

Where does Manny fit in?

Exactly, assuming we keep pena he will move to LF when manny is gone. But for now LF is not open. Pena cant play rf and if we trade crisp pena is playing. So CF it is

I thought they weren't going to trade Manny anymore? I think Pena will be the oddman out again, unless they successfully trade Coco Crisp.

JD Drew has too good of an arm and is too fragile to play anywhere else besides RF, so he's a lock there. They didn't trade Manny before their Winter Meeting deadline, so he's in left. Crisp is better defensively than WMP, and at times can be better offensively. So looks like WMP will be coming off the bench.

a few things, as a yankee fan who is very impressed with Procter, I would definitely trade Procter for Gonzalez.
Gonzalez puts up better numbers and is left-handed, there ya go, end of argument.

nrmax88, this is the 3rd or 4th different thread that you're sitting there laughing at yankee fans who say Procter could possibly start "lol Procter cant start, I love how yankee fans think he can be effective"

Pretty much the only thing you did besides laugh at the thought and offer no explanation is say "if people say Heilman cant start, theres no way procter can start"
ok buddy, if you want to keep laughing at other peoples input, why not offer an explanation? Other than "o yankee fans over hype this and that" ok there Mr Met, ever hear of a guy named Milledge?

Cabrera for Gonzalez, I just cant do it even though for obvious reasons it should be done given the opportunity. I'm a HUGE Cabrera fan but this should be done in a heartbeat.

Now for Red Sox fans, obviously you trade Crisp for Gonzalez straight up..but like Mr Punch said, Crisp and DelCarmen seems like something that would get it done because I dont think Pitts would take just Crisp.

Murphy is also a possibility, obviously not alone but in some sort of package.

As much as I want pena on the team, especially for LF when manny is gone. I cant see him being all that successful in cf.

Ok so first off either the yanks or sox would be lucky to have gonzalez on their roster. We are talkin about a lefty, throwing in the low/mid 90s with a nasty slider as a strikeout pitch. I read all the posts on this site, but I don't think anyone mentioned that he was 24/24 in save opportunities. That may not be a lot of saves, but the Pirates didn't win a lot of games. Not to mention his 2.17 ERA. Being a buccos fan, I would not be happy with any of the trades mentioned on this sight. We don't need a leadoff hitter like crisp, and we need someone with more power than cabrera. Hopefully this deal falls through like the gonzo/la roche deal. Thats the one I would have liked to have.


The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review believes Mike Gonzalez could go to the Yankees in a three-team deal with the Braves.

Pittsburgh would get Adam LaRoche and Kyle Davies from the Braves. Going to Atlanta would be Melky Cabrera and Scott Proctor from the Yankees and Jose Castillo from the Pirates.

Interesting for a couple of reasons. I thought all along the Red Sox are in it to drive up Gonzalez's price for the yankees. They need a closer but I am not sure he makes as much sense for the Red Sox as he would for the Yankees. Also would Atlanta be trading for Cabrera to replace Jones when he leaves next year or to trade Jones this year?

How does he not make sense for the sox? I understand lefties don't fair well in fenway, but this guy is a lefty closer with unhittable stuff. Relatively young, he would be a great addition to our team.

Worse part is I dont see anyone else out there.

His price to talent ratio is not very good by Red Sox standards. It appears they would have to lose a starting player to obtain him while yankees would not. Also since the Red Sox tend to be sabermetrically inclined they cannot like his walks in the closer spot. His stuff is good but I find it hard to believe he is a given to be able to close in a place like Boston.

True, the problem is what else is out there? Otsuka? cordero?
We're gonna have to part with someone, crisp/wmp/lowell I mean someone has to go

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